Life 4 of The Trihexa King's Rebirth

A/N: A few months after Life 3

Life 4 The Rating Game School Edit

"How about her, she's from the house of Eligos, she's strong, capable, and she's pretty beautiful" Dante said with a grin.

Yusei looked at her picture and let out a sigh. "No thanks"

Dante looked at Yusei and shut off the computer screen. "What's the matter with you boy? You just received your evil pieces yesterday; most kids your age would be excited about this."

"Nothing…it's just, I was hoping to have someone in my peerage…but I don't have the power for them. I just needed a mutation piece.

~Flashback: Yesterday~

"Rias…Venelana-Sama…Lord Gremory?" Ichiro shouted as he entered the front door of the mansion.

"When are you going to start calling me mom?" Ichiro entered the living room to see Lord Gremory, Sirzechs, and Venelana standing over a crying Rias.

"Rias…what's wrong?" Yusei asked with concern running to his older step sister.

"I'm sorry Rias…but that's just the way it is" Lord Gremory said.

"What's going on?"

"Why?" Rias said through chocked tears.

"Why what?" Yusei asked.

"If you love a girl…why would you ever do this to her?" Rias then held up a picture diagram of a man and woman being intimate…

"Oh my" Venelana said quickly grabbing Yusei and embracing him in a hug away from the picture.

"Rias…that's how babies are born" Venelana said with a smile.

"NOOOO IT CAN'T BE TRUE. BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL AND PURE…THEY CAN'T BE BORN FROM THAT" Rias screamed running to her room and slamming the door shut.

"Rias sweetie…come back" Venelana shouted chasing after her daughter.

Lord Gremory then let out a sigh. "That girl just lost her innocence in twenty seconds".

"I guess a picture wasn't the best way to tell her" Sirzechs said. The two men then looked at each other and laughed at Rias's crushed innocence.

"So why are you here Sirzechs-Sama?" Yusei asked with a smile.

"When are you going to start calling me Onee-San?" Sirzechs asked playfully.

Yusei's cheeks then turned red "it would be a bit awkward…" Yusei said.

Sirzechs laughed before pulling out a metal box, he opened it to reveal black chess pieces.

'Are those…unused evil pieces?' Yusei thought with a smile.

"Yusei, how do you plan to repopulate your clan?" Lord Gremory asked.

"By…using my evil pieces to reincarnate other beings into devils so they inherit my name" Yusei answered calmly.

"Yes but…what about your blood?" Lord Gremory asked. Yusei raised an eye brow nervously knowing exactly where this conversation was headed. "You do want blood relatives so you can have children that will inherit your powers right?"

"Yeah but…I don't really even know my power yet" Yusei replied.

"Well when you do…you will want children so they can pass on your family's techniques. This is the sure fire way to keep your clan's powers alive." Sirzechs explained.

"Boy, do you know what a harem is?" Lord Gremory asked bluntly.

"No…" Yusei said innocently. The two men then smirked at Yusei ready to crush his innocent just like they did Rias.





"I'm never going to let you talk to another boy again Rias" Yusei said with comical tears in his eyes.

"Promise me, you will never do those things to a girl" Rias said with comical tears falling from her eyes. The three adults simply watched the two children huddle together embracing each other in a hug.

A bead of sweat fell off the three adult's foreheads as they waited a couple of minutes for the two children to get over it.

"Yusei…I would like to present you your new evil pieces" Sirzechs said showing the boy the metal box.

Yusei smiled and excitedly picked up one of the evil pieces, the knight piece. 'All I need is a mutation knight piece and I'll be able to free Kaneki'. It was black and it had no glowing energy around it meaning it hasn't even been activated yet.

"I already have my evil pieces ready for me. But I'm not allowed to use them yet" Rias explained.

"Now, put your hands out and transfer your demonic energy to the pieces" Sirzechs said holding the box in front of Yusei.

Yusei looked around at all the smiling faces and decided to comply. Yusei closed his eyes and focused magic energy into the evil pieces. He didn't have a lot but he had enough.

"Well I think that's all it takes" Sirzechs said with a smile. He turned to his parents but was surprised by the looks of horrors. Sirzechs quickly turned to Yusei to see him bleeding out of his mouth and eyes.

"Yusei what's wrong?" Rias asked running to her adoptive brother. Yusei then collapsed to the ground in front of everyone.




Yusei opened his eyes and realized he was in a hospital room lying on the bed. Yusei let out a groan before turning to a chair to see Rias sleeping peacefully.

"She didn't want to leave you alone" Sirzechs said with a smile. "Glad you're ok".

"What…happened Sirzechs?" Yusei asked letting out a groan of pain.

Sirzechs chuckled before holding out the metal box of evil pieces. "For some reason your body acted…differently to them". Yusei looked at the pieces to see they were a glowing red and black color.

"Most evil pieces only glow one color, this is very rare" Sirzechs said with a smile.

Yusei excitedly picked up his knight pieces. "Are any of my knight pieces mutation?" Yusei asked.

Sirzechs looked at Yusei "no…but you do have a whole set of mutation pawns and even a mutation queen"

"Woah those are the hardest ones" Rias said excitedly waking up from her nap. "Is Yusei-Chan really that strong?"

