Life 1 of the Trihexa King's Rebirth

And the entire world ended in a flash, a flash of a world that never truly even began. 'I can't stop him' the young boy thought angrily.

Just a few minutes ago eight year old Yusei was enjoying breakfast and then the roof of his home came in and now he was lying under a pile of rubble unable to move, and his parents were currently fighting his grandfather.

Then he heard the mocking laughter, the mocking laughter of the one who calls himself Rizevim, Rizevim, the worst of the worst, the worst devil to ever live.

"Pathetic boy? Did you honestly think you and your whore could take on me? Even if you added the power from your bastard child you would still be nothing" Rizevim said with a laugh.

"DAMN YOU" Levi Satan-Lucifer shouted in frustration and anger. A spear made of black light formed in his hand and he threw it straight at Rizevim.

"This is pathetic" Rizevim said. He caught the spear in his hand; the burning spear didn't even faze him as he threw it on the ground.

[Summon: Lightning] a blast of lightning went hurtling towards Rizevim and he easily disappeared from sight. He quickly reappeared behind Asuna, the mother of Levi's child and a hero to the Underworld and quickly put her in a headlock.

"LET HER GO" Levi shouted in frustration forming another spear of unholy light in his hand.

"Just give me the Pandora Box and I'll let you go" Rizevim said with a smile. Suddenly another man, an old looking man with long white hair and green eyes appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Levi twisting his arms behind his back.

"DAMN YOU RIZEVIM" Levi shouted angrily.

Rizevim couldn't help but laugh "you damn the same man that gave you life?" he asked, he was merely toying with them.

"I damn the man who killed my brother after forcing him to torture his own child" Levi said.

"I hated him for bringing half breed trash into the world" Rizevim said angrily. "But what you brought into the world…" Rizevim smiled and turned to the small boy who was lying under a pile of rubble. "What you brought into this world…was an abomination" Rizevim said with a cold laugh.

"Don't you speak ill of my child Rizevim" Asuna said angrily trying to force herself from Sirzech's death grip.

[Summon: Wings of Unholy Light] two wings made of black crystals shot out of Levi's backs cutting the man who had him in a head lock as the man fell back Levi went rushing straight for Rizevim who simply threw Asuna at him.

"Just hand me the Pandora Box and Ring of Harmonia and I'll be on my way" Rizevim said with a smile. "I'll allow you both to live with your abomination and I'll even allow that bishop of yours to keep his life"

"Damn…you…Rizevim" Levi said angrily. "RUN BOY" he shouted turning to Yusei.

[Lucifer's Eyes] Levi's eyes turned red and black. "Yusei, run" Asuna said as she began charging lightning around her whole body.

[Unholy lightning of Destruction] a mixture of black energy and blue lightning fused together creating a dark grey blast that went hurtling straight towards Rizevim. Suddenly a gauntlet appeared on Asuna's arm and the faint announcement of "boost" could be heard.

Yusei, who finally managed to pull himself out of the rubble watched as the blast completely, enveloped the two men. When it cleared all that was left was rubble and dust.

Yusei smiled and stopped moving thinking his parents had won. What he saw next would haunt him for the rest of his life.

Levi and Asuna's heads then dropped to the floor as blood began to spill on the floor that used to be their house. Yusei was too stunned to even scream.

"DIE" Yusei heard Rizevim scream. A blast of demonic energy then hit the bodies of his parents and when it cleared all that was left was…dust and ashes.

"Did those fools honestly think they could defeat me?" Yusei turned to the man who had just executed both his parents, the man that was supposed to be his grandfather.

"Shut up and fine my damn ring" the old looking man said impatiently He then turned to Yusei with a glare "and what are you going to do about the brat?" he asked.

Sirzechs walked into his parent's room and began rummaging through his stuff. Yusei was too afraid to speak but he got the courage to say five words.

"Leave…my…parents things…ALONE" Yusei shouted the last word causing Rizevim and the older man to turn to Yusei in interest.

"The brat has a back bone" the older man said with a grin.

"I'll rip it out of him" before Yusei could even react he was pinned to the wall and coughed up almost a whole pint of blood. "Do you honestly think you can take me boy?" Rizevim asked with a grin as he held Yusei up. "I could kill you if I wanted to"

Yusei still coughing made a ball of demonic energy in his hand and tried to swing it at Sirzechs, but the ball of energy disappeared before he had the chance.

Rizevim then started to laugh as he held his grandson by his neck. "Who knew the fourth generation of my blood line would turn out to be UTTER WEAKLINGS" Rizevim punched the eight years old boy dead in the face.

Yusei tried to retaliate but he couldn't and he was forced to endure Rizevim's constant assault of punches. After what seemed like an eternity to him, Rizevim dropped him on the ground, bloodied and barely breathing. But Yusei could hear Rizevim rummaging through his parents rooms and breaking things….their memories.

"I found it" Yusei heard Rizevim called out. He then walked back out with a ring in one hand and a black box in another. Rizevim handed the ring to the old man and he quickly put it on his finger.

"That's…that's my mother's ring" Yusei said angrily.

"History lesson little boy" the man said. To Yusei's bewilderment as soon as the man put the ring on his finger, he slowly started to grow…younger. His wrinkles disappeared, he grew taller, his long and wild white hair grew more tamed, and his weary looking green eyes look full of youth. And last, he looked muscular and now, more athletic.

"Ah... It took me centuries to locate it, but I finally have it! The Ring of Harmonia is in my grasp!" The younger man laughed in delight as he raised the hand that had the rusty golden ring on. "It's finally mine!" The now young man then smiled and pulled out another ring. As soon as he put the second ring on Yusei, could sense his energy was now off the charts…almost that of an extremely powerful high Class devil.

"Who-Who are you?" Yusei asked out of fear.

The man turned to Yusei "I am Cain the First murder, boy" he said calmly. "Oh? So you're familiar of this ring." The white hair man kneeled down to Yusei's height. "Do you know how valuable this ring is? You don't know what exactly this ring is after all." The white hair man raised his gaze up to the ceilings cracks forming and parts of the ceiling collapsing on the ground.

"The necklace of Harmonia was originally a necklace created by the Hephaestus, blacksmith of the Olympian gods, out of anger for his wife having affairs and producing children with another. The necklace gives the wearer eternal young but it also was meant to bring misfortune to all who wore it but the necklace was then split into two rings. One ring, that gave the wielder eternal youth, and another ring, called the Seal of Solomon that gave the wielder power beyond his wildest dreams. With both rings…I'm a God" the man who revealed himself to be Cain said with a laugh.

