Season One, Episode Two
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Air date 13/09/15
Written by Penhaligon
Directed by Penhaligon
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Light and Darkness Wings of Shadow
Underworld (冥界 Mekai) is the second life of High School of Purgatory, written by Penhaligon. It deals with Zachary's introduction to the world of the supernatural, something very dangerous to him, as he never trained to fight the dangers of the Underworld

Archangel On Vatican Edit

Alena entered in the white room. She was using a white vest with her golden armor above it, her pink hairs in a cocktail. Rand, with his orange and chaotic hair and inquisitive purple eyes, was also inside it

And an angel too. But not any Angel. An Archangel

As long as she knows, Heaven’s seven most powerful Seraphs were considered Archangels and have six golden wings. The most recognized is Michael, the leader of Heaven, alongside Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. The other three aren’t much of talk. Raziel and Cassiel keep their silent after the Great War ended, and Azrael… The people seem only to avoid talking about him, for some reason

With a High Priest right behind him, she excluded the chance of being one of the Four Great Seraph. If was them, then it would be the Pope, not a High Priest. One of the highest, of course, but not sufficiently high for them. So, one of the three. Azrael, obviously, was not. Raziel is said to not talk much so, was left only one…

- Cassiel?

- How you guess? – Questioned the Archangel. The golden wings disappeared, ending with the golden light and allowing her to look to him directly

- Archangel Cassiel is here to talk with you – Said the High Priest

- He want to gave us a mission, you believe!? – Exclaimed Rand – Heaven want us to serve them directly! And is a very important one!

- What mission? – Questioned her

- Alena – Cassiel said – You know about the Sacred Gears?

- Everybody knows about them

- That is an special group of Sacred Gears…

- The Longinus

- No – He said – The Longinus are their counterparts. You don’t know about them. Not even the rest of Heaven, aside we, the Archangels and Seraph, and the high-ranking Angels, and some rare others

- The Ten Commandments – Said Rand – Ten human-made Sacred Gears, created through a flaw on the system. If united, they can…

- Destroy the universe – Said the Archangel – But, of course, you know about them. You has one

Alena closed her left hand. He smiled seeing the scene

- We need your help to find the others and bring them to us. I sent others, but you need to search one. They are being protected by a… Special team. Sent by the Underworld. A Fallen Angel and her fellow Exorcist, alongside a Devil and his Magician. They convinced the Tenth Commander to join them in their crusade to destroy the creation of my Father. And we need your help to stop them

- Yes! – She exclaimed – Yes! Of course! Ever!

- Prepare your clothes now – Said the High Priest – You’ll go to United Kingdom right now. There, you will find and fight this team, and bring the Commander back to Heaven’s side

- Okay – Rand said – We will!

- I will send Angels to help and protect you – Cassiel said – You can go, now, and be under the grace of Heaven

Alena turned around. She needs to complete this mission. She never fails, and will never do such thing. She is a high-ranking Exorcist. Her mission is to protect Earth from the Underworld with the help of Heaven

She is between the three worlds

Tensions of the School Day Edit

Zachary was tense. Very tense. He entered in the school wanting to run. However, when he saw Larkin and Blake, he was calmed down by them, and Mary came running in his direction

- MY LOVE! – She screamed

- MY LIFE! – He screamed

- So ridiculous – Said Miles, entering between them

Zachary collided against his arm, falling to the ground, but Mary stopped as Anael, Dateth and Sasha walked to their direction

- What? – Mary screamed

- You – Miles said – A being without exitence or purpose, so superficial that I cannot even explain this to you. And your relationship is as stupid as a dirty pig. Oh, no, of course. A dirty pig is better

- You don’t even know me…

- I don’t need to know you. Everybody speak about it. And the four times I saw you next to me, I’ve had seen the sufficient to judge you as ridiculous. So sorry, darling, if you isn’t sufficiently mature to hear the truth. But this is it. You’re ridiculous, futile and inutile

The effect of these words on her were incredible

She started to scream like a flying horse who started to clash against a pile of crap, and attacked the child, trying to break any possible bones and make explode many possible blood vases. As fast as she came, Sasha kicked her face, making her fell to the ground

- HEY! HOW YOU DO THAT!? – Screamed Blake – Call my sister ridiculous and kick her!

- She attacked me first – Said Miles, calmly

- You need to control your bitch – Said Dateth

Blake tried to attack him, but was defeated with a single punch on the face. Larkin screamed and tried to attack too. Anael only put her foot on his front and his face kissed the ground

By the way, Mary rised and attacked again, jumping on Sasha and biting her neck

- You? Being a vampire? – Sasha punched her face again. Easy KO – Vampires are not so easily defeated

- Try to act as normal while we’re here – Said Miles, smiling to Zachary, who was scared with them, again – Now, Zachary, we need to talk. You get away from the mall right after that. We need time to talk about it

- NO!