Yusei angrily tossed the knight piece to the wall to the shock of the two Gremory devils. "I made a promise to free him…I just needed a mutation knight"


"Yusei…" Dante looked at his former master's son with a sad expression. "The mutation pieces aren't chosen at random. They were given to each person for a reason; you can't will a mutation piece to yourself. You'll just have to wait"

"Ok" Yusei said. He then grabbed his bag. "Lady Venelana and Lord Gremory wanted me to meet them at the mansion. They said there's someone for me to meet"

Dante then snickered to the confusion of Yusei "have fun" he said. Yusei nodded and disappeared in a magic sigil.


Yusei let out a bored sigh, he had just finished up another interview with a heiress and he was tired. Yusei sat on the couch, exhausted and tired. He had finished an interview with yet another clan heiress and he was sick of talking to all the people. "Why does Lord Gremory want me to talk to all these girls?" Yusei asked with a sigh.

"He's not very bright" Sona said plainly.

"Don't be so rude sweetie" Lady Sitri said scolding her daughter.

'I can't believe they're trying to pawn off my sweet little brother' Rias said angrily with her arms crossed.

"Isn't your boy attending the Rating Game School with our daughters?" Lord Sitri said flashing Yusei a small smile.

He was a man that looked to be in his early 20s with long black hair, he would look like he was in his early teens if it wasn't for the goatee he had that matches Lord Gremory's.

"Yes, he starts today" Lord Gremory said smiling at Yusei. Yusei was glad that the family he got stuck with actually cared about other people and their servants. Most devils were too stuck up and looked down upon someone like Yusei who is considered an extra demon.

The two biggest exceptions were the Gremory and Sitri family. Yusei had learned a lot in this week living with the Gremory's. Sona made sure he learned who the top three in the Rating Games were, how her family was famous for their advanced hospitals, and how Gremory's were famous for their powerful demonic energy even without the Power of Destruction.

"Rias, did you explain the Arcade Games to Yusei?" Sona asked her best friend.

"Oh right…I forgot" Rias said putting her hands on her head.

Sona's face turned red as she glared at Rias. "How could you forget to explain one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT A RATING GAME SCHOOL TO HIM YOU IDIOT" Sona screamed angrily.

"Sweetie calm down" Lady Sitri said with a laugh. She was a woman who looked the same age as Venelana with long pink hair and a blue eyes, it was obvious Serafall got her cheery personality from her…sadly it skipped Sona.

"Owwie, I'm sorry I forgot because we spent the week training" Rias said with a sad expression.

Yusei smiled at the two. He had spent the whole week going over basic hand to hand combat abilities with Rias. They were basic but they would allow him to defend himself a little…Lord Gremory said he should wait before going to magic.

"Well since, we're here, how about you teach him sweet heart?" Lord Sitri said with a smile.

Sona then cleared her throat "Arcade Games, are challenges that we young devils have to engage in. We either fight against other pure blooded devils or survive obstacle courses filled with monsters as a way to gain popularity and to raise your class score." Sona explained.

Really?" Yusei asked kind of nervous. Sona and Rias were both power houses…without any magic Yusei felt like he would just be insignificant and weak.

"Unlike a normal school the Rating Game School is used as a way to teach you younger devils what Rating Games feel like and to gain you respect and popularity among us older devils while you're still young" Lord Sitri explained.

"Do you think that you have what it takes?" Lord Gremory asked with a smile.

"Yes" Yusei said without hesitation.

"Well, you four should start heading off to school now" Venelana said with a smile.

"Oh right, Yusei" Lord Gremory said catching the young boy's attention. "There's someone we would like for you to walk with" the front door opened and inside came a small girl with long shiny blonde hair, and platinum colored eyes. She was wearing a very noble looking silver and red dress and had glasses on her face.

Sona and Rias both raised their eyebrows suspiciously at Lord Gremory who let out a nervous laugh. "This is Seekvaira Agares; she is the younger twin sister of your friend Marcellus" Lord Gremory introduced.

"It's a pleasure to meet the famous Yusei Satan Lucifer, I heard a lot of stories about your father" she said bowing.

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you too" Yusei said bowing back. He was the only one of the two children who didn't understand the set up but he thought the new girl looked very pretty.

"Rias, Sona, you two should start heading to school" Lord Gremory and Sitri said in unison.

"I want to stay and watch the show" Rias said crossing her arms stubbornly. 'They're trying to pawn off my Yusei to some random…I'm too old to know that word'.

"Now Rias" Lord Gremory and Venelana said in unison glaring at their daughter.

"Fine" Rias said with a annoyed sigh, she then grab Sona's hand and the two ran out of the house and started making their way towards the Rating Game school. "SEE YOU LATER YUSEI and be careful" Rias said before leaving.

Seekvaira looked Yusei up and down. He was wearing a plain black t-shirt with a pair of black jeans, red gym shoes, and the white, blue, and green ear flap hat (that resembles Yukine's from Noragami).

He looked like a normal human kid. "We were hoping you would like to pursue a relationship with Seekvaira here" Lord Gremory said with a nervous laugh causing Venelana to shoot him a small glare.

"Sure" Yusei said with a smile.

"Really?" the four said in unison.

"Yeah, I want to have a lot of friends. I'm ok with Seekvaira being one of them" Yusei said with a smile.

