Life 5 of The Trihexa King's Rebirth

Life 5 Familiars and Hydras Edit

Yusei woke up and smiled at the girl sleeping on top of him. "Hey wake up" she raised her head slowly and looked at him with her icy blue eyes.

"Morning Yusei" she said happily. Yusei smiled and sat up and yawned. After realizing Vali had no home, Yusei had pleaded with Venelana and Lord Gremory to allow her to stay with them and they complied on the condition that Yusei would think about having her as a servant. "Wanna go train?" she asked with a smile.

"Sure" Yusei said rising from the bed. The two quickly went outside and the first thing Vali did was make a magic ball in her hand. She started twirling it and spinning it before throwing it into the air and multiple magic orbs popped out before exploding into a light show.

"Wow….your magic is phenomenal" Yusei said amazed, she would probably make a good bishop, maybe even a mutation bishop if she was naturally that strong but for some reason Yusei felt hesitant about turning her into his servant.

"Hey Yusei, you started training without me you jerk" Yusei turned around to see Rias and Sona running towards him with angry expressions on their faces.

"Oh sorry…you both were gone" Yusei said nervously.

"We went looking in the human world for servants" Sona said. "I set up three interviews tomorrow and I would appreciate it if you came with me" Sona added.

"Rias, did you get any?" Vali asked with a smile.

Rias put her head down "I don't want to talk about it" she said.

A magic sigil opened up and out stepped Sirzechs with a grin spread across his face.

"Onii-Sama" Rias said with a smile.

"Yusei, I need you to come with me, there's someone I need you to see" Sirzechs said with a smile.

Rias's face turned into a pout "all you do is come over here to get Yusei now, don't you ever just come over to say hi anymore" she said crossing her arms stubbornly.

"This is important" Sirzechs said with a sigh.

"He can't… we're still training, and besides we have our trip to the familiar forest today" Rias said latching onto Yusei's arms.

"I will return him later. I just know…I finally found the perfect mutation queen for young Yusei here" Sirzechs said with a grin.

After they found out Yusei had a mutation queen, Sirzechs worked nonstop trying to find the perfect one. He had interviews, scrolled through files on humans, renegade fallen angels, even angels, and dragons. But with the boom in the evil pieces distribution it was hard to find any real talent…especially for someone of a mutation queen class.

"Who?" Yusei asked.

"A Grim Reaper who defeated three mid class devils on her own" Sirzechs said with a smirk.

"What?" Yusei asked kind of confused.

"Best you come meet her" Sirzechs said with a grin. Yusei stepped on Sirzechs magic sigil and the two were teleported away in a flash of red.


The two arrived in front of a tall building that was used as a "jail" for people captured during missions, they mostly just sat in cells until the four Great Satans or a group of people from the Great King faction decided to try cases. Most of the cases ended with them being locked in the Cocytus for a certain amount of time or death.

The point is…if you ended up here you were most likely screwed…especially if the Great King Faction was going for blood.

"Ahh Bell Cimerius" Sirzechs said with a smile walking toward the front door of the jail.

In front of Yusei and Sirzechs was a girl who looked the same age as Yusei with long brown hair and hazel eyes that had a tablet in her hand. She was wearing a yellow sun dress and glasses.

She had a cute, nerdy vibe to her that made Yusei smiled.

"Yusei, this is Bell Cimerius, a new great mind for the Devil Empire. She's working under Ajuka due to her great intelligence" Sirzechs explained.

"Wow and you're only five. That's amazing" Yusei said bowing to her.

"Actually I'm nine" she replied her face turning a bit red. Yusei knew by her name she was from an extinct clan household but he didn't care. "I'm guessing you two came here to see her" Bell said with a smile.

"Yeah, the new one" Sirzechs said with a sigh. Bell pulled up a file on her computer and led them inside the jail. There were cells after cells with devils in cages along with mythological looking animals.

'I really got to get the Great King Faction to finish up these cases' Sirzechs thought as he looked at all the rowdy devils beating against their cages and shouting…things.

"Her name is Akamai, daughter of Ultimate Class Grim Reaper known as Ryuk. " Bell explained as she led the two to an elevator. The three went in and took the lift up a couple of levels.

A bead of sweat fell from Sirzech's forehead remembering the name of the Ultimate Class Devil that was put to death five years ago.

"She was found sneaking into the Sitri's family vault and a few weeks ago"

"Wait…is this the one who was wearing the skull mask?" Yusei asked remembering her.

"When Akamai attacked three of the Sitri's servants she put two in the hospital and left the other unconscious. Luckily Grayfia was able to knock out the girl and here we are" the three looked into the cell to see a pissed off looking girl.

She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, angry red eyes, and was wearing a black cloak. Yusei stared at her awkwardly not knowing what to say. What do you say to someone who attacked your best friend's house last night?

"Umm…hi" Yusei muttered nervously.

The girl ignored him and glared at Sirzechs. "Let me out of here. I been in here for a week" Akamai said angrily.

"You're in here because you attacked three people and tried to steal" Sirzechs explained.

"Pwease…I'm just a little girl" Akamai said with a fake puppy dog face.

"A little girl that just tried to break into a vault".


Bell and Yusei turned to Sirzechs wanting to know his reaction but all he did was laugh. "See Yusei, told you…she has spunk".

Bell and Yusei did a face fault before turning back to Akamai. "The Sitri family wants you thrown in the Cocytus for life" Sirzechs said.

"Tell them to all eat a dick" Akamai said crossing her arms. Sirzechs let out a sigh and wiped his face, tired of dealing with this girl.

"I'm going to make you a deal where you will be able to retain some of your freedom" Sirzechs said.

"What kind of-"Akamai finally connected the dots and glared at Yusei. "I'm not becoming a servant to some spoiled devil kid".

"He's the best option you got. We both know the other grim reapers won't care considering what your father did" Sirzechs said.


"What happened?" Yusei asked looking between Bell and Sirzechs.

"Her father, Ryuk an Ultimate Class Grim Reaper, gave his death scythe to a human in exchange for some power. The human used the scythe to kill people and wreak havoc for the three factions until he was stopped by Serafall and Ajuka" Sirzechs said.

"He was put to death and his death scythe was returned to Hades but…" Bell eyes widened in realization. "He gave the scythe to Serafall as a peace treaty for the havoc it had caused and she locked it in her family vault".