Rizevim then smiled. "Oh look at the time. It appears that I won't have time to explain my dastardly plan. But don't cry boy…you'll get to see your parents again and today you get to meet God" Rizevim said with a laugh as he charged up demonic energy in his hand. "IN THE AFTERLIFE" Rizevim then shot the blast straight at Yusei, burying him under a pile of rubble.

As the house began to collapse Rizevim and the now young Cain laughed, before disappearing in a golden sigil.

"Wait... Don't..." Yusei put his hand in the air, reaching towards the mysterious man who vanished away within the flames. "...Go..." His vision became hazy again as he violently coughed. "...away..." His hand fell down the ground as more debris fell on Yusei, burying him into the ground.

~Dream World~

"When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, "Come." I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth."-Revelation 6:7

"Huh…where am I?" Yusei opened his eyes and he saw he was in some forest of some kind, to which the sky was dark red, smeared with the blood of all who have died, and on the ground was the dust, the fate of everyone who had and will die.

Yusei had to hold back tears; he didn't fully understand why he felt like crying but this place…could strike fear, terror, and insanity into even the bravest of men. "Is this…Hell?"

"Foolish boy, devils don't go to Hell when they died" Yusei turned his eyes around in shock but what he was looking at wasn't a man…it was a pale horse.

"What? What are you?" Yusei asked falling to the ground in shock at the talking horse.

"I'm Death, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. And I'm here to make you a offer you can't refuse" the pale horse said calmly. "I know my form may seem rather shocking but…due to being asleep for so long I am unable to conjure my true form" Death explained.

The pale horse then looked Yusei up and down, Yusei couldn't tell but the Pale horse was really unimpressed. "Yusei Satan-Lucifer, do you feel how…impure your energy is?" Death asked.

"W-What?" Yusei was so confused, he didn't understand if he had died or now…all he remembered was Rizevim blasting him and now he was talking to an Ashen Horse.

"Your energy…I can sense your soul. You have Trihexa in you boy. You're the wielder of a fragment of the apocalyptic beast's soul" Death said.

Yusei had remembered his mom telling him about Trihexa, it was the monster his grandfather Rizevim was working on reviving so he could attack the other deities and plunge the world into chaos. "How?" Yusei asked.

Death looked at him "When God locks up a creature as powerful as that. A few fragments are bound to get away".

"What do you want with me?" Yusei asked.

Death smiled at this "Yusei Satan-Lucifer, "Though born untalented, weak, and low of demonic power... Your parents raise you with love and affection. You were very fortunate child indeed. Other pure-blood households frown upon devils the likes of you, even if they were their own children. Now your parents lay slain by your grandfather and he would've killed you if it wasn't for my interjection" the ashen horse said. "You lived a happy life up till now." The horse continued. "But that all came to an end when he showed up."

"So…what do you want with me?" Yusei asked suspiciously.

"Your mother and father both died for those two rings" Death said with a troubled sigh.

"What's so important about the rings?" Yusei asked, he could feel pain and heartache for his parent's death as a few tears fell from his eyes.

"The Ring of Hermia and Seal of Solomon, two powerful objects that once formed the strongest necklace in existence. With those two rings Cain could destroy the world. The energy you sensed and Cain's age reversing is just a small fraction of the full potential of those two objects" Death explained.

"Why don't you just get them back? Why do you need me?"

"I... no longer possess physical form." Death confessed, speaking a bit hesitant to speak the truth. "My brethren and I lost our bodies, due to them resting in the Pit during the events of Revelation, where the things didn't go as they were written to happen. I'm nothing more than a spirit of massive amount of energy, waiting for someone to use. I require a receptacle to wield my power until I get my own body and you seemed the perfect host to wield my power. Also..."

"What?" Yusei asked.

"The Trihexa fragment inside of you is the perfect mediator between the two of us. Therefore there would be no other devil as a perfect partner instead of you" Death explained.

"With my power, you will get your revenge on the two men that killed your parents, and when my body repairs I'll still allow you to keep my power and I'll get some of your power. It's a win, win" Death said.

A giant totem pole that resembled a King Chess piece materialized in front of Death. It was glowing black and had two demon-like horns on the top. "How about it kid? I'll lend you my power and you do whatever you want as long as you live, if you promise that your primary purpose is to one day recover the two rings and kill Cain?" Death asked.

Yusei looked at the giant Chess piece. He then looked at the ashen horse. Yusei then cautiously walked towards the chess piece and placed his hand on it. A black ring of energy then enveloped Yusei and he felt his body being levitated up.

"And let this be the day, mark the pact of both Death and Trihexa" Death said with an odd horse smirk as he watched Yusei begin to slowly wake up.

~Real World~

Yusei opened his eyes to see he wasn't in the rubble of his old home…but was now in a metal box. Yusei looked at the two men who were standing around a fire eating something. "Hey…let me out" Yusei said weakly banging on the gate.

The two men turned to him, their eyes widened in shock. "Oh shit…the little fuck really survived" one of the guards said with a laugh as he walked over to the cage. "What should we do with him? Rizevim said we could do anything we wanted…"

One of the guard's mouths turned into a wide grin. "How much do you think a kid like him could get on the black-market?"

[1 year Later]

Have you ever seen a devil cry?

"AAAAAHHHHH" Yusei growled angrily as tears fell from his eyes he felt his whole insides light up with flames. "Damn you" he growled. "Damn you to Hell". The boy continued to scream swears and curses at the people who were holding him captive. He couldn't be any older than nine with messy blonde hair and icy blue eyes.

The woman he was looking at, Cecelia Zagan, the last remaining survivor of her devil clan smiled at this. She was a beautiful looking sociopath with long blonde hair and matching green eyes. She blew him a kiss and laughed as he screamed again.

"Can he use the Dark Excalibur now?" she asked not taking her eyes off the boy.

"Nope" the man right next to her with spiky blue hair wearing a red business suit said with a sigh. "No matter how much dark energy you fill his system with he can't connect with the sword" the man said with a laugh.

"His father is the descendant of two of the former Maou for God sake" Cecelia growled angrily as she punched the glass window in front of her, the pain from mentioning the name of God didn't even harm her as she was overwhelmed by anger. "I paid over a million blood stones for this punk. He's worthless if he can't use the sword".