"That's not exactly what we-"Lord Gremory was cut off by Venelana putting her hand over his mouth.

"That's great…we hope you guys have a lot of fun together" Venelana said. "Well off to school" she said to the two kids.

"Can't we just use a magic portal?" Yusei asked wondering why Rias and Sona didn't use one.

"Nope" Venelana said with a smile. "The school is the one place that's enhanced so you can only use magic if the teachers and instructors allow it so sorry you guys will have to stick to walking".

"Great, shall we leave together Yusei?" Seekvaira asked him with a small smile. Yusei nodded and the two left out together.

After the two left Lord and Lady Sitri, and Venelana glared at Lord Gremory. "What?" he asked with a nervous smile.

"Real subtle" Lord Sitri said with a sigh.

"We don't want to rush things on him, we need for him to want to make the decision on his own" Venelana said with a unusual serious expression.

"I know it's just…" Lord Gremory let out a sigh. "If his power matches his dad he's nothing but a prize for every daughter around his age. Other families will go to extremely great lengths in order to have him. I would rather he be married to one who is close to both our families so we can know there's no ulterior motives for wanting him".

"I know…but it's best we not force the boy. We should let him make friends and see how things go" Lady Sitri said.

[Yusei and Seekvaria]

"So what are your hobbies?" Yusei asked. The two were walking in complete silence so Yusei thought it was best to make conversation. Yusei didn't understand why but instead of the glares he usually received from strangers he was now getting smirks and smiles of approval.

"I like anime…my favorite is Dragon Ball Z and Code Geass".

"I like dragon ball Z, I like when Goku defeated Freiza by turning into a Super Saiyan" Yusei then mimicked his scream by shouting and pretending energy was surrounding around him. Seekvaira started giggling at his cute expression.

'I can't believe there's another noble as nice as Rias and Sona' Yusei thought happily as the two continued walking.

"Come on we're going to be late if we don't-"Yusei stopped dead in his track by bumping into another person causing the both of them to fall to the ground.

"What the hell?" the person said angrily before grabbing Yusei by the collar of his shirt. "You think that was cool?" he asked angrily as sparks of yellow lightning began dancing around him.

"Kale, let him go" Seekvaira said angrily as she grabbed the boy's arm.

"Alright, anything for my future bride" he said with a cruel laugh throwing Yusei on the ground.

"Yusei are you ok?" Seekvaira asked nervously helping him off the floor. She then turned back to the boy in front of her and glared angrily at the boy in front of her. He had spiky black hair and gray colored eyes and had a disgusting smirk on his face.

"What did you do that for?" Yusei asked standing up and looking at the boy in confusion.

"Because I hate when trash touches me…makes me want to burn it" the boy said with a grin as a fire ball formed in his hands.

"Go away" Seekvaira said angrily standing in front of Yusei.

Kale glared at her, the cruel smirk not leaving his face he then laughed before walking away. "Who is that?" Yusei asked.

"His name is Kale Belphegor, he's a sadistic jerk that thinks because his brother is the 2nd ranked in the Rating Game that he's special" Seekvaira said crossing her arms.

"Never mind him…we should get to class" she said. Yusei then followed her rest of the way to the Rating Game School.

He followed Seekvaira to their class. "Wow…" Yusei said out loud looking at all the students. There were about forty to fifty young pure blood devils.

"Hey Yusei" Yusei and Seekvaira turned to see Kyo Dantalion and Marcellus Agares.

"Hey Sis" Marcellus said with a smile playfully rubbing his sister's hair.

"Hi" Seekvaira said meekly.

"So you two…are on a date or something?" Kyo asked causing Marcellus to glare at Yusei.

"No we were just walking" Yusei and Seekvaira said in unison their faces turning bright red.

"Hey Yusei" Rias said cheerfully skipping happily toward Yusei with Sona following slowly behind. Rias glared at Seekvaira and grabbed Yusei and wrapped her arms around him.

"Glad to see you're still the bubble headed princess" Kyo teased causing Rias to step on his foot.

"Glad to see you made it safely" Sona said. Yusei was confused about why she said that but then Yusei realized the other students were watching him and some were whispering.

"Is that him?"

"Yeah, I heard his parents were assassinated"

"Yeah, they were killed by a super strong devil."

"His dad was an Old Faction devil…it doesn't matter"

"My parents weren't assassinated" Yusei shouted angrily. "They were killed in an accident". He was angry that someone would spread these lies about his parents.

"Freak" he heard someone whisper.

"Don't call him that" Rias shouted.

"Hey Rias" the crimson haired girl turned around to see her cousin, Sairaorg Bael smiling at her.

"Hi Sairaorg" she said happily waving to him.

"You guys should just calm down. Let them make their jokes but that won't stop us from being the strongest devils ever" Sairaorg said with a smile.

The door then opened and everyone looked at the door to see…him walk in.

"Who is that?" Yusei asked. He didn't know why but Rias's heart started to beat while she was still embracing him in a hug, Sona and Seekvaira still looked like they were in a daze. "What's going-"

"Screw it Yusei, once he enters the room you became a shadow" Kyo said crossing his arms.

"Who is he?" Yusei asked.

"Hot" some girl said.

"The strongest devil of our age group".

