Life 3 of the Trihexa King's Rebirth

Life 3 Promotion Exams and History Edit

(Updated Ages): Yusei-8, Rias, Sona, Other Devil Kids-9, Sairaorg and Kale-11

Now without further ado, onto the story.

Yusei arrived at the tower where he would be taking the Middle Class Exams. Sona and Lord Sitri had explained to him it would be better if he came alone. He was shocked by all the devils that were coming, some of them were Masters that were bringing their own servants and there were even some Masters telling their servants they better pass, with a extra emphasis and threatening glare when they said "pass".

"Yusei" Yusei turned around to see his dad's bishop, Dante with a smile on his face and wearing a black suit.

Yusei frowned at his appearance "you look like you came to a funeral" Yusei said. 'Does he really think I'm going to lose this badly?" Yusei thought.

"Oh relax" Dante said with a laugh. "I just came to see you off inside" Dante looked around at all the servants, some were big and ginormous, others were small, some young, and some old. "Over nine hundred servants here today, yep the fights are going to be exciting" Dante said.

Dante looked at Yusei but was shocked to see him looking at the ground. "What's troubling you?" Dante asked.

"Do you know anybody by the name of Paradox?" Yusei asked, yes that dream, that dream had been haunting him since he woke up this morning, he didn't want to tell Sona or Lord Sitri about the dream, and they would think he was insane, but he could trust his father's friend and servant.

Dante looked at Yusei dumbfounded before letting out a laugh. "Paradox? Who in the world is that?" Dante asked. "Is this some character you read in one of those…manga you're always reading?" Dante joked.

"No…it's nothing" Yusei said calmly. Yusei thought back to the strange girl with long black hair and violet eyes wearing the gothic Lolita…was that really the dragon God?

"All devils taking the mid-class exams please join me inside" the instructor said to the low class devils. They then began to flood into the building ready to take their exams.

"Well, got to go" Yusei said. Dante smiled to him and waved as Yusei entered the building, confident he would come out a mid-class devil.

All of the Low class devils were flooded into a room with a woman with long black hair and bored looking gray eyes. She had a cigarette in her hand and was wearing only a black tank top, black jeans, and black gloves. She looked like a beautiful biker girl that was eighteen.

"Take your seats and shut up" she said. Some of the students quickly too seats including Yusei but the others looked at the woman in dissatisfaction.

"Why do we have to listen to you?" one of the bolder or stupider low class devils said. "You're only a human" he said.




More and more devils began to sense her energy and were shocked to sense no demonic energy, only energy that resembled a human, not even a magician.

"You challenging me punk?" the woman said.

"What are you going to do to a big devil like-"

[Summon] before the stupid devil could react a magic sigil opened and out came a giant Cerberus right in front of the woman. "RRRROOOOAAARRRR" the devil looked at the giant three headed hell dog covered in flames with fear.

"I said sit the FUCK DOWN" the woman screamed. The remaining devils ran and took their seats. "You low class get dumber every year" she said. The woman then took another puff from her cigarette and blew it out. "My name is Komoe Tsukuyomi but you will all refer to me as Tsukuyomi-Sensi for the remainder of the test" she said.

One of the younger low class devils let out a shocked gasp "you're Komoe Tsukuyomi, the champion of the Beast Tamer Games three years in a row. You're known as the third strongest Monster Tamer in existence, only falling short to-"

*BANG* everyone practically jumped back as their instructor punched the wall leaving a small crater. "Never mention that name" she threatened.

The room then got quiet as everyone waited for Tsukuyomi to calm down. After taking a few puffs from her cigarette her face turned back to its natural color and she let out a sigh. "Today, you all will be taking the middle-class devil promotion exam. I am your instructor Tsukuyomi-Sensi. You will have ninety minutes to complete this written test. And then we will take a lunch break in the cafeteria and then take the second test. After that we will then have a one hour break for the third part of the test which is a fight. Any questions?"

Nobody said anything so Tsukuyomi started passing out the test and all the students got to work. Yusei looked down at his test to see there was only one question. "What is the meaning of aim and greed?" Yusei let out a sigh as he grabbed his pencil and began to write.

"Hey…hey kid?" Yusei turned around to see a teenager with spiky blue hair and blue eyes. "What are you writi-"

Before he could finish of all things a brick made contact with his face. "You're disqualified" Tsukuyomi said with an angry glare.

Yusei then turned back around shivering; you didn't want to piss this woman off.


Yusei let out a loud sigh. After three hours of exams a person could get worn out. Now he had to wait a hour for them to finish grading his exams in order for them to pick his opponent in the next round, he had no clue who it would be but he was hoping it was anybody but a bishop or former magician because he would get wiped out due to his lack of magic but in the best scenario, a knight he could sword fight with.

"Yusei Satan-Lucifer" Yusei turned around but was shocked to see it was the boy from yesterday, Sairaorg Bael. He was most likely a few years older than Yusei and he had spiky black hair with violet eyes.

"That's my name" Yusei said. Sona's words ranged into his head, if he went to the Devil's Pit she would annihilate him.

Sairaorg looked Yusei up and down with a smile. He wasn't very muscular and leaned more towards skinny with a little lean muscle. That and his sharp canines and black finger nails he looked weird, even for a devil.

"I have a proposition for you Yusei" Sairaorg then pulled out a evil piece. It had a violet hue to it, infused with Sairaorg's energy and when Yusei looked at it he realized what it was.