"And the other grim reapers hate me; Golden Dawn, my mother's magician organization wants nothing to do with me so all I have is myself" Akamai said angrily. "And I don't care what any of you dumb devils say. I'm not becoming a servant" Akamai said angrily.

"You'll lose your life. Having to spend an eternity in the Cocytus" Sirzechs warned.

"Fuck you fuck the Sitri's and especially FUCK YOU" Akamai said pointing her finger at Yusei.

"Why me?" Yusei asked with a sad expression.

Sirzechs let out a sigh, after realizing why she broke into the vault he would feel…kind of bad for locking her away. "How about you become…a servant of the Gremory family but you don't have to become a devil" Sirzechs offered.

"What's in it for me?" Akamai asked with a smirk.

"Your life?" Bell said giving her a 'don't be an idiot' expression.

"No" Akamai said crossing her arms stubbornly.

"Please" Yusei said not wanting to get the girl locked into that place.

"NO" Akamai said trying to hold back tears. Akamai and Sirzechs had an intense stare down but it was obvious, she wasn't going to budge.

"Well you two should get to the familiar forest for your field trip. It should be starting any minute" Sirzechs said smiling to the two young devils.

"What are you going to do to her?" Yusei asked pointing to Akamai.

Sirzechs looked at her and let out a sigh. "I'll have her stay in here until she comes to her senses" Sirzechs said confident that the girl would take the deal.

"Not on your life" Akamai said angrily.

Yusei and Bell quickly jumped on a sigil and teleported wanting to get away from Sirzechs and Akamai before their argument got heated.

The two arrived in the middle of a picnic ground with everyone turned to the two causing them to blush wildly. "Good evening Yusei and…Bell, we were just finishing up our morning breakfast." Grayfia said.

"Good evening Grayfia-Sama" Yusei and Bell said in unison bowing their head to her.

"Bell Cimerius…what are you doing here? You don't attend this Rating Game School" Grayfia said.

"And she shouldn't. This school is no place for extra demon trash" Grayfia glared at the Kale Belphegor who had shouted out the rude comment causing him to shudder.

"Ajuka-Sama and Rizevim-Sama told me to come here today because it was important I received a familiar" Bell explained.

Grayfia then smirked as an idea popped in her head. "You hear that Kale, if you oppose her being here today then you can speak to Ajuka-Sama and Rizevim-Sama about it".

Kale then shook with anger mad that they were bending the rules for not only a impure old faction devil but another ordinary extra demon. 'No matter…I will have my revenge today'.

Yusei looked around and noticed all the kids staring at him. 'What's going on?'.

One bold boy, from the Barbotos family walked up to Yusei with a grin on his face. "Good evening Yusei Satan Lucifer, it has come to my knowledge that you were able to activate the full power of all eight of your pawns and your queen" the boy said smoothly.

"Ok…" Yusei said.

"I would like to trade you my two knights for two of your mutation pawns" the boy said holding out the two knight evil pieces. Infused with the energy of the Barbotos family they had a green hue to them, most likely from the clan's signature illusion magic.

'Wow amazing…then I'll have four knights…but only six pawns…but who cares? Four high speed knights. And maybe I can convince Ajuka-Sama to allow me to use two knights for Kaneki' Yusei thought with a grin.


"DON'T DO IT" Yusei turned to see Rias latched onto his arm and glaring at the Barbotos boy. "How dare you try to cheat my cute little brother" Rias glared angrily.

"What? I'm just trying to get ahead. I'm offering him a good deal simply for two pawn pieces" the boy said with a grin.

"Because we both know that mutation pawns are worth far more than two regular knights. Especially with the dual promotion ability mutation pawns hold" Sona said walking up to the two.

"Sona?" Yusei said. He wanted to ask her if she was feeling ok about her family vault getting robbed but she was busy scolding Barbotos.

"Dual promotion? What the hell is that?" Kyo asked walking toward the group.

"Dual promotion is an ability that only mutation pawns could do. It has only been seen once but it's known as the greatest ability among mutation pawn servants. It allows them to become two different pieces at once in exchange for a third. For example, they can become a knight and rook in exchange for magic. Or a bishop and rook in exchange for speed" Sona explained.

"Why don't they just become a queen then? This ability seems kind of pointless" Kyo said.

Sona then let out a sigh at her dim witted classmate for not reading up on his evil pieces and their abilities. "Because dual promotion doesn't just turn them into those pieces. It doubles one of the pieces they turn into. If they use dual promotion to become a rook-knight then either their speed or strength would double but their magic would be nothing" Sona explained.

"Wow…sounds bad ass" Marcellus said from behind Kyo with his sister Seekvaira by his side.

"So Barbotos, taking this into consideration, both of your knights should be worth, one of Yusei's mutation pawns" Sona said pointing her fingers at the heir who was clenching his fist.

Rias grinned at the Barbotos boy who was fuming with anger; it looked like smoke was going to pour out of his ears. "NEVER MIND NOW" he said angrily, the Barbotos boy then walked away stomping his feet on the ground as he left.

"Yusei, you should be careful. With everyone knowing about your mutation pieces, there will be a lot of devils trying to cheat you" Rias said with a smile to her younger brother.

"Yeah, now since you not only have a full set of mutation pawns but also a mutation queen people will want to screw you over" Finn said walking toward Yusei with his signature smile.

Yusei nodded at the news and could feel the kid who tried to trick him glaring at him. 'I really want two more knights though' Yusei thought a little sad.

"Alright, it is time to begin our trip to the familiar forest. I need you all to break up into groups of three" Grayfia explained to the class.

"I WANT YUSEI" three voices shouted simultaneously. Bell, Rias, and Seekvaira looked at each other before turning to Grayfia.

"Pwease Grayfia, don't let these two harpies be alone little my cute, innocent little brother" Rias said with a teary eyed expression causing Grayfia to let out a annoyed sigh.

'If he has girls already chasing him at nine…there's no telling how he will be when he's a teen' Grayfia thought shuddering at the thought.

"Alright, you four can stay together. But as for the rest of you, get into groups of three now" Grayfia commanded.

"Hey Sona-Ta, want to be with us" Marcellus said with a grin. Sona tapped him on the arm but complied and decided to group with Kyo and Marcellus.