"DAMN YOU….DAMN YOU" Yusei continued to scream as tears rolled down his face.

"Shock him again" Cecelia said. The boy then screamed as more dark energy was pumped into his body.

Yusei stopped talking as he felt his heart stop. Cecelia turned to the heart monitor and growled angrily. "His heart stopped" she shouted at the man.

He smiled before walking inside and shocking the boy until he came back to life. Yusei let out a gasp and coughed up some blood.

{AHHHH} Cecelia turned around in shock. She looked at the boy who was trying to break free from the chains as black flames flew out of his mouth.

Cecelia couldn't help but let out a laugh at as she felt the boy's power double. "You lucky…son of a bitch" she laughed as she looked at the boy.

"YOU CALL THIS LUCK" he screamed trying to break out of the restraints.

"Descendant of both Satan and Lucifer and the dragon soul of Trihexa inside of you." Cecelia laughed as she watched the boy cry out of anger.

"Well…if only you could use the Dark Excalibur" she said with a childish like pout before walking away. "I wasted a year on you…dispose of him" Cecelia said calmly as she disappeared in a magic sigil.

"With pleasure" the man said picking up a sword.

"Don't think that freak show power will save you…you're going to die boy" the man laughed as he brought his sword down on the boy.

'This is it…I'm going to die' he cried as he kept his eyes close and waited for the end.

[Power of Destruction] "Ahh" the man was blasted away from the small boy and fell to the ground in pain.

"Well…if it isn't the famous Sirzechs Lucifer" the man laughed as he stood up. He tried to hide it but he was really freaking out on the insides, one of the Great Satans of the Underworld was standing right in front of him.

"It was only a matter of time until I found you out. If you tell me where your master, Cecelia is I'll spare your life in the Cocytus" Sirzechs said as he turned toward the small nine year old boy, the boy couldn't help but feel intimidated by his gaze. Sirzechs wasted no time and took the restraints off of him.

"What's your name?" Sirzechs asked with a kind smile.

"Yusei…" he replied.

Sirzechs nodded at the news before turning back to the man who was cackling. He almost considered Sirzechs deal…almost.

"AHHH" the man screamed as he charged Sirzechs who smiled before charging up a sphere of black and red energy in both hands.

"DIE" Sirzechs screamed as he tossed the sphere of energy at the man who was disintegrated quickly. Realizing he was gone Sirzechs turned back to the boy. "Do you know where your parents are?" Sirzechs asked causing the boy to scream again "What's wrong?"

"They're dead"

Sirzech's eyes widened in shock "Levi and Asuna are dead?"


It had only been an hour since he dropped Yusei, the young eight year old boy at the hospital and he was already being called back by the doctors.

"What's the problem?" Sirzechs asked the head doctor worriedly.

The head doctor of the Sitri's top hospital is a man of old age with long gray-silver hair and heterochromia blue left eye and a green right eye. "Good evening Sirzechs, I'm glad to know your mission went successful" he said making small talk.

"It's wasn't too successful, the devil Cecelia Zagan left before I arrived." Sirzechs said. "Doctor, is there a reason I was called back here?" Sirzechs asked with a calm smile. He was ready to retire for the day after a mission and really wanted to go back in his home and relax.

"Sirzechs-Sama, the boy appears to be having panic attacks every time we try to do anything to him. We couldn't even administer a phoenix tear without him screaming. If this keeps up we're going to have to force him into sedation. We were hoping you could help because you were the one who found him" the doctor explained.

"Are you sure it's not some form of mental disorder?" Sirzechs asked.

"I used a hand held scanner to check his dopamine levels and they're fine, along with his serotonin levels and we even checked for ADHD, this is clear cut trauma" the doctor explained.

Sirzechs nodded before following the doctor into a room. Sirzechs looked into the window and frowned when he saw Yusei's hands bound and he was screaming. "Why is he tied up?" Sirzechs asked slightly angry by that fact.

"Forgive me Sirzechs, he wouldn't stop attacking the nurses so we had to tie him up as a safety precaution" the doctor explained.

Sirzechs knew it was more than that. He's only eight what could he possibly do to hurt an adult? They feared him because of his grandfather. Sirzechs opened the door and Yusei finally stopped screaming.

"Sirzechs…Sirzechs help me…they're trying to hurt me again" Yusei cried as he tried to break out of the hand cuffs.

"Yusei" Sirzechs said patting the small boy on the head. 'I should've brought my mother for this' he thought due to not being very good with kids or comforting. "They're trying to help you…they're trying to make you better so you can move into your new house" Sirzechs explained.

"No they're not…they're trying to pour the black liquid into me. I don't want a new house…I want my parents" Yusei cried.

"Yusei…they're dead remember".

"No they aren't" Yusei cried.

"Yes Yusei…they are" Sirzechs said firmly. The two had a stare down until heavy tears started to pour out of Yusei's eyes that were then replaced with hate and anger.

"YOU'RE LYING YOU'RE LYING YOU'RE LYING. I HATE YOU SIRZECHS I HATE YOU" the room started to shake as Yusei started to levitate off the bed, the only thing keeping him down was the chains around his wrists.

"Calm down Yusei" Sirzechs said trying to push Yusei back on the bed but he kept struggling and screaming.

"YOU JUST WANT TO HURT ME GO AWAY" wind started to push at Sirzechs but it was child's play to the super devil. The doctor and nurses came running in with a heavy sedative and the two nurses held down Yusei's arm so they could put it in. After a few seconds of struggling the winds died down and Yusei laid back on the ground.

"We can now begin treatment, go get the phoenix tear" the doctor ordered the nurses. They nodded before running out of the room. "Lord Sirzechs, is there something else you want me to do?" the doctor asked. "Lord Sirzechs?"

'How could I allow a boy to live with such sadness and hatred in his heart?' Sirzechs kept staring at Yusei who was sleeping on the bed. It was obvious he was in pain by the way he kept shaking. But what he was thinking…it was the worst possible thing you could do to a devil.

Honor is the most important thing to a devil…honor of one's family…honor of one's clan…honor of one's memories. Without these things a devil is nothing in our society. "I'm going to replace his memories".

The doctor looked up with both interest and shock. "Lord Sirzechs…what could you be planning?" the doctor asked.