Zachary runned from them again. He saw when Anael tried to reach him, but he was faster then her. He was the best runner at the school. Zachary runned from her until he reached the bathroom… And locked himself in one of the cabins, scared

Goddess of the Hellish Battlefield Edit

But he was more scared when a magic circle opened on the ground below him, shining in a glowing and powerful red, with a flame-like symbol inside it. The circle released a burning red energy who enveloped the entire place, which dispelled into energy, who changed from colors like a rainbow


- Exactly this – Said a voice – HELL!

The colors became solid and physical. Zachary looked to place, finding himself in a vast purple wasteland, with purple skies with dark clouds. Black feathers raining from the sky

Fallen Angels around him, in a trap. Several of them, raging from, at max, two hundreds of them

- Who are you!?

- I was sent to bring you to him – Said the woman leading them – Tenth Commander

- Go to hell! I don’t want to see any of you!

- You is in hell itself! This is the Underworld! Say welcome to it, Tenth Commander

- Why did you call me Tenth Commander!?

- Oh, the little ones didn’t tell you about it? He said that it would be better to bring you alive, but dead also serves! Light Spear!

She flied to above him and many spears of light rained from the sky, in a shower that made Zachary scream. He only putted the hands up to protect himself, when a dark blade appeared. The light spears were immediately reflected to her, wounding her deeply thourgh all her body, making the blood rain

- The boy awakened the sword! – Screamed one of the Fallen

- KILL HIM! – Screamed another

Zachary didn’t know what he was doing. He simply used the sword

He turned it and started to attack them. Each time the blade slashed one of the Fallen Angels, he or she burned on flames, or sometimes a flash of fire occurred. They started to scream and to fall, and the flames disappeared as quick as they appeared. To someone who, 16 hours before was screaming and running in the same situation, was a good improvement. This was sufficient for a time

But not for all time

- AH!

He was hurted in the arm by a Fallen with a sword of light, but attacked him. Soon, another wounded him and another. Although they were all minor wounds, he was feeling them deeply, and was knowing that the side-effects of this

He started to bleed

- You are like cockroaches! You never stop appearing!?

- NEVER! – One impalated him right through the arm he was using to hold the sword – Now, die!

He was beheaded by Belona

The blonde woman appeared, with her long hair floating in the air after her fast apparition. She followed this act by the beheading of other three Fallen Angels

- Who’s you? – Questioned their leader

- My name is Belona

- The roman goddess? In the Underworld? I have listened to the news. That many minor gods from all the pantheons went to the Underworld to hide and survive. I’m impresse that you is still alive

- Why did you want him? – She questioned

- I don’t want anyone. But my master does. He wants the boy, alive is better, but death is his destiny if he chooses to resist. Now, go, goddess! You have no power here…

She attacked him with her sword, in a frontal assault. He had almost no time to avoid the attack, and she cutted his right arm out. The blood spilled on her face

Zachary took the chance and impalated him with the sword, making his body explode and killing him by the flames

The other Fallen Angels attacked them following this, but, to Zachary’s surprise, Belona killed them all first. She attacked one after one in an impressingly fast speed which made blood rain

- BITCH! – Screamed a female fallen – I will kill you!

She tried to attack her with a powerful slash, but Belona jumped and stanted in her feet over her light sword. The Fallen dispelled the sword and turned around to avoid Belona’s blade, before generating a light spear to attack, only to Belona avoid it and behead her too

When Zachary looked to the other direction, an incoming Fallen attacked him. As Belona throwed her sword on him, another magical circle opened below Zachary

A torrent of burning flames emerged, but he put the Purgatory Blade on his front and the flames were reflected. Zachary turned and the reflection turned with him. In three little seconds, the entire place was burning in flames

More Fallen attacked from above, this time, using bows and arrows of light. Belona slashed through the light and attacked one, throwing him to below and catching the bow

She throwed the arrow of the following one, jumping again to avoid the attack of another who was burned to death by Zachary’s blade

- Good – Said Belona, standing in the ground – You learn fast

- I… I’m doing nothing… I’m only letting the sword do what it wants. It is guiding me… In some bizarre way, but is

- Normal – She said – All the warriors are guided by their weapons. This is a proof of it’s allegiance

- Light of Heaven!