"A genius" Sona said. Yusei stared the boy up and down; he had spiky red hair and red eyes, he was handsome, really handsome-the evidence being Rias's beating chest. He was wearing a ripped white tank top with a red under shirt, and black jeans. He looked like a young fashion model.

"WHO IS HE" Yusei whined tired of everyone staring at the kid. He didn't understand it but he didn't like him.

"Finn Bael" Rias said some drool falling from her mouth.

'Aren't we too young to be thinking like this?' Yusei thought as he watched the girls moan and call his name out.

Finn smiled at Rias causing her heart to stop. "Omg he's coming our way" Rias cried out. 'Ok don't act like an idiot…don't act like an idiot' Finn then stopped right in front of the group and smiled. "Do you like Japan?" Rias asked with a nervous smile.

"What?" he asked her confused.

'Dang it…I screw up' Rias sulked to herself.

Finn smiled at Yusei as he looked him up and down. "You must be the great Yusei Satan Lucifer, my name is Finn Bael, younger cousin of the famous Diehauser Belial, second in line to inherit the clan" Finn said with a smile. "I heard many stories of your father, Levi Satan Lucifer and I'm excited about what you can tell me. I'm sure you know a lot of his interesting stories".

"Yusei" Rias said shaking his head. "Shake Finn's hand" Rias said. Yusei complied and nervously grabbed Finn's hand and shook it up and down.

Finn smiled before walking to his seat where he was instantly swarmed by students. Yusei didn't know why but he stared at the boy who was smiling brightly to all the students that swarmed him. "Yusei what's wrong?" Rias asked Yusei while she shook his body.

"Nothing" Yusei said as he continued to stare at him.

"Aww our little boy is growing up" Kyo said with a smile. "He has his first crush".

"Yusei…I didn't know you were-"

"I'm not" Yusei said glaring at Kyo who started cracking up.

"I mean, his cousin is the Emperor of the Rating game, his family is rich and Finn's also good looking, talented, and a master of his clan's Worthlessness ability" Marcellus explained.

"I do not-" Yusei said.

"I mean we are devils…so even if you go in that direction we won't care. But if you plan on repopulating your race you'll have to do it with girls too" Kyo asked with a smirk.

"I mean…you were staring into his eyes" Sona said with a small smile.

"I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM" Yusei shouted his face turning red.





"For future references don't shout that to the entire class" Kyo said with a laugh. All eyes were on the blushing Yusei who was trying to look away.

"Good evening class" everyone turned to see the teacher, everyone easily recognized her as Grayfia, the Silver haired Queen of Annihilation. They knew not to mess with her and that in here…or basically everywhere…her word was law to the young devils.

"We have a new student for today, give it up for Yusei Satan Lucifer" she said. The class was silent and a lot of people were glaring at Yusei.

"THIS IS A OUTRAGE" someone shouted.

"Take your seats" Grayfia said everyone raced to get seats next to their friends, or the most popular kid in class aka Finn Belial.

"First we have some special announcements from a special guest…Lord Sirzechs Lucifer" the teacher said. The kids watched in awe and shock as a crimson red sigil appeared in the room and out stepped one of the four great Maou of the Underworld. Of course he would be the exception to the magic block on the school.

"Good evening" Sirzechs said bowing to the group.

"HI ONII-SAMA" Rias shouted waving her hands excitedly.

"Hi class" Sirzechs said with an awkward smile trying to remain serious. "First I would like to personally congratulate you all for making it to this school this semester. For you to be here you had to prove you were the top of your generation and you possessed the skill necessary to be here" Sirzechs said. "When you all mature we will officially begin the special, Arcadian Challenge where a group of you will prove to be the best of your generation" Sirzechs explained.

"What's the Arcadian Challenge?" some random kid asked to the relief of Yusei. He was glad that he wasn't the only confused one in the room.

"The Arcadian Challenge is a special game played in a forest area like in a traditional Rating Game. The goal is to use magic to find the most flags before the other teams do. It's a basic version of the scrambled flag game except instead of a peerage you play with only your queen including another servant and all of your parents will be watching. The winning team gets a special prize and respect for their families for being the best working team in their generation" Sirzechs explained. Some of the kids were amazed at the thought of bringing their family respect and others wondered what the reward would be.

"Are there any more questions for Sirzechs?" the teacher, Grayfia asked.

Most of the kids were too afraid or timid to speak to the Great Maou but one fearless hand went up. "Yes, Kale Belphegor" Sirzechs said with a smile.

He stood up bravely in front of the whole class and began to speak. "I would first like to express my disgust to everything you just said about this school considering there's a low level in this very room".

Some of the kids were shocked, some were amazed at his bravery, and others thought he was about to die but Sirzechs just smiled. "Whatever do you mean?" Sirzechs asked with an innocent looking smile.

"This school is built on traditions and values passed down from our parents from their parents, from their parents. This school is a pure blooded high class devil Rating Game School. The fact that you allowed a non-pure blood, let alone a low class devil that doesn't even know whether or not he will even get evil pieces into this school just says we might as well throw these traditions down the drain".

"WHY YOU-" Rias said about to attack him when he was stopped by Sirzechs who simply smile.

"It's bad enough we got to share this class with Sairaorg, who can't even use his clan ability let alone a low class impure extra devil" Kale shouted angrily.