"I want to erase all his memories of the past year, and him ever meeting his grandfather. His parents were heroes. Despite her being a demigod and Levi Satan Lucifer being a pure blooded devil they helped us keep peace and stop the civil war during the aftermath of the Great War. His dad was almost as strong as me and helped saved my life once; I think I owe him this. Yusei lived peacefully with his parents in the Human world…it was the best childhood a boy could ever wish for. A few days ago his parents then died in a horrible and unfortunate accident and we had to bring him here to save his life.

Now as an orphan he will live with us as an honorary pure blood" Sirzechs explained.

"Lord Sirzechs, he will be hated. He is in the same clan as the greatest threat to our society. And his mother is the daughter of a human and demigod. "Doctor said. "He will be bullied by the other devil kids, he will be hated by the adults…this is madness to put a boy through that".

Sirzechs smiled "he will build strength through being hated, rise to become a hero in our society, and will fight for honor. I will build Levi's son into a hero. It's the one thing I can do for my fallen friend. This is my decision and I want it done by tonight" Sirzechs ordered.

"As you wish…I'll call someone from the Belial family" the doctor said bowing to Sirzechs.

[Three Days Later]

Yusei opened his eyes and scanned his surroundings. "Where?"

"You're in a hospital" Yusei turned in shock to see a beautiful woman with long silver hair, wearing a blue and silver maid dress. Yusei's face turned bright red as he turned his head away from the beautiful woman.

"My name is Grayfia Lucifuge; I'm the queen of Sirzechs-Sama and the main servant of the Gremory household." Grayfia explained with a smile.

"So what's going to happen to me now?" Yusei asked.

"What do you mean?" Grayfia asked.

"My dad is from two Old Satan Faction households that tried to destroy the government" Yusei said a little annoyed. "Are you going to lock me in the Cocytus? Or kill me?" he asked.

Grayfia let out a sigh before smiling "your father, Levi Satan Lucifer was friends with Sirzechs-Sama and Ajuka-Sama before they ever became Satans and your mother, Asuna was friends with Serafall-Sama, the Leviathan Maou before she ever became a Satan. They would never consider killing you, their son" Grayfia explained with a smile.

"My mother? Friends with a Satan before they became a Satan? How? She's just a magician, a human" Yusei asked suspiciously.

"Yusei, your mother is half human" Grayfia said.

Before Yusei could ask more questions Sirzechs came into the room. "How are you feeling?" Sirzechs asked with a smile.

"I feel fine" Yusei said looking Sirzechs up and down.

"Yusei, what do you remember before arriving here?" Sirzechs asked.

To Grayfia's and Sirzech's surprise tears fell from the small boy's face. "I was eating breakfast with my parents, and our house caved in and there was an explosion. They were crushed and I managed to get out. Then I fell unconscious and the next thing I know I ended up here" Yusei said still crying.

"There was an earthquake that caused the house to cave in and caused an electrical fire" Sirzechs lied. "How old are you?" Sirzechs asked.

Yusei looked at him in confusion, such an odd question. "Eight?" Yusei said, sounding more like a question than an answer.

"You're eight" Sirzechs said. He mentally felt a sigh of relief, glad that Yusei didn't remember what he had to endure for a year, but sad that he had to do it. "You've bene in a coma for a year" Sirzechs explained.

Yusei looked at Sirzechs in both shocked and confusion. "How?"

"We'll worry about that later" Sirzechs said with a kind smile. "There's someone that wants to meet you" Sirzechs said. "Your father was given a set of evil pieces a long time ago; he never used them feeling no need to. He only used two, both bishops on one person" Sirzechs said. The door to hospital room then opened. "Yusei, meet Dante Alighieri, the High class devil and only servant of your father".

Yusei looked at the man both shocked and confusion. He had slick back black hair and looked the same age as Sirzechs despite being centuries old, well I guess they both are centuries old. He was dressed in a royal looking butler suit, had on white gloves, and had the sigil of his former master on his tie (he looks like Sebastian from Black Butler).

"Dante Alighieri, the famous poet who wrote The Divine Comedy. My dad told me about you" Yusei said with a smile.

"I was a magician also, my secret life as a magician who fought fallen angels in the night. One day after fighting with the fallen angel Azazel, I met your father and we both became best friends.

At the age of 56 I contracted a fever while traveling back to Italy. Before the fever could take hold and kill me, your father went to the Underworld and got his bishop pieces from Sirzechs and used them to reincarnate me as a servant"

"Wow…" Yusei said with a smile, he just learned something about his dad he never knew, he turned the bad ass fallen angel hunter, poet and magician Dante Alighieri who wrote The Divine Comedy into a devil. "I didn't know my dad made servants" Yusei said.

"I'm the one and only servant he ever made" Dante said with a smile. "Now it's my time to set you on the path to becoming a great Devil" he said.

"Am I going to go live with you?" Yusei asked his eyes lightning up.

"Sorry but…I work currently between the Underworld and Earth. I don't have time to raise a child" Dante explained. "But I'll see you whenever I can" Dante explained.

"The…where am I going to go?" Yusei asked.

Sirzechs smiled. "I have somewhere in mind"

~Gremory Resident~

"Sona…Sona…S-O-N-A are you even listening to me?" a hyperactive red head with blue green eyes asked annoyed as she looked to her best friend.

She was a girl with shoulder length black hair and violet eyes. The two were only nine years old and were hanging out in the back yard of the Gremory estate.

"Yeah I'm listening Rias" Sona said with an annoyed sigh, her eyes were glued to a new book she was reading.

"Well then you heard what Sirzechs told me…I'm getting a new brother today" Rias said.

"Yes, yes I know" Sona said annoyed. 'I must keep him as far from Rias as I can…I can't allow her to infect his mind.' Sona thought. 'One Rias is enough.'

"I'm so excited…I never had a little brother before. He'll be so cute and I'll feed him lots of cake and ice cream, I'll dress him up in the cutest clothes, and I'll take him out for walks and teach him all kinds of tricks" Rias said smiling at all the stuff she had planned.

"Rias…he's a child…not a pet" Sona said with a sigh looking at her friend. She may only be nine years old but she was mature and smarter for a girl her age…unlike…Gremory.

"You spend all your time reading those books…how about we play dress up or something?" Rias said putting her hands on her hips and tapping her foot on the ground.