Sairaorg, Finn, and a girl from the Amon family decided to tag together. "Alright" Grayfia said handing maps to all the students. "You all must stay within the gates around the forest. Anything outside the gate is full of monsters that you all aren't strong enough to tame let alone take on in a fight".

As Grayfia was explaining the rules Yusei couldn't help but look at Kale who had a psychotic smirk on his face. His group was with a girl with drill blonde hair wearing a royal pink dress and another boy from the Great King Family.

"If you leave the barrier without me or the familiar master accompanying you then you will feel the wrath of the strongest queen" Grayfia said sending shivers down all the kids spines.

It was only one girl, a girl with shoulder length black hair and violet eyes looked at Grayfia with admiration and respect. It was this day that Sona, of the Sitri family decided that she would command her servants exactly how Grayfia commanded them.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"YES GRAYFIA" the whole class shouted in fear.

"Good, and remember to have fun" Grayfia said with a smile. The groups then went their separate ways around the familiar forest to find their familiars.

[Lord Gremory and Venelana]

It was a real boring day for the couple without their kids running around their home. The two had talked but then decided to play a game of chess to pass away the time.

"You seem troubled, Venelana. Is something the matter?" Lord Gremory asked his wife. He could tell she was deep in thought and it wasn't just about the game of chess.

"I have decided how to deal with Yusei" Venelana said with a small smile but the serious tone sent a shiver through Lord Gremory's spine as the atmosphere around them grew cold.

"Deal…Deal with him?" Lord Gremory asked. Venelana loved children…she wouldn't…no she can't… 'Is she thinking about killing him?'

"We both know his life will be hard. Most devils hate him, angels and fallen angels will want to kill him or they will use him for his power. Tell me? Is this the life a soft hearted boy like him deserves?"

"I wanted to do this with Sirzechs but he was never into this kind of thing like his father. You'll be the perfect partner in crime".

"Go on…"Lord Gremory said not knowing how he would react if she planned on ending him.


Lord Gremory fell out of his seat. "Honey? Are you ok?" Venelana asked confused.

"Ok? You sounded so serious like you were planning to end the boy's life then you say something like that" Lord Gremory shouted.

"You of all people should know that a harem is an important thing. And I'm not going to build Yusei some random harem filled with random weak girls. I'm going to build him the Perfect Harem".

"The Perfect Harem?" Lord Gremory cocked his eyebrows at the perverted expression on his usually innocent wife's face.

"Yes, we both know Yusei will have to do a lot of fighting to earn the respect he deserves. His life will be filled with so much sadness, grief, and hatred when he is older. I have been thinking of that since he arrived here. SO I WILL MAKE HIM A PERFECT HAREM."

Lord Gremory didn't know why but the perverted expression on his wife face was kind of a turn on.

"Yes, the perfect harem that will even make the Great King Faction jealous. A harem made up of the most beautiful girls across the supernatural world. The screams of his various concubines will be heard from Heaven. Angels will fall simply from thinking about Yusei's harem. It will be a harem like no other. It will be…the Perfect Harem. And most importantly…Yusei will produce me thousands of grandchildren" Venelana was breathing heavily at the thought of the plans she had for Yusei.

Lord Gremory couldn't help but give his wife a "are you serious" expression. "Honey…he's six…"

"So. Me and you first started dating when we were five" Venelana said with a grin. Lord Gremory also grinned knowing that piece of information was true. Even as young children they were a bit…kinky.

"So what's your plan?" Lord Gremory asked.

Venelana looked in the backyard to see Vali playing with her magic "We need more powerful girls like that. I already have Seekvaira; I set up a date with Cerina Amon. Maybe Ravel?" Venelana suggested.

"She's…eight…" Lord Gremory said shocked that she suggested a girl so young.

"We were eight…"

"Things are different." Lord Gremory said. "Devils still raise their kids rather early…but not that early anymore."

"We have less than six years until Yusei starts attending school in the human world. I refuse to let him have a harem filled with mostly human girls. We need more devil girls. We need more powerful girls." Venelana said.

"Oh please…what devil would have a harem filled with weak-"

Lord Gremory didn't even get to finish as a pair of eyes started burning a hole directly into his head causing him to laugh nervously.

A girl popped into Lord Gremory's head but he knew…it would be disastrous. "I know one, Rias hates her".

Venelana smiled knowing who he was talking about. "Well…it is time they get over their feud…for the greater good"

"I can't believe Rias and the others ran away from us so early. The assholes" Kyo pouted. His and Sairaorg's group decided to stick together unlike Rias's who ran off the first chance they got.

"If Yusei lays a hand on my sister. I WILL RUIN HIM" Marcellus yelled as sparks and flames circled around him.

"But if the two get married then you will automatically inherit the clan." Kyo said with a grin.

"It doesn't work that way Kyo" Sona said with a sigh. "Marcellus is technically the older twin but the two are in competition and their parents will decide who gets the clan".

"Whatever:" Kyo said. "Hey Finn are we there yet?"

Finn nodded and smiled as the two groups stopped in front of a large mystic looking lake. "Sweet we're the first ones here" Marcellus said with a grin.

"I'm going to catch me the sexiest one" Kyo said with a grin as he looked into the lake.

"You shouldn't catch a familiar solely because it's "sexy"" Sona said glaring at him. "A familiar is an important right of pass for a young devil and shouldn't be taken lightly" Sona explained.

Finn smiled at Sona causing her to blush. "She's right Kyo".

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" Kyo said waving them off. "Hey Cerina Amon, you would want a familiar that's cute? Maybe a bunny or something like that?" Kyo asked her with a grin.

"I want ones that cute…but I also want a familiar that's nice and strong" Cerina said timidly hiding behind a tree.

"She has you beat Kyo" Sairaorg said smirking at his friend.

"Yeah whatever. COME ON OUT YOU STUPID UNDINES" Kyo shouted to the lake.

The water then started to glow. 'I hope she's beautiful' Cerina thought.

"I hope she's a freak" Kyo whispered with a grin. The water started to glow and then suddenly a muscular martial artist with long blonde hair came out of the water.

"WHO YOU CALLING STUPID, PUNK" the creature shouted glaring at Kyo.