Yusei was getting angry, he was about to stand to defend himself and his friend but Sairaorg stopped him.

"Does anyone else agree with Kale Belphegor?" Sirzechs asked with a smile.

A girl with long blonde hair and angry looking blue eyes raised her hand. She was Eneely Vassago, heiress to the Vassago clan. "My sister got turned from this school so why is it fair he just gets to come in? This school is to raise us because now is the time we start competing in Rating Games and this school is for those who have proven themselves. Everyone in this class right now is here because of power, intelligence, speed, magic, or some skill that puts them above all other devils of our generation, even heirs and heiresses have been rejected from THIS class due to low power. What makes Yusei so special that he gets to bypass this? This is clear favoritism and I say he be switched to another class" Eneely seethed angrily.

'At least she doesn't hate me for being a hybrid…like him' Yusei then turned to Kale Belphegor, who had a grin on his face and was clapping.

"You also forgot the fact that he's from two Extra Demon Households…and a hybrid"

[SHUT UP KALE] Sona and Rias shouted in anger.

Yusei was fully aware that only high-class devils and devils of privileged rank were allowed attending the Rating Game School. Though Yusei had took the Mid-class devil exam and Sirzechs anointed him a high-class devil many of the other students saw him as nothing more than devil with a privileged rank. This was due to the fact that devils from the Old Satan Faction Clans and those of the current government not having a good relationship ever since the civil war between the Old Satan Faction and the Anti-Satan Faction.

"Sirzechs-Sama, Grayfia-Sama, if I may" Sona said raising her hand.

"At least we won't have to do work" Kyo said with a yawn from the back of the class.

"You may continue Sona" Grayfia said.

Sona then stood up "What you forget Eneely is unlike you, he had to TAKE exams to become a high-class devil. You're only a high-class devil because you inherited your family clan's ability. So don't pretend like you're stronger than anyone here. Even Marcellus, could defeat you" Sona said glaring at Eneely.

"Hey…that's not cool Sona" Marcellus said a little angrily.

"You also forget that he has eight mutation pawns and a mutation queen also. How many mutation pieces do you possess Eneely?" Finn asked with a grin.

You could practically see steam coming from the girl's ears. "Except I proved myself by defeating another young devil trying to get into the school. YUSEI SHOULD HAVE TO DO THE SAME"

"That's enough" Sirzechs said with a sigh raising his hand. "I thought you guys would come to some kind of mutual understanding but it seems you all want to be children" Sirzechs said annoyed. "Levi Satan Lucifer was a hero in our society. During the Great War he helped defeat the great Gadreel, the fallen angel General and took his eye. He is also the one who stopped the Civil War by stopping his own father, Rizevim Lucifer. We owe soldiers like him a lot." Sirzechs explained. "If his son has any power like him, he could prove to be a great ally, so I think it's the right move allowing someone with so much potential to attend this Rating Game School. Don't you think?"

Yusei noticed that now he wasn't just getting looks of anger and hatred but also looks from people who were wondering if he would be a good challenge, especially from Finn Belial.

"Well, I guess if that's the only question then I'll be returning to work. Remember to train hard for you are the next generation of our society and always do your best" Sirzechs then flashed Rias and Yusei a smile before disappearing into the magic sigil.

'Did you really have to go overboard' Grayfia said with a sigh noticing all the kids' giving Yusei attention now some were probably preparing to ask him for a fight. "Today I want to discuss various types of Youkais and familiars for our trip in the familiar forest in two weeks" Grayfia said.

The kids perked up excitedly at this. Some would be looking for those that could fight, others wanted birds, fish, turtles, and there were also kids who wanted familiars for other benefits…

"I want one with big boobs and a hot body" Kyo said with a grin.

"Must you act so indecent?" Sona asked with a sigh.

"Hey, the body wants, what the body-"

"Pay attention" Grayfia said hitting Kyo on the back of the head.

"As you know familiars are used to preform various tasks like aiding in combat, gathering information, tracking, and can even be used as bargaining chips for trading" Grayfia explained. "As young devils it's important for you to pick ones that has these basic requirements and can be helpful in your careers".

After going over various types of youkais, the type of food they eat, and the tasks they would be useful for she released the class for the day.

"You guys want to go to Akuma-naldo for lunch? We still have a couple of hours before we have to go home" Rias asked her friends with a smile.

"Sorry but I'm going to go home and train".

"Sairaorg all you do is train, train, train, have fun for a change" Rias whined. Sairaorg simply smiled at her.

"See you later Rias and Yusei" he said walking away.

"Sorry but I have a meeting with my parents about some dumb ass marriage they're trying to put me through" Kyo said bitterly.

Rias turned to him with a sad expression "I'm so sorry Kyo" Rias said embracing him in the hug.

"It's no problem, all I have to do is tell them I don't want to and they'll look for someone else. I mean it's not like it's a necessity that I marry considering my family is rich and populated. And besides as long as the girl's hot I don't care".

*WHACK* "Shallow idiot" Rias said angrily.

"See you Gremory" Kyo said rubbing his head and walking away. Marcellus and Seekvaira left, having to go home only leaving Rias, Yusei, and Sona.

"SONA PWEASE" Rias cried grabbing onto Sona's leg.