"How about we read silently?" Sona said.

Play dress up"

"Read Silently"

"Play dress up"


"Rias sweetie, Sona, someone is here to meet you" Rias smiled excitedly as she turned to her mom, Venelana Gremory

"Come on Sona, we're going to meet my new brother" Rias shouted grabbing her friend's arm and pulling her up. Rias started dragging her toward the mansion until Sona finally started walking on her own.

The two arrived in the house to see Sirzechs talking to her father, Lord Gremory. "Sirzechs-Chan" Rias said running into her brother's arms.

"Hi Ria-Ta" Sirzechs said with a cruel smile patting his sister on the head. Rias glared at him angrily before stomping on his foot.

"Ouch" Sirzechs said.

"Don't call me that" Rias said pouting and crossing her arms. Lord Gremory and Sirzechs laughed at her cute expression causing her cheeks to turn bright red.

"Sirzechs-Sama" Sona bowed in his presence.

"Sona, you don't have to be so formal" Sirzechs said with a small laugh causing the nine year old to cut her eyes at him. Sirzechs nervously turned away back to his father.

"I was going to have him stay with Grayfia and me but I think he would be better around other devil children" Sirzechs explained.

"It's no problem dear, we have lots of space" Venelana said with a smile waving it off casually.

"So where is he?" Rias said. "I have some cute dresses he can try" Rias said.

Sirzechs shuddered at the thought. "Yusei, you can come in here now" the front door opened and out walked a boy smaller than both of them.

"So you're Yusei Satan Lucifer, descendant of the two former Maou" Sona said. Rias and Sona both looked the boy up and down. He was short and small with messy and long blonde hair and icy blue eyes, his nails were also black that clashed against his pale skin.

"When I found him, he was covered in bruises and cuts so it might be best to give him a few days to adjust bef-"

"AHHHHH" Rias shouted at she looked at the younger boy who slowly started to move away from her. "HE'S SO CUTE" Rias shouted. Her brother's words were lost and she charged the boy who started to run towards the door, away from the crazy girl.

"MINE" Rias grabbed onto his arm and pulled him upstairs towards her room. "Come on…let's go to my room I have on new dresses for you to try" Rias said with a smile.

"Hey let me go" Yusei said trying to pull away from her.

"What's wrong little brother?" Rias asked him with a confused expression.

"I don't want to wear dresses…and I'm not your little brother, you only knew me for a few seconds" Yusei said a little annoyed.

"Someone's being a little grouchy pants" Rias said with a smile. A mischevious smile then crossed her face as a red magic sigil formed on her hands. "Now turn around so I can give you a spanking"





"Get this crazy lunatic away from me" Yusei shouted. "She's insane, she's crazy. She's the reincarnation of Hitler. HELP MEEEEEE"

"Rias that's enough" Sona said standing in front Yusei. Yusei smiled thinking Sona to be his savior. "No Rias…he should begin his studies. He's already behind in school. He won't be allowed to aattend school in the Human World if he doesn't" Sona said grabbing his hand.

"NO SONA, you're sooooo boring. You'll bore him and he'll fall asleep and never wake up because you won't stop being boring" Rias said pulling on his hand. "He wants to play dress up".

"He wants to study"

"He wants to play dress up"

"He wants to study"

"Dress up"


"Dress up"


"That's enough" Lord Gremory said pulling the boy from the both of them and setting him on the ground. "How about you both ASK him what he wants to do?" Lord Gremory suggested to the two.

Rias and Sona both turned to each other and glared at each other angrily before turning back to Yusei. "So Yusei do you want to be boring like Sona and study or…try on pretty dresses" Rias asked with an innocent and bright smile.

"Well, I guess I'll leave now" Sirzechs said. "See you Yusei" Sirzechs said waving to the eight year old. He then disappeared in a bright red sigil.



"Who are you going to choose?" the two seven year old asked.

Yusei shuddered at the two not knowing who to pick. Venelana and Lord Gremory laugh at three kids as they watched Yusei try to make a decision. They both knew….that things were going to get very interesting around the Gremory Territory.


"Michael…" the blonde hair angel turned around and smiled at the new comer, his sister Gabriel.

"Yes…what is it?" Michael asked kindly. He had a smile on his face but his eyes looked sad, and calm, like they usually did.

"Another angel fell today, her name was Raynare" Gabriel said sadly. Michael frowned at this news, their numbers were already low and with new angels falling every day they would eventually go extinct.

But Michael was wise and knew that's not all his sister came to tell him.

"Is there more news, Sister?" Michael urged wanting to hear the rest.

"The devils…are in possession of a fragment of Trihexa's soul".

"Are you sure?" Michael asked in shock turning to his sister. "I made sure to destroy that lost piece during the Great Wars…on father's commands".

"I'm positive…an angel spy saw it with his own two eyes. It was inside of a boy who is the descendant of both Satan and Lucifer" Gabriel explained.

"This is bad…" Michael said with a sigh.

"Michael…what's so special about this…soul?" Gabriel asked her brother looking into his green eyes.

"As you already know the beast Trihexa has six heads, the fragment of Trihexa soul that was taken is the dragon's head. Long ago, when father first sealed away Trihexa, this piece of the soul was cut off from the body and flew into a human. The problem with this fragment of Trihexa is that it will try to take over the host's body if they aren't powerful enough to keep it in check" Michael explained.

"So…what do we do about the boy?" Gabriel asked kind of shocked. What Michael was explaining was a full on possession.

"Leave it for now. There's nothing we can do if he's with the devils. We just have to hope that they can keep him in check" Michael explained to his sister. She nodded and smiled.

"Also…an angel saw Gadreel today" Gabriel said.

Michael eyes widened in shock. "Gadreel? Where?"

"In the Human World, we have reasons to believe he's working with Susanoo" Gabriel said.

"Tell Amaterasu and for now tell any angels not to confront Gadreel or Susanoo." Michael commanded.

"As you wish, brother"


"Sirzechs-Sama, are you sure it's ok to leave the child with your family?" Grayfia, the queen of Rizevim asked with a concerned expression.

"I erased his memory of the past year and replaced them with memories of him being in a accident. Since he has no recollection of his grandfathers or the experiments he endured he poses no threat" Sirzechs explained with a smile.

"Yeah but…he's a descendant of the old Maou…people will hate him. It could trigger something" Grayfia said worriedly.