"AHHHHHHHH" Kyo and Marcellus screamed in unison turning to stone at the sight of the muscular martial artist. "This can't be…the legendary undie" Kyo said in disbelief.

"I am a undie and I'm the strongest one of this lake. I knew you devils were coming to get your familiars today but I wasn't expecting one as stupid as you" the undie said glaring at Kyo.

"The strongest huh?" Sairaorg said with a grin. Out of nowhere the two started fighting. Sairaorg was easily beating the undie and after five minutes of fighting he finally had his familiar.

"Why would you keep one that looks…like that?" Kyo said still weirded out.

"Come on, we only have a few hours left" Sona commanded.

"Jeez, you sound just like Grayfia" Kyo said as he followed her away from the lake.

'Yes' Sona thought happily in her head as she started to skip through the forest.

"WHY DID WE LISTEN TO YOU?" Seekvaira screamed as the four ran down an icy mountain top.

So Rias, being the japanophile that she was wanted to check out the Yuki-onna familiars. Expecting them to be beautiful girls the group was unprepared when they saw the giant yetis and screamed. Now they were being chased down a mountain top by a pack of fifteen ice apes.

"We should hide somewhere" Bell screamed as she continued to run. She was the slowest out of the four so she knew eventually she would lag behind and get captured.

"I got an idea" Rias said with a smirk. She snatched Yusei's lunch box and tossed it at the ice apes.

"My lunch" Yusei whined sadly. The box hit one of the apes on the head but it also unlocked the box and the content poured out.

The apes then started fighting over the food giving the four children enough time to escape.

The four made it down the mountain and collapsed to the ground. "That was my favorite lunch box" Yusei whined.

"All to see some dumb apes" Seekvaira said.

"My legs hurt" Bell whined.

"YAY THAT WAS FUN. LET'S DO IT AGAIN" Rias shouted excitedly.

'Have you ever just wanted to slap someone?'

"We should get going. We still need to find familiars" Seekvaira said standing up. The four friends then started running through the forest hoping they still had time to find good familiars.


Sirzechs knew he had been watching Yusei from the shadows. He could feel his energy from the day he first brought Yusei to the Underworld. Sirzechs knew he would have to confrot him and with Grayfia and Yusei both gone today was perfect.

So the Lucifer Maou left the Underworld capital and made his way to the Extra Demon territory. He was wearing a mask and was covered from head to toe. It would look suspicious for someone of his stature to be caught in a place like this.

He arrived at the Extra Demon City of Makki. The city was famous for being one of the livelier of the Extra Demon cities. Even having flashing lights and loud music playing in the streets.

Sirzechs made his way to a abandon looking building where he would be meeting him.

"Good to see you Sirzechs. Glad your old age isn't taking a toll on your sense" the man joked with a laugh.

The man looked like he was in his early 20s with long black hair and gold eyes. He was wearing golden 19th century looking Chinese armor and had a sword around his waist. "Susanoo…" Sirzechs said.

The man smiled and rose. He stepped over to the window and looked down at the devils below him, they all looked happy like they were celebrating some sort of festival.

"Grandfather of Levi Lucifer's wife, Asuna." Sirzechs said.

"You can stop with this charade. We both know they weren't married. My daughter and Rizevim's son were both whores. They slept around without a care of what kind of monster they would bring in the world" Susanoo said with a cold smirk.

"You wanted to see me?" Sirzechs said.

"Yes, because I heard you gave Yusei a set of evil pieces." Susanoo then turned to Sirzechs. Sirzechs knew he stood a pretty good chance against Susanoo. But he could feel another presence in the room that would be a game changer. Only someone like Ajuka or Serafall would be able to level the playing field.

"Who else is here?" Sirzechs asked narrowing his eyes at Susanoo. "I was informed this meeting would be between the two of us".

"He insisted" Susanoo said with a grin. "Gadreel".

Sirzechs stopped dead in his tracks. The man walked from the back room. He had spiky white hair, and was dressed in silver armor and an eye patch over his left eye. It was the one and only Gadreel, older brother of Azazel.

Gadreel wasn't like most angels who feel due to lust he feel for committing stone cold murder of another angel. And that eye patch was a reminder of what Levi Satan Lucifer did to him all those years ago.

"Sirzechs, I heard you became a Maou. Congrats" Gadreel said coldly.

"You two formed an alliance?" Sirzechs asked looking between the two. When a God from another religion and a fallen angel got together…you knew it wouldn't be good.

"I'm not here to fight Sirzechs…yet. I'm merely here to give my grandson a present" Susanoo said with a smirk.

"What intentions could you have for Yusei?" Sirzechs almost shouted as he glared at the Chinese God.

"There's a girl known as Maria, an angel hybrid. Make her into Yusei's queen" Susanoo said giving Sirzechs a threatening smirk.

"Why should I trust you?" Sirzechs asked back glaring back at the God. Susanoo was asking Sirzechs to find some random angel and turn her into a mutation queen for no reason. "She's just an average fallen".

"Oh no…she's not a fallen" Susanoo said grinning at Sirzechs.

"Then how can she be part human?"

"She's immune to the Holy System Control" Gadreel said with a straight face.

Sirzechs looked between the two hoping this was some kind of sick joke. "How can something like that…even be possible?" Sirzechs glared.

"Her mother was Aerith Genova, you remember her? The angel my daughter and Serafall killed during the conclusion of the Civil Wars. The Angel who cursed God's name but still couldn't fall, the angel of angel. The Calamity of the Sky. The one who could defeat Gabriel herself?" Susanoo said with a smirk.

Sirzechs angrily clenched his fists. That angel…it was supposed to be erased from existence. "The one who practice spirit summoning" Sirzechs said. She was a threat to the balance between angels, devils, and fallen angels. A disgusting disgrace that should've stayed dead and gone; now she had a daughter. "How is that possible?" Sirzechs yelled angrily.

"An exorcist" Susanoo said. "An exorcist by the name of "The Smiling Monster". Sirzechs didn't know if it was hate or regret surging through his veins but frankly he didn't give a shit.

"I executed him myself" Sirzechs said. He was the one who killed…

"Grayfia younger sister. Yes" Susanoo said with a smirk. "You let them mate under your nose and now this child is going to roam free unless you tame her".