Yusei let out a laugh causing Sairaorg to cock his eyebrow in confusion. "What's funny?" he asked.

"You want me…to be your queen? A talentless devil from two old devil faction families and a human hybrid mother with no talents except basic sword skills. You would really waste such a special piece on me? You must be insane, no devil would want me in their peerage" Yusei said still laughing.

Sairaorg smiled "what you call talentless…I see potential. Besides, it would either take me this queen piece, two rooks, or eight pawns. You're special Yusei Satan-Lucifer"

Yusei looked up at Sairaorg in shock. "There's no way I'm that strong" Yusei said

Sairaorg nodded and smiled. "If you became my servant then you would become of the family Bael and you would have access to my clan and all it's resourced when I reclaim it back" Sairaorg offered.

Yusei thought about it for a second. If he said yes that means he wouldn't be known as Satan-Lucifer anymore, he would be known as Yusei Bael, the servant of the household Bael. "No thanks" Yusei said a cocky grin then spread across his face. "My dream is to rebuild my clans Satan and Lucifer. The only way I'm going to do this is by keeping my clans, so relinquishing my clans is out of the question." Yusei said.

Sairaorg nodded "I understand" Sairaorg then pocketed the evil piece. "Thank you for humoring me" he said. Sairaorg then left Yusei alone as he began his exit out of the building.

"Yusei Satan-Lucifer, your opponent has been chosen" an instructor said running towards Yusei.

Yusei looked up at the instructor and nodded before following the instructor to the stadium.


Yusei was led to the bottom of the stadium and he looked over at his opponent. A teen boy about his age with spiky auburn-reddish hair and green eyes. "You must be Yusei Satan-Lucifer" he said with a smile. The boy then looked up and Yusei followed surrounding them were the four great Maou, some devil children including Sairaorg, Rias, Sona, Lord Gremory, Venelana, and much, much, more. Even an old looking man with an elderly man with black hair and violet eyes.

"I just had to be the one to fight a celebrity" the boy said with a sigh. The boy then pulled out two swords. "My name is Kaneki Musashi, descendant of the legendary swordsmen Miyamoto Musashi the famous Ronin from Feudal Japan and writer of the swordsman book "The Book of Five Rings"." The boy said.

"Kaneki Musashi huh?" Yusei asked trying to remain confident.

"A mutation knight" the boy said with a smile.

Yusei nodded and held up his sword. "The Blackfyre, sword of sin?" the boy asked.

"They're no match for the two swords that belonged to my ancestor" Kaneki said with a grin.

"Who is your master?" Yusei asked.

"Kale Belphegor"

Yusei shook at the sound of that. He remembered Kale, that name was etched in his head ever since he attacked him that day at the mall.

"I'm going to defeat him one day" Yusei said.

Kaneki let out a laugh. "I am your opponent today" he said.

"Begin" Sirzechs said from on top. He scanned the crowd, even Ajuka had showed up, everyone wanted to watch Yusei Satan-Lucifer fight.

"HERE I GO" Kaneki wasted no time and began running towards Yusei his sword in hand. Yusei blocked the right one and quickly jumped over the second one before it could make contact with him.

'You better not lose to this…freak' Kale Belphegor thought angrily watching the fight from up top.

[Fire Style: Shuriken] Yusei looked up in shock to see a fire ball in the shape of a shuriken hurtling right towards him; before he could react the fire planted straight into his chest burning him to a high degree and caused him to fly back.

"I trained at the Ito ninja clan before becoming a devil, they taught me all sorts of fire style magic" Kaneki said with a smirk.

"YOU CAN BEAT HIM YUSEI" Rias encouraged from the top. Yusei quickly stood up with his Blackfyre demon sword gripped with both hands.

Kaneki smirked and went running straight towards Yusei with both swords ready. The first sword made contact with Yusei's and when Kaneki brought the second sword down Yusei easily dodged it and jumped into the air.

Yusei then flung back towards Kaneki and began wildly flying his blade around trying his hardest to cut Kaneki. Kaneki either dodged them or blocked them but nothing made contact.

Yusei quickly flipped over Kaneki's next attacked and brought his foot down on Kaneki's head making him fly back.

Kaneki smirked "that was pretty good" he said. Yusei wasted no time and began swinging his sword at Kaneki cutting him in multiple places. 'Impossible…did his speed increase?'

"Beat him Yusei" Rias said as Yusei continued his onslaught of sword slashes at Kaneki.

A black aura surrounded Kaneki but he then smirked before collapsing on the ground. "Wait…what was that?" Yusei asked in shock confusion.

Sirzechs stood up with a confused expression "the winner of the match is Yusei" Sirzechs said. Devils turned and looked at Kale who was fuming. Some of the devils thought this was fixed, everyone noticed the black aura around his body but judging by Kale's face…everyone knew this action didn't make a lot of sense.


"YUSEI" Yusei looked up to see both Rias and Sona running towards him, on Rias's face was a wide grin and on Sona's was a small smile.

"Congratulations on your fight, you'll get promoted for sure" Sona said.

"But…what was that?" Yusei asked.

"What was what?" they both asked in unison.

"I saw a black aura surround him before he collapsed, others saw it too. Why would he just fall like that?" Yusei asked.

Sona and Rias looked like they were in deep thought before shrugging their shoulders. "You should get back inside…they're going to announce who gets promoted"

Yusei nodded as he walked back into the building and towards the room where they would be given their results.