"I have to go home and prepare for the trip tomorrow Rias" Sona said angrily. "Besides there this new book I want to read".

"You're worse than Sairaorg PWEASE" Rias said with a puppy dog face.

"Bye Rias" Sona said for the final time releasing Rias, she then ran off away from the Gremory heiress.

Sirzechs simply smiled at all of the things Kale was saying but looked at Yusei the whole time. "Finished?" Sirzechs asked.

"Yes" Kale said with a smirk. Yusei looked around the class to see that some of the kids were siding with Kale and others started to glare at Yusei with anger at the clear favoritism.

He could already imagine what they were thinking "He's only here because he became a Gremory".

"Guess that only leaves me and you Yusei" Rias said with a cheery smile embracing him in a hug. "They're all losers so let's forget about them".

Yusei smiled before nodding at his step sister. "May I join you two?" the two turned around to see Finn standing there with a smile on his face.

"OF COURSE YOU CAN" Rias said with a happy smile. 'He wants to go on a date with me' she thought excitedly. Rias then led the two to the burger placed and the three took a seat at a table.

"So…why are you being so friendly with me?" Yusei finally mustered up the courage to ask, most of the students despised him and someone from the King Faction was being friendly with him.

"Well personally, I find you interesting and I see no reason to hate you. No matter what your grandfather or families did your father is a war hero of our society and fought to protect the civilization the Maou built up" Finn explained. "Although, my clan, the Bael has been known for being kinder exactly like the Gremory, Sitri, and Agares clans" Finn explained.

"I heard you were so strong that you received your evil pieces when you were only five years old" Rias said with an excited smile.

Finn nodded. "Of course, controlling my clan's technique always came easy to me" Finn said with a smile.

'He's nice and he's paying for our lunches. Maybe there are nicer kids in the King Faction' Yusei thought with a smile.

"I already have my queen and I have an interview tomorrow morning for my rook position" Finn said causing Yusei to look at him in shock.

"Why would you waste a queen so quickly? Isn't that the piece you should save for last?" Yusei asked. "What…" Yusei said noticing the look he was getting from Rias and Finn.

"Yusei, you're supposed to use your queen piece first above all others" Rias explained with a smile.

"What? Why?"

"The Queen is the jack-of-all trade. The queen possesses the strength of the rook, the speed of a knight, and magic of a bishop. This is the most powerful piece but besides that the political reason you use your queen first is because they are to act as your political advisor and right hand. This is important because they will help pave the way for you choosing your other pieces and they are used for training the other members above all things" Finn explained.

"So who is your queen?" Yusei asked.

And right on cue a girl with forest green hair tied up with two black ribbons, and sparkling sky blue eyes wearing a strapless black and white dress walked into the room. She was beautiful, people from others booths even started to look at her.

"Finn I'm glad to see you're ok" she said walking over to their booth and taking a seat. It was obvious she was a couple of years older than Rias evidence being her already maturing body and her mature face.

Yusei could sense energy; it was arguably his strongest point. Even able to sense people like Lord Gremory's, a powerful devil who learned to hide it but he could barely feel this girl's energy. 'This can't be his queen'.

"Rias, Yusei, I would like to introduce you people to my queen, Fay" Finn introduce with a smile. "Fay, these are two students that attend my Rating Game School; this is Rias Gremory and Yusei Satan Lucifer".

"Oh, it's a pleasure. Finn has told me a lot about you Rias" she said with a small smile.

"Well…she is one of the strongest classmates and she has strong demonic energy?" Finn said with a red face.

"If she's your queen…why does she have such low demonic energy?" Yusei accidently blurted out causing Rias to send him a small glare.

"Yusei, don't be so rude" Rias said firmly. She was glad Yusei was coming out of his shell…especially to one of the nicest student but she didn't want him to be a jerk.

"Sorry" Yusei said bowing his head; he didn't mean to be so rude to two people who were so nice.

"Oh its fine…I get that all the time" Fay said with a smile. Yusei didn't know why but her energy also felt clearer and unnaturally pure for a devil.

Finn then smiled at his queen "she's a fairy, her energy is naturally hidden, it was a basic technique for their race used to avoid detection" Finn explained.

"A fairy? Wow, I never met a real one" Rias said excitedly. "Can you show me your wings?"

"I would but…most of the older devils dislike when I show them in public" Fay said with a small nervous laugh.

'My dad met the Fairy King Oberon once" Yusei thought as he picked up his drink and started to drink.

"Her father is the Fairy King Oberon"

*COUGH* *COUGH* Yusei started to choke on his drink causing the other three to look at him with concern. "Yusei are you ok?" Rias asked.

"Her father is who?" Yusei asked with a shocked expression. Yusei then started to recognize her; she was the girl at his parents' memorial a few months ago, the girl who called King Oberon "daddy".

"Oh yes, my father is Oberon, King of the Ancient Fairies." Fay said with a smile.

"He's the one who tamed the Black dragon and turned him into his servant. Your father and my father almost defeated Sirzechs in a friendly fight. They were almost on par with a Great Satan. Your father saved the fairy kingdom" Yusei said excitedly.

"Thanks, my father has done a lot of amazing things" Fay said with a small smile.

"So why did you decide to become a devil servant?" Rias asked her suspiciously staring into her beautiful sparkling, blue eyes.