Sirzechs couldn't help but smile at his serious Queen and Wife. "Relax…I have everything under control. The boy will be given the chance to live a normal life as a devil" Sirzechs explained. "Besides my father can take care of him if he gets out of hand".

"Aright…I'll take your word on this" Grayfia said bowing to him before walking away.

[Two Days Later]

Sona and Rias were watching Yusei as he ate some cookies Venelana spread out for the three. Yusei looked at them nervously before going back to eating.

"So when you're done we're going to play dress up…I have a super cute pink dress you can try on" Rias squealed excitedly. Yusei nervously shook his head furiously.

"He doesn't want to play dress up" Sona said. Yusei let out a happy sigh as thanks for his savior "he wants to study for his middle class devil exams" Sona said causing Yusei to give her a deadpan expression.

"NO, DRESS UP" Rias said stomping his foot.

"Rias, unlike us he has to take the middle class exam to become a mid-class devil and then Sirzechs can promote him. It's best if he starts catching up now so he can have his evil pieces the same time as us…do you understand?" Sona asked looking at her friend.

"DRESS-UP" Rias shouted causing Sona to let out a sigh.

"Sona, Lady Sitri called, you need to return home for dinner" Venelana said with a smile walking into the room. "And I'm going to take Yusei and Rias to the mall for a bit to find Yusei some new outfits" she explained.

'No…if I leave Rias alone with Yusei…she could turn him 'Sona thought nervously but she couldn't deny an order from her mother.

"Yes Venelana-Sama" Sona said with a frown. She then turned to Rias and Yusei.

"BYE SONA" Rias waved excitedly. Yusei waved too as Sona disappeared in a blue magic sigil.

"Now, get ready you two and if we hurry we can get burgers at Akuma-naldo when we're finished" Venelana said.

Rias's face lit up excitedly as she turned to Yusei who was still enjoying a plate of cookies. "Have you ever eanine there Yusei?" Rias asked.

Yusei nodded his head no. Rias frowned before shaking Yusei back and forth. "Talk, Talk, Talk" Rias chanted while shaking him.

"Rias sweetie…calm down" Venelana said nervously.

"Stop Rias" Yusei shouted angrily. Rias smiled finally glad that she heard his voice.

"Now was that so hard?" Rias said with a smile. Yusei shook his head and Rias turned to him with a glare.

"No" Yusei said with a sigh.

"Well…now that you're both ready. We can leave right now" Venelana said with a smile. The two children followed Venelana to a magic sigil that leads them directly to a mall in another section of the Gremory territory.

"My dad owns this whole wide place. So in my territory as my little brother we're allowed to do anything we want" Rias exclaimed excitedly.

"Well not anything, you still have to act like a proper young lady outside the house" Venelana said with a smile.

"Ok mom" Rias said with a sigh.

"Now let's get to shopping" Venelana said walking down towards one of the stores. Yusei didn't know why but he was getting a lot of weird looks…some were glares and others were just curious looks.

"How about this?" Venelana and Yusei turned to Rias to see her holding up a pink dress.

Venelana smiled before turning to Yusei who angrily glared at Rias. "I don't want to wear a dress" he said.

"Rias Sweetie…I don't think Yusei wants to wear dresses" Venelana said.

"But…" Rias turned to Yusei with a teary eyed pouty face but Yusei continued to glare. "Fine" Rias said throwing the dress down. "Mom, can you and dad have another girl. I want a sister and brother too" Rias said.

"I'm sorry Rias but it doesn't work that way" Venelana said.

"What do you mean? You got Yusei" Rias said pointing to him.

Venelana smiled at her…innocent daughter. "How about this?" Venelana asked holding up a white dress shirt with a black bow tie around it.

"It's cute" Rias shouted excitedly. People turned to the little girl and some smiled at her innocent expression…she was the heir to the clan whose territory they lived in after all.

"If you give make him wear that…he's going to get his ass kicked" the three turned around to see a boy with long blonde hair and red eyes and another one with silver spiky hair and lavender eyes. They were both nine, the same as Rias.

"Well if it isn't the big dummy and Marcellus Agares" Rias said glaring at the two. She was friends with the blonde hair boy but she hated the silver hair one.

"Now, now Rias don't be so rude" Venelana said moving her daughter behind her. "If it isn't Kyo Dantalion and Marcellus Agares" Venelana said bowing slightly to the two boys.

"Hey Venelana-Sama" the two boys said bowing to her.

"But like I was saying…if you let him wear that to school…he'll get his ass kicked" Kyo said putting his hand through his spiky silver hair.

"Kyo…you know your mother wouldn't like you using such fowl language" Venelana said scolding him.

"It's true" Kyo said.

"No he's lying mom, that shirt is cute. All the girls will want to kiss him and hug him…and be his boyfriend" Rias said as she grabbed Yusei and snuggled her face up to his.

Yusei's face turned a bright shade of red as he tried to pull away. "Let me go Rias" Yusei shouted.

"Why must I have such a mean little brother, all he does is not play with me and acts boring like Sona" Rias said.

"If you lisnine to Rias, he'll die a virgin and the guys will all beat him up" Kyo said crossing his arms.

"Mommy, what's a virgin?" Rias asked innocently causing Kyo to snicker.

"It's when a hot dog hasn't gone into a hamburger yet" Kyo explained.

Rias gasped thinking it was some kind of food experiment. "Mommy can we get hot dogs and hamburgers too?" Rias asked causing Kyo to laugh even harder.

"That's enough Kyo" Venelana said sharply to the boy. 'But it is time…we have the talk with her…she is nine Venelana thought with a sigh.

Yusei turned to see the boy with the blonde hair and red eyes staring at him. "So can you fight?" Marcellus asked poking Yusei's cheek.

"No he can't fight" Rias said throwing Kyo behind her back defensively. "And if anybody tries to touch him I'll obliterate them" Rias said kind of darkly that sent a shiver down both the boy's spine.

"Heh…what's a devil that can't fight? That's like a fish that can't swim "Kyo said.

"Or a bird that can't fly" Marcellus said.

"Well technically…penguins can't fly" Rias said with a grin.

"Whatever, penguins are stupid" Marcellus said crossing his arms. Venelana giggled at the four kids.

'Is fighting really that important?' Yusei thought looking between the four.