"YOU STUPID FUCK" Yusei paused and turned towards the yelling. He saw Kale standing over the boy, Kaneki who he had just fought and an angry glare on Kale's face but a emotionless expression on Kaneki's who had a trickle of blood running down his forehead. "How could you lose to that…that…freak? You embarrassed my damn family." Kale said angrily.

"It was a mistake" Kaneki said. "I overestimated how much energy I had so when I tried to use my were fox powers…I fainted" Kaneki said.

Kale glare turned harder. "You're the descendant of a hero swordsman and you're telling me you couldn't even tell how much energy you had left?" Kale said angrily.

Kaneki smiled which seemed to piss Kale off harder. "I'm done with a weakling like you" Kale said. A sigil then appeared under the two and they disappeared.

"Yusei…come join us" Yusei turned around to see his instructor Komoe Tsukuyomi and Grayfia both standing around a group of devils. Yusei quickly entered the room. "I am here to inform you that everyone in this room is now officially a middle-class devil. You have all proven yourselves through passing both your exams and by winning your fight at the end. With this new ranking you will all be allowed to choose a new title for yourselves from Baron, Baroness, Knight, and Dame." Grayfia informed the devils.

"That won't be necessary for you Yusei" a crimson sigil opened up and out stepped Sirzechs. "Lord Sirzechs" the devils in the room minus the human Komoe Tsukuyomi and Grayfia bowed to Sirzechs.

"Ahh, Komoe you're still here" Sirzechs said with a smile.

"I was just leaving" Komoe said impatiently she quickly turned her head from Sirzechs with frustration.

Yusei and some of the other low class devils were shocked by her attitude towards the devil king. "You've always been such a cute tsundere" Sirzechs said with a smile.

The girl pushed him in the chest but he didn't move back a inch "save it" she said as she began leaving through a magic sigil.

Sirzechs then held out a piece of paper. "Everyone beside Yusei, it is time for you to pick your new names. As Grayfia said you can choose from Knight or Baron" Sirzechs said. One of the devils took the paper and wrote down his new name. The other devils then followed and soon all of them had their new names.

Sirzechs then smiled "good, you are all now dismissed" Sirzechs said. The devils then began to clear the room until the only ones left were Yusei, Sirzechs, and Grayfia.

"Sirzechs-Sama, didn't I earn my promotion? Why are you not allowing me to receive them?" Yusei asked.

"Yes Sirzechs, he proved himself like everyone else. What is the meaning of this?" Grayfia asked.

Sirzechs smiled and pulled out a box and inside were evil pieces, except they haven't been activated yet. "I thought you wanted to be a king?" Sirzechs asked.

Yusei looked at the pieces in awe. "Yusei, I promised you that when you passed your promotion test, I would allow you to be promoted. Now I'm proud to anoint you a high-class devil" Sirzechs said. Yusei picked up one of the pieces with a smile on his face. "We'll have you activate them later, but now it's time for you to pick your new name." Sirzechs said. "How about Marquis?" Sirzechs offered.

Yusei frowned "Marquis? What about Prince? Or Duke?" Yusei asked.

Sirzechs raised one of his eyebrows "Yusei, those are Ultimate Class Devil names, you're only a high class devil" Sirzechs explained.

"Not for long…" Yusei said. "Give me a few months and I'll be Ultimate Class in no time" Yusei proclaimed. Sirzechs and Grayfia couldn't help but giggle at his optimism. "If that's your goal, the I know you can obtain it" Sirzechs said.


After being assigned his name Marquis Yusei returned back to the Gremory territory to rest. Yusei laid on top of his bed in the Gremory house. "Ok…now that I'm a high class devil…I need to get stronger…like Rias…well…she's a natural" Yusei said, a shiver went down his spine as he remembered something from a few days ago.

[Flashback] "Ok Rias" Lord Gremory said with a smile. Lord Gremory woke Yusei and Rias up early for an early morning training session. "Show me what you got" Lord Gremory said.

Rias smiled and nodded. [Power of DESTRUCTION] "AHHHH-Chooo" Rias sneezed as a giant blast of red and black energy escaped from her hands. The blast went straight through a valley of trees obliterating them all.

Lord Gremory and Yusei looked at the destruction Rias caused dumbfounded before turning back to her. "Oops…" Rias said letting out a nervous laugh.

[Flashback Ends] 'Rias can barely control her powers but she's strong as heck…I need a peerage with that kind of power. But Rias wouldn't give up her title like that'

"Hey…Hey Yusei…Yusei…are you awake?"

"Huh? Sairaorg?" Yusei turned to his window confused to see the older boy hanging on his window sill. Yusei slowly walked over to the window and opened it. "How did you get pass the Gremory's security?" Yusei asked.

"I'm encoded into the system…it automatically lets me in" Sairaorg said with pride. "So…what's up?" Sairaorg asked with a cool grin.

"What's up? Why are you encoded into the system? I understand you're Rias's cousin and all but…"

"Listen, I want you to come with me to find some servants. I'll explain to you my situation on the way there" Sairaorg said impatiently.

"Fine" Yusei said. "And what do you mean you're situation?"

~Scene Changer~

Sairaorg and Yusei made their way to the edge of Gremory territory. "If we go this way we'll make our way to a Extra Demon City." Sairaorg explained.

"Extra Demon City? Why would we go-"

"Hey look, it's the freak show…and he's with Sairaorg" the two boys turned around to see a grinning Kale with…a bloody hammer in his hand and behind him were two boys, Yusei instantly recognized one from the Barbotos family, he remembered him from his dad's memorial.