Sirzechs felt he should just execute the girl. He wasn't talking about a regular girl…what they had was a monster…who was the daughter of two monsters.

"Where is she?" Sirzechs asked.

"I'm not going to allow you to execute her" Susanoo said with a smirk.

"Why not?" Sirzechs asked.

"Because, she's the perfect bridge between angels, human, and when she's reincarnated devil. I won't allow a perfect weapon to be killed" Susanoo answered.

"Fine, I'll throw her in the Cocytus. Just tell me where she is".

"Yeah…I'm not going to allow that either. She either becomes a servant of Yusei or I allow her to roam around free. Take it or leave it" Susanoo said with a grin.

Sirzechs was pissed off. She was probably going to be as psychotic as her two parents. But he had to do something…he couldn't let her run around free. "Deal but…I'm going to use Divine Water on her" Sirzechs said.

"But that'll limit her powers…" Susanoo whined rather childishly.

"Better than death or the Cocytus" Sirzechs glared.

"I guess you're right" Susanoo said with a smirk shrugging his shoulders. Susanoo then pulled a map out of his pocket. "Find her, here" Susanoo then handed Sirzechs a map.

"Is that all?" Sirzechs asked wanting to get this meeting over with.

"Have you ever seen a true Leviathan?" Gadreel asked with a smirk.


Suddenly before Sirzechs could react a giant water serpent feel down on the parading Extra Demons who started running or fighting it. "DAMN IT" Sirzechs shouted angrily as he ran out of the building to kill the monster and save the Extra Demons.

Susanoo and Gadreel then laughed before the two disappeared in a magic sigil. 'Eventually all my pieces will be in place' Susanoo thought as he was gone in a flash of light.

"Rias we're lost" Seekvaira said crossing her arms in a childish manner. The four had been walking around the Familiar Forest for what seemed like two whole hours.

The only one who had a familiar was Bell who had a bunny in her hands. "I'm not lost" Rias said firmly as the group continued to walk.

"~you're such a cute bunny, yes you are, yes you are~" Bell said as she continued to tickle the bunny.

Yusei watched her with a smile. 'I hope I can find one that's cool…maybe with lasers' Yusei thought with a smile.

"HEY, IS ANYONE OUT HERE?" Rias shouted at the top of her lungs.

"I thought you were lost"

Rias glared at Seekvaira who had a small smile on her face. "I'm not…I'm um…making sure another group isn't" Rias said firmly.

"Yeah sure, let's go with that" Seekvaira said.

*CAW* *CAW* *CAW* Rias turned around to see a smiling Finn with a hawk on his shoulder.

"Wow cool, is that your new familiar?" Yusei asked with a smile.

"Yep, his name's Hawkeye" Finn said with a smirk. He thought it was odd name…one more fit for a super hero or something but the name came to his mind after he finished the ritual.

"Where are Sairaorg…and Cerina?" Rias asked with a pouty expression mad that she still hasn't found a familiar.

"Sairaorg and Cerina went back to the picnic area with Sona's group. I came out here to find you guys" Finn explained before turning to Seekvaira. "And I found the perfect familiar for you" Finn said.

The group then followed Finn to a hot spring like ravine. It was hot to the point that the five devil children started to sweat.

"Here we are" Finn said with a grin. The other four looked around in confusion at the ravine.

"Umm…Finn…what are we supposed to see?" Bell asked still holding the bunny in her hands.

Finn turned to her with a smile. He had met her when she first started working for Ajuka so the two had a semi-relationship with each other.

"Watch" Finn said pointing to the water. "Come out Dragon" Finn shouted. The water glowed until a green Chinese dragon came from the water.

"Amazing" Rias and Yusei said in unison as they stared at the dragon. The two turned to Seekvaira who had a wide grin on her face.

"Your families hate dragons, but you and Marcellus seem to have a fascination with them. This dragon's name is Avian, he would like to become your familiar" Finn explained as he looked at the smile on Seekvaira's face.

"How strong are you?" Seekvaira asked the dragon with interest.

The dragon flew into the air before it flew past the group at amazing speed and destroyed a whole row of trees. "I'm the strongest dragon in these parks. I may be young but with enough training I can defeat even the great Dragon King Tanin" the dragon said cockily with a laugh.

Seekvaira knew the dragon would make an excellent familiar but a career as a familiar only went so far, she had something else planned for the dragon.

"How would you like to become my queen?" Seekvaira asked holding up her evil piece.

"Wait a second" Finn said in shock. "Isn't this being a bit rash?" he asked with a nervous smile.

"He's strong, fast, and he has potential. His career as a devil will go much farther than a ordinary familiar" Seekvaira said with a smile.

"What about your family?" Rias asked nervously. Seekvaira's family, the Agares clan had a certain hatred of dragons since the Great War. How would they take their daughter turning one into a queen.

"I have perfected transformation magic" Avian said with a cocky grin. A puff of white smoke covered the air and then the dragon became a small boy, about nine years old with long greenish hair and gray eyes and…

"Jeez" Bell said her face turning red as she quickly turned away. Seekvaira's and Rias's faces also turned red as Finn and Yusei simply laughed nervously.

"Is something wrong?" Avian asked a little confused looking at the expression on the five devil's faces.

"You're naked" Finn said with a sigh. He quickly pulled off his jacked and tossed it to the boy. Avian wrapped it around his waist causing the girls to calm down.

"As devils and a queen at that, you can't walk around naked. You must wear clothes at all times" Seekvaira said trying to sound serious and mature.

"Man, that blows" Avian said scratching the back of his head.

"You'll get the hang of it" Yusei said smiling at the dragon in human form. Seekvaira then let out a sigh as she put the evil queen piece to Avian's chest.

"I wish to turn Avian the dragon into a servant of the Agares clan. May he rise from reincarnation and be reborn as a devil that will serve me now and for years to come" after finishing the chant the piece was absorbed into Avian's chest and he passed out.

"Great, now she has a queen too" Rias pouted angrily stomping her foot on the ground.

"Where are you going to hide him?" Yusei asked.

The whole group sat there stump. "I didn't think about that…" Seekvaira said with a sigh.

"We can just hide him in the city and wait a few days to bring him to your palace. So your parents won't get suspicious" Finn said.

"Great idea" Seekvaira said happily already knowing the perfect hotel he could stay at undetected.