- BEWARE! – Belona screamed, jumping over Zachary to protect him

The ray of light enveloped the entire battlefield, who crumbled to ashes and dust. Everything the light touched was completely destroyed. The Fallen tried to fly away, but they were destroyed to and their ashes dissolved in the air

Zachary felt Belona’s divine aura enveloping him, very weak. However, the sufficient to protect him from the light

Emmanuel was standing, looking to them. The last time, he had three white wings, indicating his position as mere Power. Now, with four, silver, shining wings, he is a Cherub

Sufficiently powerful to hold a very weakened minor goddess and a scared little boy

- Unfallen? – Belona questioned – How this is possible?

- Because I’m rightful – He said – Lord Cassiel sent me here to eliminate the plague of the Commander. Erase it and bring back Anael to the holy way of our Father. And, here, I see a filthy pagan, who will be erased too!

- I see another filthy being. A filthy unfallen Angel who will die in your eternal holyness. Answer me, Cherub: Who’s the holiest? The one who fight for a stranger or the one who tries to kill every living creature?

- DIE! Light of…

- War Breathe!

She released a powerful slash of energy from the edge of her sword, before Emmanuel could end the casting of the spell. The slash of light breaked through the heavenly light and Emmanuel was almost killed by it, before avoiding and attacking with several beams of pure light

She defended them, and a magical circle opened below Zachary again

- WHAT!? No, again no!

- I opened this time – Belona said – He is not like the others. He is really powerful. He is receiving power from another, higher being. And he is targeting you. I cannot fight him and protect you at the same time. But, don’t worry, I will search for you when I end him. See you later… Hum…

- ZACHARY! – He screamed, as the golden light enveloped him and concealted his vision

- Zachary – She said – Good luck on your mission

The Purgatory Blade disappeared and he fell to the ground, as the energy was forming a twisting spiral of light around him. He fell asleep seconds after this

Hunted Grim Reaper Edit

- ZACHARY! – Anael screamed

She flied in his direction, avoiding the great building and reaching him in the alley. Her wings disappeared on her back and she looked to his face

He opened his eyes slowly. Miles teleported there with Dateth while Sasha appeared, running on their direction. They were looking to him. Zachary’s first thought was about Belona

- Zachary, you dumb boy! – Screamed Dateth – We were really worried about you, you know!? You has vanished, simply! And Miles said that you have being summoned to the Underworld

- Who summoned you? – Questioned Sasha, emotionless as ever

- I… I don’t know – Said Zachary, trying to get up from the ground, moaning in pain in the process – When I was there, the Fallen intercepted me and… A sword appeared… On my hand

- Purgatory Blade? – Questioned Miles – You summoned your Sacred Gear without training!? Impressive

- Purgatory Blade? Is it it’s name?

- Oh, yeah. Of course – Said Anael – It is the reason for us being here. But, tell us more

- Okay – He said – I fought them but I was overpowered until Belona appeared

- Belona, like… The goddess? – Questioned Dateth

- Yes. She

- I heared about she wandering in the Underworld. But I don’t believed at first. Now…

- She saved me. And fought an Angel… He said your name, Anael. He said something about bringing you back to the path of God or something this way…

- Oh, no. Emmanuel – She said – He was there?

- That fucking bitch was there!? – Screamed Miles – HOW!? My spell was supposed to lock him on Heaven for a good time. How he went back?

- He said something about another Angel… Ahn… Cassiel, I think – Zachary said

This word was sufficient to make the other freeze

- Zachary… - Started Anael – Are you sure that you said this name?

- I am. Why?

- Because you’re accusing of the seven highest-ranking Angels in Heaven of trying to kill you – Said Dateth – Are you cient of this?

- Yes. I am. And Belona send me back because she said that she wasn’t able to fight him and protect me at the same time

- But she is a goddess – Said Anael – Weakened, but is. So, she isn’t supposed to suffer from fighting a Power

- How many wings? – Sasha questioned – The number and the color

- He had four silver wings

- He is a Cherub now – Said Anael – Cassiel gave him a new place in the upper hierarchy. He was promoted. Now, he is more powerful than me

- This is horrible – Said Miles – Okay, people. We need to go back to the Club House and make our plans to fight…

The lighting was supposed to fall on his head if Sasha didn’t have jumped on him

- Okay – Said Miles, scared – Now we need to go!