Sairaorg ignored Kale's remark and instead glared at the bloody hammer in his hand. "Why do you have that?" Sairaorg asked.

"I needed to blow off some steam" Kale said with a grin. "You're going to that Extra City too? Probably to kill off some extra to get over being so weak" Kale said with a laugh.

"If you believe me to be so weak, then fight me right now" Sairaorg said. The two boys behind him looked at Sairaorg in shock. He had to be crazy.

Kale didn't even react and instead started to laugh "all you have going for you is…well shit nothing" Kale said with a grin. Kale held up his other hand and a blue flame appeared in it "I would burn you alive" Kale said.

The two boys behind Kale then laughed as they followed Kale. Yusei turned to Sairaorg in confusion, he was from the Bael clan like them, and he was a high class devil like them, why would they not like them. Sairaorg then turned to Yusei with a smile "let's just get going" Sairaorg said.

"So where are we going?" Yusei asked tired and out of breath. The two had run practically two whole miles and when Yusei started to get tired they started walking.

"There" Sairaorg pointed to a city, except it didn't look high tech like it was designed by Ajuka with his new technology. The city looked like an old western city in the human world. And it looked deserted.

Yusei turned to Sairaorg in shock. The two hadn't run that far…there was no possible way they could be hear.

"Sorry but…" Sairaorg then busted out in laughter. "While we were running I used a sigil to bring us here." He explained.

"Yeah but why are we here?" Yusei asked not understanding the point of coming to a Extra Devil City.

"Just follow me…you'll understand in a moment" the two walked into the city and that's when Yusei realized the sky was purple here unlike in the regular cities that had switched the sky to mirror that of the human world to help the reincarnated devils cope. There was also an excess of metal scraps lying around.

"So…Sairaorg…" Yusei said timidly trying to make talk as the two walked.

"Yes?" he asked his new friend with a smile.

"Why do the Great King kids dislike you? I thought you were the heir to the Bael clan" Yusei asked.

Sairaorg smiled at his innocent. He didn't really know a lot about the clans albeit what Sona had mentioned, Rias preferred to keep him in the dark about those things. "I didn't inherit the Bael's Power of Destruction. So my inheritance passed over to my younger half-brother who did." He explained.

"Oh…I'm sorry" Yusei said, understanding what it was like to not have a clan, or power...

"My mother was scorned by the other devils and we lived in the countryside before she fell into a deep coma".

"I'm so sorry" Yusei said regretting bringing that up. Sairaorg noticed the tears forming in his eyes and laughed.

"It's ok; she made me promise her that I would get stronger in other ways, so I'm training my body to the upmost limit in order to defeat my brother and reclaim my inheritance" he exclaimed boldly.

'Wow…he's so cool' Yusei thought with a smirk as he walked.

"This place is called Satellite City, it's a common Extra Demon city" Sairaorg explained. "Right there".

Yusei looked forward shocked to see a girl suspended on a stake with nails in her legs and arms. "Who did this?" Yusei asked. Sairaorg was shocked that Yusei ran over to her quickly and started pulling out the nails to help the girl down.

"You are one interesting person…Yusei Satan Lucifer" he whispered to himself, Sairaorg quickly ran over and helped pulled the nails down.

The girl was screaming in pain with each nail they pulled out. There was a total of fifty-two nails the girl also had marks on her skin like someone had tossed stones on her and she was bleeding.

"What do we do? Should we look for help?" Yusei asked.

"No need" Sairaorg then pulled out a small bottle and poured a liquid over the girl and she was instantly healed.

"What is that?" Yusei asked in shock.

"They're called Phenex Tears; they're the best medicine the devil faction has. If they can't heal then nothing can".

The girl quickly stirred awake, Yusei didn't notice at first but she was very beautiful with long blonde hair in a ponytail but was dressed in rags. "Hello, are you ok?" Yusei asked.

The girl opened her eyes and quickly pushed Yusei away and started running. "Wait…we're the ones who helped you" Yusei shouted as he chased after her.

The girl stopped and turned to face the two. "You're devils from the 72 pillars, your faction is the one who did this to me" she said angrily.

"We're sorry about that…but we just want to help you and know who hurt you" Yusei pleaded.

"It was a group of kids from the Great King faction, one of them was named Kale Belphegor" the girl said.

Yusei was shocked, he knew Kale was a jerk but he didn't know that he would go this far due to some unnecessary blind hatred. "What is your name?" Sairaorg asked with a smile.

"My name is Kuisha from the Extra Demon clan Abaddon" she said.

"My name is Sairaorg Bael and this is Yusei Satan Lucifer" Sairaorg introduced the two.

The girl froze in shock. "Satan? As in the only devil to ever be on par with the true God? That Satan is your ancestor?" Kuisha asked in shock.

"Yes…" Yusei said, only being reminded of how he must've let people down when they sensed his demonic energy.

"Kuisha Abaddon, I wish for you to become my queen" Sairaorg said holding up the queen piece.

"Why would the heir to the Bael clan want with a useless coward that ran away during the Great War?" Kuisha asked angrily.

"You didn't do that…your grandparents or great grandparents did that…I don't think you should punish yourself for something they did" Sairaorg answered. "Besides I'm not the clan heir until I defeat my younger brother".