"Now don't we still need familiars" Yusei said with a smile turning to the others.

"I have a queen, I'm ok with that for now" Seekvaira said with a smile.

"Aww great, now I don't have a familiar and a queen" Rias whined as she began crying comical tears.

"HI THERE ALL YOU CRAZY DEVILS" Rias then felt something land on her head and she screamed. The person jumped off and it looked to be a girl with bat wings and brown hair.

"I am bat girl and I am here to solve your problems" the girl said enthusiastically as she did a bunch of crazy poses.

"Umm…ok…" Finn said confused.

"What seems to be the problem red head?" the Bat Girl asked smiling at Rias.

"I *sniff* don't have a queen *sniff* or a familiar *sniff* AND ALL MY FRIENDS DO" Rias screamed as she began to cry and thrash her arms out crazily. "Oh yeah, Yusei doesn't either" she said before going back to crying and thrashing.

"Well, I know the perfect person to help you" the Bat girl said with a smile as she pulled something out of her head and it was a small black egg.

"This is a bat familiar, when it hatches you will have a powerful familiar, you can have her for ten bloodstones" the Bat Girl said with a smile.

"Wait…why would you sell one of your own" Finn asked looking at the situation from a logical standpoint.

"DEAL" Rias shouted handing the bat girl the money. The bat girl quickly ran off laughing like a mad woman.

"Yes" Rias said holding the black "egg" happily in her hands.

Yusei, Bell, Seekvaira, and Finn did an anime face fault as Rias excitedly bounced the egg in her hands.

It was Yusei who decided to let her down. "Rias…that's a rock" Yusei said with a sigh.

"Nun-Un" Rias said with a grin as she shook the egg in her hands. "I'm going to take you home and give you lots and lots of candy when you hatched and we'll be best friends and go on exciting adventures together and-"

The black "egg" then fell out of her hands and hit the ground…without breaking. "Oh no…" Rias said as tears welled in her eyes. "I killed it".

"It's a rock stupid" Seekvaira said with a sigh.

"You're stupid" *Sniff* *Sniff* Rias said finally realizing she had been tricked.

"Let's just go back to the camp area. You can find another familiar another day" Finn said with a smile. The group of six, counting the dragon queen on Seekvaira's back made their way back to the camp where the other children were happily playing with their new familiars.

"It's no fair" Rias whined as she walked toward her cousin Sairaorg who was practicing punches with his new Undine.

"What's wrong with you?" Kyo asked. He had a grin on his face as he walked towards Rias. The problem was the thing behind him…

"You disgust me" Rias said glaring at Kyo as the girl behind him nervously latched onto his leg. She was a small girl with purple hair and red horns on her head and long silver hair.

"Hey the body wants what the body-"before Kyo could finish Sona smacked him in the back of his head.

"Idiot" Rias said with a sigh. Sona had a turtle in her hands, Marcellus a…rooster looking familiar, and Cerina Amon, a fox.

"Wow…you got a really rare one" Yusei said in excitement as he looked at the fox in Cerina's hand.

Cerina stared at Yusei as her face turned bright red. 'This is the boy…my parents want me to…'

"Stay away from her Yusei; she wants you to do the dirty thing with her" Rias said glaring at Cerina as she grabbed Yusei and spun him behind her.

"No…I wasn't thinking like that" Cerina said as she put her head down.

"Quite being such a baby Rias, other girls are allowed to talk to Yusei too" Sona said firmly.

"Yeah, he may be your brother but he's our friend" Seekvaira said firmly.

Rias stuck her tongue at the both of them as she hugged onto Yusei tightly. "He's allowed to talk to me and Sona only…so all of you back off"

"Hey Rias…where's your familiar?" Marcellus asked noticing her and Yusei were the only ones without one.

"Oh…um…" Rias's face turned red as she thought back to the black rock. 'If I ever find that dumb bat girl I'll annihilate her'.

"She got tricked into buying a rock that she thought was an egg" Bell said with a smirk.

"WHY YOU" Rias shouted as her friends laughed at her blatant stupidity.

"ENOUGH" the whole area got quiet as one person in the room spoke, Grayfia. "Has anyone seen Kale and his group" Grayfia asked the young devils in front of her.

"I saw him and his group at the edge of the barrier earlier" one boy shouted.

"No they were in the mountainous region hunting for a youkai"

"I heard Kale say he was going to go find a Hydra or Tiamat" another kid said.

Grayfia glared at the boy causing him to shrink. "Why wouldn't you tell me he planned on leaving the barrier to hunt for a Hydra" Grayfia practically shouted almost causing the kid to cry.

'This is bad…I can't have another accident like last time' Grayfia thought with a sigh.

"Spread out, and find them quickly. In his group was Takashi Barbotos and Ravel Phenex" Grayfia informed the class.

The Phenex daughter, the famous family who got rich off their dealing in the famous Phenex tears with the eldest heir being one of the top ten of Rating Games and the second son owning a studio company.

The kids spread out far and wide to find the group. Even the Familiar master stopped what he was doing to help find the group.

After searching for an hour it suddenly started to rain in the familiar forest. "THIS IS STUPID" Kyo shouted angrily.

"It's weird that Grayfia or the familiar master can't simply sense out their demonic energy" Marcellus said.

"I don't know why, but I feel something is wrong" Sona said having to remove her glasses in order to see.

"Maybe we should meet back at the campsite" Sona suggested. The three nodded and decided to head back.


Yusei decided to split up from everybody in order to find the three faster. It was taking forever in this giant forest and now with the rain pouring only made it harder.

"KALE" Yusei shouted as he ran through the dense forest to find the three. After searching for a while he finally made his way to the barrier Grayfia put in place but to his shock a fragment of it was broken off.

"This is stupid…he wouldn't" Yusei thought. "Besides he couldn't" Yusei added trying to talk himself out of crossing the barrier.

"HELP" Yusei's eyes widened in shock as he heard Kale scream from the other side of the barrier.

"KALE?" Yusei wasted no time and sprinted out of the barrier and when he made his way across it he was shocked to see Kale cornered by a Hydra and Ravel and Takashi Barbotos, the boy who ahd tried to trick him out of his mutation pawns from earlier laying on the ground covered in their blood.