The sky started to spin around itself, generating a tornado of dark winds who has breaked itself. A boy with black hairs, unconcious, fell from it to the ground, but was holded by Anael

- What is this? – Questioned Zachary

- Dead energies – Said Miles – He came from the Afterlife. He is a Grim Reaper

- And the Fallen are searching for him – Sasha activated the light sword and used the blade to point to the right direction

- They never end? – Questioned Zachary

- This is becaming pretty boring – Said Anael

- Avavago! – Screamed Miles

A lightning jumped from his hand and attacked the Fallen who are caming. However, one of them made a signal to them to stop. He was blonde and was dressed like a cowboy

- Oh, no! We are not here for you – He pointed to Zachary – We are here for him

He looked to the Grim Reaper

- My name is Blake – He said – I’m a Fallen Brave Saint. Now, I need to say:  I liked to see your fight in the Underworld. But we, now, only need the Grim Reaper. Give him to us and we will not atta…

His shoulder was pierced by a spear of light created by Anael

- You will not have him – She said – Everything you want is destroy. And, until we know what’s your real intentions, we will fight!

- Anael – Started Miles – I think you is being pretty inconsequent. We are in minor quantity and we don’t even know his name, and, by the guy’s style, I would bet he is not one of the Fallen who want us dead, so… It’s ilogical to fight

- WHORE! – Screamed Blake, and the other Fallen Angels surrounded them – I WILL KILL YOU! I WILL MAKE YOU ALL CHOKE WITH YOUR BLOOD! KILL THEM!

- Purgatory Blade!

- Light Spear!

- Unholy Flames!

As the sky became suddenly made of purple and dark colors, as normal to the Fallen, the ground started to be destroyed by them. Lightnings flashed through the air to break the building on the other side and crush some of them

Sasha activated the sword and slashed through them all, generating waves of light who cutted their wings and made them fall… Again

- Ridiculous – Said Blake – You’re all ridiculous. But, don’t worry. Lord Cassiel will be eternally happy to me when I deliver you all to him. Heaven is waiting, Zachary

- He knows my name!? – Zachary screamed – Why everybody knows who I am?

- Good question – Said Anael. She turned around to attack him with a arrow of light who Blake easily dispelled

- Now, I remember you – Blake said – You was in the Battle of Belvegrad, didn’t you!?

Anael froze and looked to him, scared

- I was in it, too – He said – I was sent there in the rescue troops. Great part of my group was anhilated in the war front by the Devils in the train stations. I was the sole survivor. I heared bout you. The Bloodstaind White Angel. How you stayed in Heaven, huh?

- What he is talking about? – Questioned Sasha

- AH! – Anael released a rain of light over him, but Blake reflected them, harming Anael and Sasha, who fell to the ground

- It’s all you have? – Blake started to laugh – Be destroyed by my powers!

- Ialpir! – Miles shot three giant fireballs at the Fallen Brave Saint, whose light arrows pierced through, before being reflected by Zachary’s sword

- One of the Ten Commandments, huh? – Blake started to laugh

- Yeah! Be afraid, black cowboy – Said Zachary

- No – He said – You should be afraid of me

- Why?

- Because of this – He rised his hand, and a wave of light formed, blinding them all, as a form appeared on his hand – Fifth Commandment: Honorful Slasher!

- ANOTHER OF THEM!? – Screamed Anael

- Oh, shit – Said Dateth, attacking one of the Fallen Angels and burning them to death with his unholy flames – It’s the fifth. Is more powerful than Zachary’s

- And what it does? – Questioned Sasha

Blake flied on their direction. Miles defended them generating a massive wall of flames. However, Blake simply slashed through them and the flames dispelled. When Anael tried to attack him with a light spear, he made a minor wound on her arm

In the following second, her entire arm opened and a pool of blood formed on the ground. Anael started to scream

- My Honorful Slasher – He said – It negates everything supernatural, and gives me the power to be above Angels, Devils, Monsters and even Magic

- Yeah? Be above this! Teloc Avavago!

Miles released a wave of lightnings who formed a net around Blake. However, he simply used the katana to slash through them and cut Miles. The effect on him was the same: A simple wound who growth and bursted in blood

This was, before Zachary attacked him using the heaviness of his Purgatory Blade

His leg was burned by the blade’s touch

- AH! Stupid child! Feel my blade!

- This phrase is so old – Said Miles, uninterested – You need to innovate it

- Slash of the God Slayer!

The Honorful Slasher released a wave of pure, blue energy, cutting through the battlefield. When Miles noticed, he tried to create a wall of magical power, but it was destroyed and they were catched by it. Zachary’s last sight was Miles falling to ground, bleeding from the back

- Oh, shit! – Screamed Dateth, from the other side of the battlefield – Burning Hellfire!