Kuisha stared at Sairaorg in shock finally recognizing him, as the son who didn't inherit the Power of Destruction. "Why should I trust someone who couldn't even use their clan's ability?" she asked with a condescending tone.

"Give me a chance and I will make it worth your while" Sairaorg said with a smirk holding up the queen piece.

Her choice was to either rot in this Extra Demon City…wait for the Great King faction to come attack her again…or to join up with a devil from the 72 Pillar and denounce her clan to become Bael. "Deal…I never cared much about my clan anyways" she said crossing her arms.

Sairaorg smirked as he slowly walked over to the girl and placed the queen piece on her forehead. "I Sairaorg Bael, wish to reincarnate Kuisha Abaddon as my Queen. May she be resurrected as a member of my clan and prosper from now, and for years to come" after reciting the chant Kuisha's body began to glow a bright red color as the Bael sigil appeared on her body when it died down Sairaorg was holding the unconscious girl in his arm.

"When you resurrect someone your energy becomes theirs and this will most likely knock them out. So it's important that you make sure to catch them if they do" Sairaorg explained to Yusei, this was his first time seeing someone be resurrected and it was kind of amazing to watch.

Sairaorg then took Kuisha to his house in the country side and then threw a bath for her. "Take all the time you need Kuisha" Sairaorg said with a smile.

Kuisha looked at Sairaorg and the grin on his face. She smiled back "thank you" she said. Sairaorg nodded and closed the door.

"You hungry?" Sairaorg asked. Yusei shook his head so Sairaorg simply joined Yusei who was sitting on the other side of his bed.

"You ok?" Sairaorg asked.

"Why would they do that to her? She's a devil too? Why would they hurt their own kind like that?" Yusei asked.

Sairaorg smiled at his innocent friend. "What do you know about the 72 Pillars and Extra Demons?" Sairaorg asked.

"The Extra Demons are devil clans not written in the original 72 pillars and some are devil clans with human ancestry" Yusei said.

"What do you know about the Belphegor clan?" Sairaorg asked.

Yusei frowned in anger "that's Kale's clan" Yusei answered. Realization then hit him "Belphegor isn't from the 72 pillars…so how does Kale's family hold the ranking of King?" Yusei asked. "Isn't his family technically a Extra demon?" Yusei asked.

Sairaorg let out a sigh "yes…and no" Sairaorg answered. "Do you know of the Civil Wars between the Old Maou Faction, the current government, and how the extra demons, and the 72 pillars played a role?" Sairaorg asked.

Sairaorg then let out a sigh at Yusei's confused expression. "What was even on that promotion test?" he asked. "The Old Maou faction made up of all the descendants of the original Maou from the families Satan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Mammon and…Belphegor. The Old Maou Faction using the Extra Demons waged war against the 72 Pillars and the current Maou government. Surprisingly the Belphegor Clan split in two. Half, Kale's family half joined the 72 Pillars meanwhile the other half sided with the Old Maou Faction. The current government started winning the war so the Extra Demon families left the battle and split from both governments. During the conclusion of the civil war, the remaining Old Maou faction went into hiding" Sairaorg explained.

"So Belphegor's family…later gained the name of King, meanwhile the other half is…Extra Demons?" Yusei asked.

Sairaorg shook his head with a sad expression "Kale's clan, the New Belphegor's, annihilated the Extra Demon half that sided with the Old Maou Faction. His clan is the only Belphegor. Kale hates that history, which is why he hates Extra demons. And most of the older devils see Extra demons as cowards who fled from battle. Which is why the 72 Pillars don't really care for them" Sairaorg explained.

Yusei let out a sigh before collapsing on the bed. "So much history" Yusei said with a whine. Sairaorg smiled and patted Yusei on the head. "Come on…there's one more place I want to show you" Sairaorg said.

After Sairaorg gave Kuisha a room to sleep in, the two boys left. "Yusei…what happens to low class devils when their masters die?" Yusei turned to Sairaorg in shock and confusion.

"They're devils…so aren't they citizens like the rest of us?" Yusei asked, they were still their race and people…there had to be some rights for them.

Sairaorg sadly shook his head. "There are only four options for low class devils who lost their masters- Number one, they get a new master and become a member of their family, Number two, they get married off to a high class devil, although this is very rare, Number three, they become stray devils and take their chances always having to run, or number four,-"

Yusei looked at Sairaorg who had paused. "What's number four" Yusei asked staring at the giant building Sairaorg was staring at.

"They end up here". Yusei could feel there was something off about this place-there was a metal gate surrounding the long, tall building, and were guards in the front.

"What brings you two here?" one of the guards asked glaring at the two. When he recognized Yusei he started to chuckle. "Did the Gremory's finally decide to ditch him?"

Sairaorg frowned, offended for Yusei. "When the Gremory's say they will do something they don't go back on that promise and they definitely wouldn't go back on watching Yusei. I'm here to recruit someone".

The guard nodded and let the two boys through. Yusei looked around there were rows, after rows, after rows of metal jail like cells…and there were people inside of them.

"What…is this?" Yusei asked in both horror and shock. He looked in one of the cages to see a crying little girl with silver hair and gray eyes playing with a doll.

"This is where they keep the excess low class devils. They are kept here unless someone recruits them as servants." Sairaorg explained. Yusei kept looking at all of them and could tell that by their pleading eyes they were desperate to leave…this place must've been hell.

"How could Sirzechs-Sama allow something like this?" Yusei asked disgusted.