"Well…my father wanted me to become the general of the Valkyries but I-"

"You're father wanted you to become the general to the strongest demigods in history but you passed that up?"

"Yusei" Rias said shooting him an angry looked.

"Sorry" Yusei said putting his head down.

"So my father wanted me to become general of the Valkyries but if I did that then I wouldn't be allowed to come back to the Underworld or to Earth and I would have to live in Valhalla. But, I didn't want to be confined to one world" Fay answered.

"And then, I met her in the Underworld, trying to find a place to live so I offered a deal. She could live anywhere she wants, do whatever she wants, as long as she becomes a servant. This would also give my family another member and she has access to our immense wealth" Finn said with a smile.

"Aww…I want to find a loyal queen like that" Rias said with a small smile.

"Well enough of that, let's eat" Finn said with a smile.

"Hey Fay, can you take Rias home. I want to talk to Yusei alone" Finn asked with a smile. The four had just finished eating and were prepared to leave when Finn requested a talk with Yusei alone. Yusei and Rias looked up in shock, they didn't know why, what the motive would be or why he would be so interested in Yusei.

"It's ok" Yusei said to Rias who was about to object.

"Alright Yusei, I trust you. If you need me just call" she said giving him a hug. Yusei then smiled as he watched Rias leave with the Fairy Queen following behind.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Yusei asked trying to be casual and cool, but it was so hard in front of someone so important and stronger than him.

"Well Yusei, first I want to talk to you about Seekvaira Agares and the plans your Gremory family has set for you".

[Sirzechs POV]

"Did you really have to do that today?" Sirzechs looked up from the bed he was sleeping in to see an angry Grayfia standing over him.

"Do what?" Sirzechs asked innocently with a yawn, she usually didn't object to the things he did so this was a bit of a shock to the Maou.

"You deliberately were trying to put the other students against Yusei" Grayfia said talking about the speech he made about Yusei's potential. In the Underworld of devils, potential didn't mean anything without natural talent.

"Fighting will be good for him, besides I'm going over later to give him his evil pieces" Sirzechs said calmly.

Grayfia looked up in both shock and confusion. "He'll still have to take the middle class test and after he completes it I will anoint him a high class devil but for now I want him to get the feel of the pieces and start looking for a queen, everyone in the school has one".

"I don't like this. People will be angry at the clear favoritism. What if he becomes a target for the King Faction?"

"He'll be fine" Sirzechs said flashing her a small smile. "Besides, he is a descendant of the devil God".

Grayfia bowed understanding what he was saying. "I also found what was missing from the house where Yusei's parents were killed two years ago" Sirzechs instantly shot up with interest as a smile plastered on his face.

He had spent a long time trying to know what was missing. But from looking at all the weapons and magical objects he couldn't find anything, the two of them were mass collectors anything could be gone. "What is it?" Sirzechs asked excitedly.

"He stole the Philosopher Stone" Grayfia said with a serious expression. There was a breach silence in the room until Sirzechs started laughing like a mad man. "This is serious".

"The Philosopher stone…its only ability is to revert rust…or create things made of gold out of midair…it might as well be a mid-class sacred gear I don't see what his goal was. Rizevim must be losing his mind" Sirzechs laughed.

"That ring also has another power…the ability to restore youth" the two turned around in shock but were surprised to see Dante with a grin on his face.

"Why would Rizevim need a thing like that? He's a devil?" Sirzechs asked.

"Unless he was working with another"

"He also stole the Pandora Box" Grayfia said bluntly. There was an intense silence and Sirzechs actually started to shake.

"The Pandora…box" Sirzechs said with shock.

Dante also was in shock that such a valuable thing was stolen. "The box created by Zeus that has the possessors sealed inside of it?"

"Yes, the Possessors who we found and sealed inside…those Possessors" Grayfia said rather bluntly.

Pandora's Box, one of the greatest items created by the God Zeus. In famous lore he gave it to the first woman he created as a gift. The first woman to ever be created by a Greek God was given ownership and responsibility of the Box after her creation and was warned never to open it. However, Zeus' jealous and vengeful wife, Hera, gave the woman the gift of curiosity and the desire to learn about the mysterious and the forbidden. This curiosity eventually led her to unlock the Box and in so doing, unintentionally unleashed chaos into the world.

In order to seal the box it costed one of God's Seraphs, a dragon, and a high class devil. It's one of the few recorded time where the four different factions actually worked together to fix a problem.

Inside the Pandora box contains the spirits who drive humans into chaos by using their bodies as vessels. The God of the bible and Zeus worked together to forge two keys that could be used to make sure the Pandora box never is unsealed again.

"Does he have the keys?" Sirzechs asked Grayfia intensely…if he did the human world could be destroyed in a matter of days.

"Considering the human world is still calm and safe…no" Grayfia said. Sirzechs let out a sigh of relief.

"Try to get the box back…" was all Sirzechs could say. Rizevim worked like a ghost…you only saw him when he wants to be seen. "Try to find the keys".

"As you wish Sirzechs-Sama" Dante said before disappearing in a sigil.