Rias then let out a gasp "how about that?" she asked pointing to a white, fuzzy earflap beanie with a blue and emerald green pattern around it. Rias quickly snatched up the hat and put it on his head.

The other three inspected the hat while Yusei sat there with his arms crossed. "Cute" Venelana said clapping her hands.

"It's nice" Marcellus said.

"Alright…now he won't get killed his first day but he should get some clothes to match it" Kyo suggested.

"Yeah, you're right" Venelana said looking at the wool hat. Yusei seemed comfortable in it so she decided it would be nice. She then looked at Yusei's shirt and pants size.

"How about you guys go have fun around the mall and I'll keep looking for clothes" Venelana said giving Rias some money.

"Yay, let's go eat" Rias said grabbing Yusei's hands.

Kyo's stomach then growled rather loudly causing him to blush. "Umm…Venelana-Sama…" Marcellus said speaking for Kyo. "Kyo accidently betted all the money he had playing poker with some older kids and now he has none left can we borrow some?" Marcellus asked kindly flipping his blonde hair.

"Of course" Venelana said happily handing the two boys some money. Kyo was about to snatch it when Marcellus grabbed it from her first. "I'll hold onto out money" Marcellus said. The four small kids then went to the Mess Hall of the mall.

"Wow Rias…your family really owns a cool place" Kyo said looking at the really high tech looking mall. There was even an arcade and roller coaster inside of it.

"Thanks…Sirzechs-Chan and Ajuka-Sama really helped up remodel it" Rias said happily. The four arrived at the food court and Rias saw the famous burger vendor and excitedly ran up and got some for her and Yusei. Yusei looked at the burger that Rias gave him happily. It ws giant, almost as big as the plate it was on and looked delicious.

Rias led Yusei to a table and the two sat down. "Dig in" Rias said with a smile. Yusei excitedly picked up the burger and took his first bite.

"Wow this is delicious" Yusei exclaimed happily.

"Glad you like it" Rias said with a smile glad he was slowly coming out of his shell.

Before Yusei could even take a second bite he felt something connect with the back of his head, it wasn't hard, and when it made impact, it exploded and ooze over his beautiful blonde hair.

"Is that an egg?" Rias asked angry and disgusted. Yusei gasped in shock and because he was too shock and stun to react he couldn't dodge the two other eggs.

"STOP IT" Rias shouted angrily.

"I told you the Gremory's adopted a new freak show" one of the boys said. They were a group of teens and there were about six of them.

"I said quit it, you are in my father's territory and I'll-"Rias was cut off by a couple of eggs landing in Yusei's head. "Yusei, fight back" Rias said angrily.

Yusei stood up but before he could even react he felt all the wind knocked from his stomach and he fell to the ground clenching his stomach.

Yusei looked up to see a boy with spiky black hair and angry blue eyes. "Who would've thought you would be such a weakling" the boy said.

"Kill the freak"

"Kill the freak" the kids chanted.

"Kale?" Rias said angrily glaring at the boy. "Why did you punch Yusei?" she asked.

"He's a monster, I can't believe a monster like this is living in our society" the boy said. Kale then tossed a fire ball at Yusei but Rias quickly grabbed him and pushed him out of the way.

The group of boys in the back ran out of eggs and actually started throwing rocks at Yusei. Yusei dodged the rocks while the boy, known as Kale kept tossing fire balls at Yusei.

"Kale Belphegor, stop" Rias said angrily grabbing Kale by the arm and trying her best to push him off.

Kale smiled as he summoned a ring of fire in his hands. "I'm going to end this monster before he has a chance to ruin our socie-"

The fire ball then disappeared from Kale's hand as a water ball hit it. [Water Cannon] a cannon of water flew at Kale causing him to fly into the wall. The other kids paused and looked at the girl, who had just did that.

She had shoulder length black hair, violet eyes, and an angry glare on her face. "LEAVE" she shouted. The other kids quickly ran out. Sona then walked towards Kale.

Kale glared at her angrily, he wanted to hit her, but her family owned the best hospitals in the city. For the heir of Belphegor to attack the heiress of Sitri in the Sitri's family friend the Gremory's would look bad for not just him, but his whole clan.

"We were just having a little fun" Kale said with a grin wiping the blood off his face.

"Leave Kale, and don't come back" Sona said angrily.

"As you wish Sitri" Kale said. "I was bored anyways" he said. Kale turned and glared at Rias and Yusei. "Disgusting" he said angrily before walking away.

Yusei was too stunned to even process the whole event.


"What happened here?" Marcellus and Kyo said running towards the three. They turned towards Yusei and were shocked at the bruises and yolk he was covered in.

"Nothing" Rias said sadly. "Yusei, let's go find Venelana and go home" Rias whispered. The two then walked away leaving the stunned Kyo and Marcellus standing there in confusion.

"I'm going home" Sona said before walking away.

Yusei clenched his fists angrily. He was too weak to defeat the boy who had attacked him; if this spread he would be a joke to the other devils in the Underworld. "What happened to him?" Venelana asked with a frown, she already had some suggestions but she wanted to hear Rias's story.

"He was attacked by some bullies and he couldn't fight back" Rias said angrily. Venelana stared at Yusei turned his head feeling embarrassed at how pathetic he looked.

"Is this true Yusei?" she asked him. Yusei nodded his head in shame. Yusei didn't know why but…he was too weak…how could someone so weak be the son of two strong parents.

"Alright I picked out a couple of outfits for now…let's return home" a magic sigil returned them home but Yusei was too embarrassed to face Lord Gremory so he ran into his room and slammed the door.

"What's up with him?" Lord Gremory asked with a smile looking between his daughter and wife.

"Some of the teens tossed eggs at him at the mall today" Venelana said with a sad smile.

"Yes but, I saved him by beating them up with the help of Sona" Rias said happily. "What's wrong father?" Rias asked looking at her dad's sort of angry-sad expression.

"Rias…promise me that if you see Yusei being attacked again…you'll let him be attacked unless he does something about it".

Rias and Venelana both let out shocked gasps. "How come?" Rias asked a little angry at her father for suggesting something like that.

"Rias, as you know, a devil is only as important as his strength. Sirzechs doesn't know the depth of Yusei's powers but if he doesn't develop strength then he'll be nothing to our society. We can't force him to grow stronger. He'll have to grow stronger on his own" Lord Gremory said.

Rias glared at her father who let out a sigh. "Just promise me that next time something like this happens…you'll push him to?" Lord Gremory asked.