"The Great King Faction wanted for them to be killed. The Maou actually came up with this plan to save their lives but since there isn't that much opposition or money to get them transferred then they practically sit here and rot" Sairaorg answered.

"I'm going to fix this place" Yusei whispered.

Sairaorg smiled at that "I wish you the best and I hope to aid you in your goal" he answered.

"Oh Sairaorg Bael, to what do I owe this honor?" Yusei was taken aback by the man's appearance. He was muscular and bulky, covered in multiple scars and had an eye patch over his right eye with spiky brown hair and a monkey tail.

"Yusei, this is Monk Gyatso, he's the head leader in charge of watching this place. His goal is to raise more money so he can get the devils moved to a better land where they can live normal lives" Sairaorg said.

"It's an honor to meet you" Yusei said bowing to the man.

"I'm no hero or political figure or anything…I'm just trying to help these people but with no money it's seemingly impossible." Monk Gyatso answered with a heavy sigh.

"I'm looking for a knight" Sairaorg said. Monk Gyatso then pulled out a tablet and scrolled through it until his eyes lay on a boy who was the same age as Sairaorg with blonde hair wearing light armor.

"How about this kid?" Monk Gyatso said. "He's new, only been in here for a few weeks. He's a devil with human ancestry and possesses a sacred gear. With no parents or anyone to take care of him he was brought here".

Sairaorg looked at the tablet and smiled. "He would be perfect". The two were then brought to a cell where a boy was sleeping lazily on the bed.

"What do you want old man?" the boy asked with a annoyed sigh.

"Liban Crocell, I have someone who would like to recruit you as a servant. His name is Sairaorg Bael" Monk Gyatso said to the boy kindly.

"Fine, whateves" Liban said standing up. He looked Sairaorg and Yusei up and down. "I accept whoever you are" Liban said not knowing which one of them was Sairaorg.

"You accept that quickly?" Sairaorg asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It's either join a peerage or rot in this hell hole. Which seems to be the better option to you?" he asked shrugging his shoulders.

Sairaorg pulled out a knight evil piece and after saying the chant he acquired his second piece for the day.

"Come on Yusei" Sairaorg said. He then turned to Yusei and was concerned by the look of horror on his face. Sairaorg met Yusei's eyes and was equally as shocked but not surprised by what he saw.

Yusei recognized the boy, the boy who he had just fought a few hours ago. His spiky auburn hair, which now had blood stained on it, and those green eyes, one of his eyes was also swollen now. He was sitting inside one of the cages with a bored expression on his face.

The boy turned and was shocked to see Yusei but he smiled. "Yo Satan-Lucifer what's up" Kaneki, the boy said with a grin.

"Wh-What happened to you?" Yusei asked running towards the cage.

"Well…after losing that fight Kale decided he didn't want me anymore, so I ended up in here" Kaneki said with a grin before yawning. "It's a real bore in here; I was hoping they at least had some games".

Yusei felt tears well up in his eyes, it was his fault he was here, he was the one who had defeated him.

"What's your deal dude?" Kaneki asked with what seemed like a annoyed tone.

"I'm…sorry I did this to you" Yusei said.

Kaneki rolled his eyes "it's not your fault Kale's a dick. Besides, things are pretty ok in here I guess. Three meals, the food pretty nice" he said.

Yusei turned to Sairaorg who had a sad expression on his face. "Yusei, neither of us have a mutation knight, I'm sorry" Sairaorg said, sad for Yusei.

Yusei clenched his fists in anger "I'm going to get you out of here" Yusei said.

"Yeah whatever, don't hurt yourself I guess" Kaneki then let out a loud yawn. "I'm going to sleep" he said before collapsing on the bed in his cell.

Sairaorg and Yusei left, going back to the Gremory resident. "That boy…" Yusei turned to Sairaorg in shock. "He's a were-fox and vampire, I sensed his energy" Sairaorg admitted. "He has human ancestry…probably on his vampire side but his were-fox side was of pure royal wolf blood" Sairaorg explained.

Yusei looked at Sairaorg in confusion. "You could tell all that from his scent?" Yusei asked in confusion.

Sairaorg let out a laugh "My mother was from the Vapula, lion taming family. You learn to sense these things" Sairaorg said with a smile. "Well thanks for humoring me" he said.

"Yusei?" the two turned around to see Rias angrily running towards them. "How could you just leave" Rias hit Yusei on top of his head.

"Ouch Rias, that's not cool" Yusei said.

"Where were you anyways? And why do you have an unconscious boy in your arms?" Rias asked.

Sairaorg smiled at his cousin "this is my new Knight, Liban Crocell" Sairaorg said motioning towards the unconscious boy.

Rias's face fumed up "you have a new knight…where did you even find him?" Rias asked.

"At the compound" Sairaorg answered.

Rias's face turned serious as she glared at Sairaorg. "I don't want you taking Yusei to such places" Rias said grabbing Yusei's arm. "Come on Yusei, it's time to sleep" Rias said in a neutral and emotionless tone. Yusei was confused but followed her inside the house, Rias then closed the door on Sairaorg.

"Rias…what's wrong?" Yusei asked.

Rias wrapped her arms around Yusei to his confusion. "I'm sorry…you had to see such place. That place is bad and I hope you don't go there ever again" Rias said. Yusei hugged her back confused by her serious attitude. Rias then let him go and her bright smile was back on her face "now let's go to bed" she said.


Yusei was in his bed asleep and the next second he woke up in a forest with a girl with long black hair and violet eyes wearing a Lolita standing right beside him. "What is this place?" Yusei asked a bit annoyed.