"KALE" Yusei ran towards him and past the Hydra who surprisingly didn't even attack him. "Come on we have to get out of here" Yusei went for Kale's hand and to his surprise his hand went through him.


*BANG* Yusei then felt the world around him black out as he heard laughing from behind him. "I knew today would be the day"

~A Few Minutes Later~

Yusei opened his eyes to see a smirking Barbotos and grinning Belphegor standing over him. "Glad to see you're alright" Kale said with a laugh as he looked down at Yusei who was tied up.

"What?" Yusei asked confused. Just a few minutes ago Barbotos was on the ground unconscious and covered in his own blood.

"He's kind of cute…do you really have to hurt him?" Yusei in shock turned to see Ravel Phenex standing there with her arms crossed in a bored fashion.

"I'm going to do more than hurt him" Kale said with a grin.

"Did you like my illusion back there?" Yusei turned to see Barbotos with a smirk on his face. "Pretty neat huh? The ability to cast illusion, it's my family's clan ability. That and the ability to break barriers like paper" he added as a pink sigil appeared in his hand.

"What do you want with me?" Yusei said struggling to get the rope from around his wrists.

"I wanted two mutation pawns" Barbotos said calmly.

"I want you dead" Yusei turned in shock to Belphegor who had a disgusted expression on his face. "To think that a Maou cares so much about a disgusting HYBRID" Kale then kicked Yusei in the face causing him to fall to the dirt.

"YOU'RE WEAK, STUPID, PATHETIC, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING, DISGUSTING" Kale screamed as he continued to kick Yusei over and over again causing blood to start to pour from his face.

"That's enough" Ravel said pushing Kale out of the way. "You said you were going to fight him. Not beat him up while he was down" the blonde shouted angrily.

"I didn't sign up for this" Barbotos said with a scared and shocked look on his face.

Kale then laughed crazily "I could end you right now" he then pulled a knife out of his back pocket.

"No you're not" Ravel said with a stern and angry look on her face.

"I know I'm not" Belphegor said with a grin.

[Hydra] suddenly a red sigil appeared under the ground and a giant dragon with seven heads started thrashing wildly and destroying the place not even paying attention to the four.

Kale then went behind Yusei and pulled off the rope around his arms. "You see I'm not evil, I'm going to give you a chance to live" Kale explained.

A fire ball then appeared in Kale's hand and he tossed it at the Hydra causing it to scream wildly turning to the four and was about to attack if it wasn't for Barbotos creating a barrier.

"What are you doing?" Ravel asked angrily turning to Kale even Takashi looked angry as he glared at Kale.

"Are you crazy?" Takashi asked with an annoyed expression, he was using up all of his demonic energy to keep the pink barrier up from the Hydra that was thrashing angrily against it.

"Now here's the deal you kill the Hydra and I let you live" Kale said calmly. "I wanted it to be my familiar but since it can't be tame it's useless so it will either kill you or you will kill it".

"Are you crazy?" Ravel said grabbing Yusei's hand. "Come on, I'll take you back" she said. Yusei knew he would need their help to get back to the picnic area, he didn't even know if he was still in the same forest, for all he knows Kale could've teleported him somewhere.

"Not so fast blondie" Kale said grabbing Ravel's hand and pulling her away from Yusei. "We're leaving" before Yusei could react a ring of gray fire surrounded him.

"LET ME GO" Ravel screamed trying to pull herself away from the psycho but he wouldn't budge as he started to laugh.

"Good luck if you survive Yusei" Kale said sarcastically as a sigil appeared under him and the still struggling Ravel. Takashi looked at Yusei sadly knowing this situation had gone too far.

"Barbotos, you can either die with him or come with me. Either way, we both know he won't live" Kale said as he watched Yusei trying to get out of the ring of blue fire but it wasn't ordinary fire, it was demonic gray fire, which represented the sin gluttony, it would consume Yusei before he made it across.

Takashi looked at Yusei one last time before turning back to Kale. He then stepped forward and disappeared in his own family's sigil. After the three were gone, the flames around Yusei vanished. Yusei worriedly looked at the Hydra standing in front of him as Takashi's barrier broke.

"RRROARR" the Hydra growled before launching one of its head at Yusei. On instinct Yusei jumped out of the way and began sprinting. The Hydra angrily chased after him and the Nine heads shooting fire as he ran from it.

"I have to get help" Yusei thought as he continued to run from the Hydra hell bent on devouring him.


"This is the worst day of my life, first Seekvaira gets a queen before me, then I get tricked into buying an egg that turned into a rock, and now I CAN'T FIND YUSEI" Rias whined.

"Fufufu, I can't believe I was able to trick that dumb devil girl so easily" Rias turned to the bush that was rustling in anger as she heard money being counted. "If I go to the Demon City I can buy, ten thousand pounds of ice cream with this" a voice squealed happily.

'Not on your life' Rias lunged into the bushes and tightened her arms around the figure.

"Hey what the hell are you doing?" Rias looked up as her face became red.

"It's you" they both cried in unison. Rias glared at the bat girl with her arms still wrapped around her.

"LET ME GO, LET ME GO, LET ME GO" the Bat Girl shouted as Rias held tightly to her waist.

"No, you tried to cheat me and now I'm going to make you my familiar" Rias shouted.

"You're stupid if you think I'm going to allow that" The Bat Girl countered as she tried to ram Rias into the tree but she caused herself to fall to the ground.

Rias then stood on top of the girl's stomach. "Pwease become my familiar, pretty pwease with sugar on top" Rias said making a puppy dog expression.

"What's in it for me?" the Bat Girl said. She tried struggling against Rias but she was too strong and the Bat Girl was pinned.

Rias thought for a second "I'll give you all the sweets you want" the Bat Girl's eyes sparkled excitedly.

"Well you got yourself a familiar" the Bat Girl said shooting Rias a thumb up.

"Great, now I just need to find my dear Yusei" Rias said putting her hand under her forehead.

"I can find him for you" the familiar bat girl then transformed into a demon bat and started flying through the air with Rias excitedly following her.

"Don't worry Yusei-Chan, I AM COMING" Rias shouted.


Yusei turned around and shot a small blast of demonic energy at the Hydra. He didn't have any control over his power of unholy light so his only hope was to rely on his minimal use in demonic energy to survive.