"Yes…I promise father" Rias said with a sigh. 'I don't want Yusei to fight now…I want him to stay cute and happy forever and ever'.

"Rias…aren't you attending a sleep over at Sona's house tonight?" Venelana asked with a smile.

"Yes…can Yusei come too?" Rias asked with a smile.

"I don't think it would be appropriate…he is a boy" Venelana said with a laugh. Rias pouted before going in her room to get dressed. She was about to knock on Yusei's door but decided to leave him alone and give him some space.


"I'm so weak, I'm so pathetic, and how could I get hurt so badly?" Yusei said angrily as he clenched his fists and beat his hands to his head.

"Having a nice night?" Yusei turned in shocked to see Dante who had a smug smile on his face. "Dante? What are you doing here?" Yusei asked in shock and confusion.

Dante smiled, he heard of what happened and he thought it was time he revealed something to him. "Come boy"

"How were you able to get through the Gremory's defense?" Yusei asked in shock and confusion.

Dante smiled as he let out a laugh. "I'm a 900 year old Magician, I have tricks up my sleeves" he said calmly. "Now come" Yusei walked over to Dante and the two disappeared in a Golden Sigil.

[Sirzechs POV]

"Lord Sirzechs, you heard about what happened today?" Grayfia said walking toward her husband and master.

"I know" Lord Sirzechs said. "I have the situation under control" Sirzechs said calmly.

"He possesses a fragment of Trihexa's soul inside of him…there's no telling what people will think of him" Grayfia said.

Sirzechs let out a sigh wishing his wife had more faith in Sirzechs about the situation. "The Trihexa is a beast composed of six different beast souls-the soul of dragon, lion leopard, bear, ram, and snake. When God battled him and sealed him up the dragon fragment of Trihexa's soul was broken off and fell into the body of a unknown human. This became known as the "Dragon Curse"." Sirzechs explained to Grayfia. "If the curse is not kept in check and allowed to roam free then it could take control of Yusei's body. It's better for him to remain with us so we can keep track of him Grayfia".

"But Master Sirzechs, why are you having the boy attend the same Devil School as Rias. Why not have him attend a lower school?" she asked.

Sirzechs smiled finally understanding why his wife was so hell bent on trying to keep Yusei from the public. Grayfia is originally from the extra demon household Lucifuge, when Sirzechs first made him her servant she was treated like an outcast until she gained the title of the Strongest Queen. She doesn't want Yusei to go through the same thing.

"Because Grayfia…I want the boy to become strong. Having him life a simple and peaceful life away from adversity and hatred won't forge him into the warrior I know his father would want him to be. Trust me…he'll come out of this situation a warrior and I know you'll be glad I made this decision" Sirzechs explained.

"As you wish Master Sirzechs" Grayfia said bowing to her master and walking away.

'I know what I'm doing…' Sirzechs said to himself.

'He will become a warrior.'


Yusei arrived at what appeared to be a giant stone tomb. "Come boy" Dante said annoyed. The two walked in and when they entered, they were in what appeared to be a catacomb. Dante led Yusei to one of the rooms and laying with a lot of chains wrapped around it was a, sword?

"Why is the sword wrapped in chains?" Yusei asked in confusion.

Dante smiled as he walked over to the chains. [Release] the chains fell off and Dante caught the sword in his hand. "This is called the Sword of Sins, Blackfyre" Dante said with a strained voice as he struggled to hold it.

He quickly tossed it to Yusei who caught the handle. He looked at Dante confused, he was struggling to hold this sword but it felt light to Yusei. "This isn't heavy" Yusei said.

"That is the Demon Sword Blackfyre, also known as the Sword of Sin" Dante said. "It has the power to convert sin into power" Dante said.

Yusei gave Dante a deepen look. "A demon sword that turns sin into power…isn't that some kind of paradox?" he asked.

The sword belonged to your father. He used it to take the eye of a fallen angel General" Dante said. Yusei in shock looked down at the blade that he now realized belonged to his father. The sword resembles a long sword with an extremely sharp crimson red and silver blade and the silver hilt resembles an inverted cross.

The sword turns sin into power, but the guiltier the wielder's heart, the harder it will be for them to use it. Which is why your father lost the ability to use it" Dante said.

Yusei glared angrily at Dante. "What could my dad have done that was so-"

"You don't have to be a fighter" Dante said.

"What?" Yusei asked.

"Your mother and father might have been fighters but they were natural. You don't possess their natural talent. So I'm giving you the option. You can stop now and we can run away and live in the human world, or you can try this fighting thing a shot" Dante explained.

"What happened to your travels?" Yusei asked glaring at Dante.

"I'm willing to put my travels to rest, to raise the kid of my friends" Dante said. "But once you make a decision you must stick with it" Dante said. "No going back"

"I promised my parents that one day I would be a fighter like them and that's what I will be" Yusei said. "Embrace your dreams and whatever happens protect your honor as a soldier and I will live by those words" Yusei said boldly.

Dante smiled "That was your father's motto" Dante said. "He used to say that to me and Sirzechs all the time" Dante said.

"Tomorrow I start training with Rias. No holding back I will become a strong devil one day. It's a promise". Yusei said boldly.

Dante smiled after hearing the boy's words. "If that's what the son of my friends wish, then so it will be" Dante said. "Yusei Satan Lucifer, I vow to turn you into a Ultimate Class Devil".

Author Note Edit

Fallen Angel Gadreel: I know I kept mentioning him in this chapter. He's going to play a role in this story so I'm going to give you the common Hebrew Belief on Gadreel.

In Christianity Gadreel is the one of the Chiefs of the fallen angel Grigori. Gadreel was mentioned as the third of five "Satans" who led other angels into copulating with humans, leading to the creation of the giant-like Nephilim. He was also the fallen angel responsible for teaching man warfare which contradicts the first part of the Enoch, which says Azazel is to blame.

In my DxD Fanfiction Gadreel is the older brother of Azazel, the fallen angel general and leader of the Grigori. Gadreel is the one responsible for his brother's falling due to tempting Azazel's lust. Also Unlike most fallen angels who fell for lust Gadreel was an angel who fell due to his extreme hatred of God for allowing angels to die for a war he deemed pointless.

Gadreel once had a fight with Levi Satan-Lucifer who defeated him and stole his eye.

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