[Yusei and Finn]

"The clans Satan and Lucifer were the two of the top clans in the Underworld. The original Maou Satan and Lucifer were the two who possessed the strongest powers. The Power of Darkness and the Evil Eyes. The Power of Darkness is a ability on par with the Bael Power of Destruction and the Evil Eyes grant the ultimate eye perception. After the Great War with the two Clan Kings Satan and Lucifer dead, the two clans were thrown into Chaos. The two clans denounced themselves from the 72 Pillars and became Extra Demons and sought to overrule the government. So far the clans are said to be extinct with the only surviving members being you and your grandfather".

Yusei had heard about his grandfather, an evil man by the name of Rizevim Lucifer who wants to kill the current government. "What does this have to do with Seekvaira?" Yusei asked innocently.

Finn smiled at his younger, innocent friend. "I'm getting to that part…so with your clans practically extinct the only hope left is that you inherited both the powers from both clans which could be used to help make another clan stronger with the clan…like Lord Gremory marriage to Venelana".

"What does this have to do with Seekvaira?" Yusei asked forcefully this time. She was nice to him and sweet, he couldn't possibly think she would be using him.

"They want you to marry Seekvaira so your kids will have the powers which could be used to increase the strength of the Agares clan" Finn said firmly.

"So…they're using me?" Yusei asked.

Finn smiled "well…they're using you but they want you to make the choice. That's why they want you and Seekvaira to become close friends so you guys will WANT to be together and when the time is right you both can have powerful children".

"Why her?" Yusei asked.

"What do you think would happen if a family like the Dantalion or the Belphegor, families known for extreme racism, got a hold of your supposed powers?" Finn asked.

Yusei was kind of conflicted, everyone believed he possessed such strong and mystical powers but…he was very weak especially for being his father's son. "They would be unstoppable" Yusei said.

"Precisely, this will only further increase the division between the Great King Faction, King Faction, Marquis faction, and the lower devil factions" Finn explained.

'This kind of hurts my head' Yusei thought with a sigh. How much politics could a six year old handle?

"Can you tell me more about Kale Belphegor and…his family?" Yusei asked receiving a smile and nod from Finn.

"The Belphegor is the family with the rank of King, their clan ability is the ability to control the flames of the seven sins" Finn explained.

"Flames of the Seven Sins?" Yusei asked.

"Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath, Envy, Gluttony, and Lust, these seven sins manifests as seven different types of fire with seven different abilities" Finn explained. "They're the reason the Belphegor family is ranked second in the Rating Games" Finn explained. "But, the reason the clan has so much hatred for lower devils is because of their embarrassment from long ago".

"What happened?" Yusei asked wanting to know as much as he could.

"Well apparently the head of the Belphegor, when the evil pieces first started being passed out to only high class devils, recruited a weaker servant from another clan. After she rose to the rank of a high class devil she publicly cursed the Belphegor name and created her own clan as an extra demon. It was the most embarrassing thing the Belphegor family ever saw, the head of the clan loved her too much to punish her so it made the family look weak and they almost got stripped of their King ranking they had worked so hard for during the civil wars" Finn explained.

"Wow…" Yusei said in shock. "Why would she curse the family that gave her a chance and then leave them?" Yusei asked.

"Nobody knows" Finn said shrugging his shoulder. "What I'm trying to tell you is to be careful. If the King Faction learns you possess the same clan abilities that your father did and nobody even knows the powers your mother possessed. You would become a huge prize and they would go to any means necessary to get you into their clans. There's also that Trihexa soul sealed inside of you" Finn answered.

"The what?" Yusei asked.

"A fragment of the Trihexa, apocalyptic beast is inside of you. Didn't Sirzechs-Sama tell you about that?" Finn asked.

"No…not really" Yusei said, he had heard about the Trihexa from Sirzechs, but he didn't know anything about it.

"Well, the Trihexa is the strongest monster in the world said to rival the legendary Great Red. A fragment of its soul is sealed inside of you and it's probably the reason some of the kids dislike you. You should be careful because of that too" Finn answered.

Yusei nodded his head causing Finn to smile. "You're pretty nice for a high class devil".

"Thanks" Finn said with a smile. "From this day forward how about we become rivals?" Finn asked with a competitive smile.

"It's not very fair since you're already stronger than me…and you can nullify all my powers by learning how they work" Yusei said cutting his eyes at his new friend who started to laugh.

"Just promise me you'll train and get stronger so one day we'll be the top two in the Rating Games" Finn said with a smile extending his fist.

Yusei smiled and fist bumped him. "But remember…I don't lose so you'll just have to settle for second place" Finn teased.

"In your dreams" Yusei said with a laugh. The two then left the restaurant and walked their separate paths to their homes.

Yusei started walking through the streets when he heard whimpering behind him. "Who's there?" Yusei said in shock turning around but to his surprise all he saw was a small girl with shoulder length silver hair and icy blue eyes.

Yusei's face softened as he looked at the girl "h-h-help" she whimpered before collapsing to the street.


A pair of soft eyes opened up and looked at the ceiling realizing they were in a building. "Hey…how are you feeling?" Yusei asked with a smile running over to the side of the bed.

"W-where am I?" the girl asked looking at Issei.

"You're in a hospital, you collapsed and I brought you here" Yusei said. "What's your name?" Yusei asked.

The girl looked up at Yusei with her beautiful blue eyes, she was covered in dirt and had dirty covered all over her beautiful silver hair. "My name is…Vali"

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