"This is the Spirit World, it exists on a different plane of existence parallel to Heaven and the Underworld" the girl said.

"Who are you?" Yusei said, he remembered this girl in another dream, multiple dreams actually.

"I am Ophis" she said.

"I don't believe you, there's no way you're the dragon God" Yusei said firmly. The girl turned to Yusei.

"My name is Ophis, and I am the Dragon God" she said. Her feet then lifted into the air as she started to levitate. "Come, there is one you must meet" she said.

"Who?" Yusei asked running after her, he couldn't fly yet so all he had to rely on was chasing after the girl who called herself Ophis.

"You need to meet the true spirit" she said.


"Yusei…Yusei…Yusei WAKE UP"

Yusei opened his eyes and angrily glared at his sister. "Why did you wake me up?" Yusei asked frustrated.

"It's Sona…someone broke into her house" Rias said.

~A Few Minutes Ago~

"Sona-Sama" Sona looked up to see her butler.

"Yeah…what is it?" Sona asked looking away from her book.

"Someone broke into your territory. We have reasons to believe them to be a grim reaper and both your parents left for the night. The intruder already knocked out three guards" the butler said.

Sona wasted no time and quickly left her mansion. She could hear where all the commotion was coming from and she arrived in front of a giant locked building where someone was angrily trying to break through it with a scythe.

Sona looked around and what she saw was multiple of her family servants and guards knocked out. Sona angrily looked up at the girl. "And what do you think you're doing?" Sona asked. "That's my family vault; do you honestly think I'm going to allow you to come in there?"

The person angrily turned around and glared at Sona, all Sona could see was a skull mask but the person was about the same height as Sona. The person wasted no time and charged Sona with her scythe. "Die"

"They're fast" Sona said moving out of the way of the strike. Sona then created a shield of ice and blocked another cut before it could make contact with her.

Sona then started shooting blasts of water at the person. The person quickly dodged all the attacked.

[Water Dragon] Sona created a giant dragon of water in her hands and thrust it at them and the water dragon made contacts and pushed them to the ground.

The person quickly got up a ring of fire forming around her. "You think that was enough to defeat me?" a deep voice said.

[Power of Destruction] a tiny blast of black and crimson energy shot at the thief causing them to fly into the vault and bust the doors wide open.

Sona angrily turned to see Rias and Yusei standing there. "We're here to help you Sona" Rias said.

"You just helped the THIEF break into my family vault you idiot" Sona said angrily.

"I was just trying to help" Rias said with her head down.

"And you" Sona said pointing to Yusei. "We are starting your magic training tomorrow; this is no time to be worrying about a thief. GO TO BED" Sona said.

"With pleasure" Yusei said back he then opened a magic sigil to be teleported back into his home.

Sona and Rias turned towards the vault and were surprised to see three identical people all with scythes in their hands.

"Is this some type of shadow clone technique?" Sona asked in confusion.

"Come on Sona, we can beat them" Rias said putting her fists up. Sona sigh and the three reappears charged them.

[Power of Destruction]

"Rias we're not trying to kill them." But it was too late as the blast of red and black energy went hurting towards the three reapers. To Sona's and Rias's surprise the three disappeared into smoke.

"AHHH" the two looked up to see the reaper hurtling rights towards them.

[Lightning] Sona shot a blast of lightning but the thief blocked it with their scythe.

"That's enough out of you" the thief and reaper then went flying right back into the vault.

"G-G-Grayfia-Sama" the two girls said in shock.

"Are you both alright?" Grayfia asked. She had just slapped the thief and they went flying into the vault.

"Yeah, we're fine" Sona said. Grayfia nodded as an aura of magic surrounded her. She then quickly ran into the vault and came out with the thief in her hands. Grayfia took off the mask.

"She's our age?" Sona asked in confusion.

"LET ME GO" the girl screamed trying to break out of Grayfia's grip. Grayfia was also surprised. She was a beautiful looking girl with shoulder length dirty blonde hair and dark red eyes.

"I have the thief, I will take her to Sirzechs, you two should get back to bed and I'll worry about cleaning up here" Grayfia said.

"Wow Grayfia-Sama is so cool" Rias said in awe. Sona smiled, equally as impressed as Sona but Sona was also confused, why would a girl so young want to break into her family's vault?

"FASTER YUSEI, FASTER WEEEEEE" Rias shouted. Sona and Rias decided the best way to build Yusei's strength and endurance at the same time was to have him pull a heavy wagon, with both of them on it.

"Yusei…the only way you're going to learn magic is by pushing your body to the limit" Rias explained.

"Rias, I think Yusei needs some motivation" Sona said. Sona then extended her hands and suddenly blasts of lightning started shooting towards Yusei.

"You both are insane" Yusei screamed as he continued running for his life. Sona and Rias laughed as Yusei dodged the lightning blasts while still running at full speed.

"1-2-1-2-1-2" Yusei continued as he continued to do push-ups. His hair was a mess and he was covered in bruise marks. "These two girls are sadists" Yusei said as he continued to do push-ups with Rias on his back.

'I have to get stronger…I promised to free Kaneki from that prison' Yusei thought with determination as he did more push-ups.

"Sona, we need more weight" Rias shouted. Sona then came back with a boulder and put it on Yusei's back. Sona then jumped on the boulder. Yusei finally couldn't take it anymore and fell to the ground.