Blake slashed through it too. Zachary tried to attack him, but was stopped by Anael’s hands

- Zachary, Sasha. Take Miles out of the battlefield and defend the Grim Reaper from the Fallen. I and Dat will take care of the black-winged bitch

Saying that, Anael opened her three white wings, and flied in his direction, attacking him. Blake was surprised, but soon opened his black wings and flied into her direction. Dateth, looking to the scene, opened his bat wings and flied too

The battle between the three next to start

Black Saint Against the Wonderful Duo Edit

Anael stopped in the building’s wall, next to the top. Blake attacked with the Honorful Slasher and tried to impalate her. Anael avoided the attack and generate a ball of flames

- Heavenly Fireball

Blake slashed through the incoming ball of flames and attacked her, crashing her against the building. She breaked in and flied through the roof while he chased her

- Oh, are you running, Anael? Are you running from me, or from your past sins!?


She attacked him with several beams of light, but he slashed through them and attacked her in high speed. Then, Dateth appeared, releasing a wave of unholy flames over Blake, who dispersed them using his weapon

Taking the advantage, Anael kicked his face from behind

- Surprise, bitch!

- AH! – Blake opened his black wings again – Darkness Stream!

A magical circle opened, and from it, many claws of darkness apeared. Anael defended from them using her light of heaven, but they easily overpowered her. As she screamed, Dateth destroyed them using his flames, but was attacked from behind by Blake, who slashed through his ribs using the magical blade, and he barely avoid having his heart or lungs damaged

- AH! – Dateth screamed high. As he fell to the ground, Anael jumped over him, attacking with a light spear

Blake destroyed the spear using the Honorful Slasher, but she managed to create another and attack again. The battle continued as such: Every time he destroyed the spear, she generated another to keep attacking

This was before Dateth attacked him from behind


- Another surprise, bitch!

As Blake turned to attack Dateth, Anael attacked him from behind, opening her wings and flying to above after he fell to the ground

- Now, prepare to die! Light of Heaven!

A beam of light was created and bursted from her hand, devastating the entire building in the process. Everything the light touched was destroyed, with exception of Dateth, who she choose to protect. However, Blake simply slashed through it too, and the light dispersed. He, then, flied to her and attacked Anael, making her leg explode in blood


- Now, I will kill you, harlot!

- Profane Explosion!

Dateth generated an explosion of his unholy flames, who burned the ruins of the destroyed building, who started to crumble. Blake slashed through the flames and attacked him, throwing him against the ground with an astonishing strength and creating a hole in the ground, through which he jumped in

He attacked Dateth on the floor below, slashing with the Honorful Slasher but Dateth avoided and attacked with flames who were dispelled. Then, Anael exploded the roof/ground and attacked with her flames

- Oh, you never stop – Said Blake, slashing through the flames, again – You can’t understand the simple truth that you’ll will all be erased. When my Lord finally reunite the Ten, he will break the System and the universe will reborn. Without Angels or Devils, Exorcists or Magicians, Beasts or Humans! Only him and us, his followers. And you will all die! DIE!

- You’re insane – Anael attacking him in a explosion of the unholy flames generated by Dateth, at the same time she kicked his face in the midst of the blazing hell. The building, then, started to crumble over itself

- It’s falling down! – Screamed Dateth

- Oh, Anael, who see you now would never guess about the crimes your committed in your past! You can be in Heaven but is as fallen as any of us! Maybe more! – Screamed Blake, attacking


Anael produced a hundred of the spears and attacked with them all, making the light rain over Blake. He defended from some but was easily overhelmed and pierced by them


Blake fell out of the building and disappeared in the ashes and the smoke. Anael, then, collapsed to the ground. Dateth opened his bat wings and carried her out of the falling building

In the outside, Blake was waiting for them

- Now, I guess is my check-mate – He laughed maniacally, before Miles said:

- Allar

Chains of magical energy tangled around him and, in seconds, Blake was binded through human magic

- Now, you’re over, Fallen Brave Saint – Miles said – Desist!

- NEVER! – The chains breaked to pieces who dissolved in the air. Miles’ eyes widened

Anael opened her wings, to the surprise of everybody

- Light Spear!

- Unholy Flames!

Anael’s spear made of pure light was enveloped by Dateth’s hellish flames and became a union of Heaven and Underworld, joining the powers of the two. Blake tried to slash through it but was pierced by it before, making his blood spill from the high to the ground

His wings retracted

- You’ll… Pay for this!

Blake fell. As the other Fallen Angels, fighting Sasha and Zachary, noticed this, one of them screamed a command. Two Fallen catched Blake and then, the Fallen Angels disappeared, flying away into the darkness of the twilight sky, who turned back to normal

This time, however, the destruction was not restored

Anael, Dateth, Miles and Sasha looked all to Zachary and to his Purgatory Blade. Then, the boy looked to the black-haired Grim Reaper on the ground

- Yeah – Zachary said – I guess the things will gonna be interesting, huh?

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