"You failed" Sona said shocking Yusei with a blast of lightning.

"They're going to kill me" Yusei said to himself.

"Yusei, you have an opponent on the left and an opponent coming from the right, what are you going to do" Sona said. Rias and Sona then started running towards Yusei both from opposite directions.

Yusei quickly jumped into the air. "WRONG" Sona shouted throwing a blast of lightning at Yusei.


"If you jump in the air then you leave yourself open for magical attacks unless you're able to block them" Sona said.

"Yes Yusei, even I knew that was a bad move" Rias said.

'I don't want any more training….' Yusei thought to himself.

"Yusei this is Kyo Dantalion, you remember meeting him at the mall a few days ago?" Rias asked with a smile.

Yusei nodded "good…because today he will be your sword instructor" Sona said.

"Wait…what about Souji-Sama?" Yusei asked.

"He's busy" Rias said with a smile. "It will be good for you to fight someone different, seeing as they will use a different strategy" Rias said.

"Can you stop blabbing Rias or can we start?" Kyo said with a annoyed sigh.

"Dantalion, don't be so rude to me" Rias said angrily.

"Begin" Sona said. Yusei wasted no time and charged Kyo.

'Wow this is sad' Kyo quickly jumped in the air before throwing his foot down on Yusei's head. Yusei then fell back to the ground.

"Wow…that was sad dude" Kyo said.

Yusei quickly rolled over and then brought his sword on Kyo's stomach.

"Wow impressive" Kyo said with a smile looking at the cut on his stomach. "But can you handle this?" A magic sigil appeared in Kyo's hand.

Rias's eyes widened in shock "No Kyo, this is supposed to be a sword fi-"

[Dark Lightning]


"I was shocked…beaten multiple times…humiliated…I just want to stay and here and go to sleep" Yusei said with a sigh lowering his head into the hot tub.

Yusei then heard the door open and looked up to see it was Sona and Rias in their bathing suits.

"Training's over" Yusei said plainly giving them both death glares.

"Yusei…I know today hasn't been a nice day for you but you have gotten a little bit stronger…and we still have to do your magic training" Sona said calmly.

"And this hot tub will help you" Rias said with a smile jumping in and splashing water on Yusei's face. "Hold your hands out" Rias commanded holding hers out.

"Rias…I don't want-"a ball of lightning then formed in Sona's hand and Yusei complied putting both his hands in front of him.

"Now…concentrate energy" Rias said. Yusei closed his eyes and imagined energy forming in his hands but nothing happened. After a few minutes nothing happened and Yusei opened his eyes.

"Why is it not working?" Rias asked.

"Most devils are able to conjure magic easily, why is it so hard for you?" Sona asked.

"Because you both are doing it wrong" the three children turned to the door to see a smiling Lord Gremory. "You forget Yusei is part human, things that work for pure blooded devils won't work for him" Lord Gremory explained. "Focus the magic to your palm and then give it a physical form as a ball of magic".

Yusei nodded before closing his eyes, it was hard for him to concentrate with Rias shouting "you can do it" but Yusei blocked out her yelling and concentrated on creating the ball.

Yusei kept his eyes closed but nothing was happening and after two minutes Lord Gremory decided to try another tactic.

"Think of the Strongest Being in the Universe" Lord Gremory said with a smirk. 'Child will probably think of me. Such a cute innocent kid'.

Yusei had gotten into manga ever since he came to the Underworld and he knew one who he had on his mind for the longest time. "Goku" Yusei said as a grin spread across his face.

"Ok…besides Goku…name the second strongest" Lord Gremory said trying to fix his pride.

"Vegeta?" Lord Gremory did a face fault collapsing to the ground. "Third and say someone that's real" Lord Gremory said ticked off.


"YOU SAID SIRZECHS BEFORE ME?" Lord Gremory shouted.

"Dad calm down" Rias said tugging on her father's arm.

Suddenly a black ball of energy started to form in Yusei's hand. Lord Gremory and Rias looked in shock as it formed into a black sphere.

"A…sphere?" Rias asked in confusion.

Lord Gremory looked at the sphere in both shock and astonishment "the Power of Unholy Darkness…the Devil God's Satan strongest ability" Lord Gremory said in shock as he stared at the sphere of black energy.

The two kids looked at Lord Gremory in shock. "Do you kids know what angels and fallen angels use as their primary weapon?" he asked.

Rias and Yusei looked at each other. "Angels use Light weapons right?" Rias said.

"They can create weapons out of light" Sona said.

"And fallen angels too" Yusei added.

"Right" Lord Gremory confirmed. "Now the Devil God Satan and his blood line used just the opposite, they use Unholy or Dark light."

"Dark Light?" Rias asked.

Lord Gremory nodded his head and smiled. "It's one of the greatest devil ability. The ability to create objects out of Unholy Dark light, it's very fatal to our natural enemies the angels and fallen angels which is why it's one of the strongest abilities. And Yusei, you possess it" Lord Gremory said with pride towards his adoptive son.

"Great…" Yusei said, he was glad but felt a little sad. Now he possessed something that would make him an even bigger prize but now he had something he could use.

"You learn magic, just like your mother" Lord Gremory said with a smile before walking away.

'Kaneki…I promise to free you from that place' Yusei thought with a smile. Yusei then thought of Kale and the other King Faction kids that made fun of him and Sairaorg yesterday, he then thought of what he did to Kuisha "and Kale...I promise I'll defeat you'

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