The Hydra shot another head at Yusei but he jumped out of the way and the head went crashing into a tree. The other eight heads grew angry and fired fire at Yusei who quickly tumbled out of the way as he continued to run.

"What am I supposed to do?" Yusei thought as he continued to run from the deranged monster.

[You have to fight] Yusei was shocked at the sounds and looked around the area and back at the Hydra but there was nobody speaking he continued to run with the giant Hydra chasing after him.

[*Sigh* Guess I'm going to have to do the fun part] Yusei suddenly felt his body being taken over like he was being possessed. Black streaks ran down Yusei's eyes and arms as power flowed inside him.

"YOU WANT TO FIGHT?" Yusei said with a smirk. One of the Hydra head's launched at Yusei and he jumped over it into the air. Another head rushed to Yusei and he jumped over it before creating a blade of demonic energy and cutting it off.

"Pathetic" "Yusei" said with a cold laugh.

To his surprise the Hydra's head grew back and a blast of fire was shot at him. [Wings of Unholy Light] two black and gray wings made of diamonds shot out of Yusei's back and wrapped around him.

"DAMN…this body is too feeble" Yusei said as a small trickle of blood feel from his mouth. "I can't even use the Lucifer clan's ability".

"No matter" Yusei then smirked as he cupped his hands together. "Hydra, taste this" Yusei then started charging demonic energy in both hands. "Sorry Goku, it seems you might have some competition"

[KA ME HA ME-] "ME" [HAAAA] the blast of black and gray dark light shot straight at the Hydra enveloping it in a blast of black and gray energy. Yusei, who was in midair, started falling to the ground as blood poured from his mouth, eyes, and even through his hands.

"Shit…this body was too weak to take me…I'm going to have to…rest" Yusei landed on the ground. His skin turned to normal and the wings disappeared from his back.

"What's…going…on?" the real Yusei came to and he realized he was covered in blood and couldn't even stand. Yusei scanned his surrounding and he would've screamed if he could. The Hydra had regenerated and the eight heads were now shooting towards Yusei.


[Power of Destruction] [Cancel] [Lion Punch] Yusei opened his eyes to see a blast of red and black energy shooting at the Hydra but not only that, Sairaorg had punched the Hydra in its gut causing it to spit out some sort of purple goo. Finn hand was also on the Hydra's back as the Belial clan's sigil appeared on the spot.

Rias's blast of Destruction completely took off the Hydra's eight heads and some of the stomach…and half of the forest area around them.

"Sorry" Rias said blushing that she couldn't control her demonic energy yet. To Yusei's surprise the dragon wasn't healing as the lower portion of the body feel to the ground unconscious with purple blood oozing everywhere.

"My Belial ability Cancel, allowed me to cancel the Hydra's regeneration power temporarily…we should hurry" Finn explained.

"And Yusei looks like he needs medical attention" Sairaorg said pointing to the bloodied and bruised Yusei.

"Yusei…how did this happen?" Rias said grabbing Yusei and embracing him in a tight hug which was hurting him more.

"I-don't-know" Yusei said struggling to breath in her tight hug. All he remembered was running from the Hydra and then everything went black and when he woke up he was covered in blood.

Sairaorg in confusion noticed an egg embedded in the ground, it was a mixture of orange and blue. In confusion he picked it up and held it in his hands. 'Could this be Yusei's' he thought.

"We should go" Finn said grabbing Yusei, saving him from her hug of death. Magical sigils then appeared under the three as they quickly teleported to a hospital.


A woman with long silver hair wearing a blue and white French maid dress angrily walked through the castle of the four Great Satans. The servants knew not to mess with her and some even left the building as she headed towards Sirzech's office.

When she violently pushed the door open she saw Sirzechs casually lying on his desk. "Oh hey Grayfia, how was your day?" Sirzechs asked with a grin.

Grayfia calmly walked towards him and commanded that he stood. Sirzechs look at his wife in confusion but complied. Grayfia glared into his eyes and wanted to slap him if it wasn't for him being her master.

"Did you hear what happened to Yusei today? The whole Underworld is talking about it?" Grayfia asked angrily glaring at him.

"No…what?" Sirzechs asked.

"The Belphegor heir sent a eight headed Hydra to kill him" Grayfia said. "Rias and her friends found him burned all over and bloodied" Grayfia said.

Sirzechs looked at her in shock. "We cannot allow him to get away with such thin Sirzehcs" Grayfia said firmly.

Sirzechs let out a sigh, Kale was untouchable. He was the heir to a clan, and a member of the King faction. He was going to be protected, and if Zekram Bael sided with them, the Four Great Satans wouldn't even be able to stop his influence.

"You're right but there's nothing we can do" Sirzechs said knowing he would have to apologize to Yusei later.

"Now where have you been all day? I had a nurse call your office and our house while Yusei was in the hospital?" Grayfia asked.

Oh I was just…busy" Sirzechs said laughing nervously as he thought back to a few hours ago when he had to defeat the giant Leviathan monster. Grayfia peered her eyes at him wondering why he wouldn't tell her.

"Alright, I'm going to go check on Yusei in the hospital" Grayfia said before walking away.

Sirzechs thought back to his old friends, Levi Satan Lucifer and Asuna. "How could you both leave such a complicated boy behind. I wish I knew how you would want your son to be".

[He's fine Sirzechs, don't push him so hard]

Sirzechs eyes widen in shock as he scanned his whole room. "Must be some weird…day dream" the Maou thought as he went back to relaxing from his long day.


"Open wide Yusei" Rias said in a sing song voice as the spoonful of soup was shoved in his mouth.

"We should kick Belphegor's ass" Kyo said swiping the pudding from Yusei's bed and grabbing a spoon.

"He's right" Sona said snatching it from Kyo and setting it back down. "That little psycho tried to mess with our friends and we should mess with him".

"And we should get revenge for what he did to Sairaorg's queen" Marcellus added.

"I don't think revenge would be a good idea" the nine kids turned to the door to see a smirking Ajuka…Maou Beelzebub.

"Beelzebub-Sama" the nine kids bowed their heads and Ajuka turned to his young apprentice, Bell Cimerius and grinned.

"So how has everyone day been going?" he asked casually.

"Fine until Belphegor tried to kill Yusei" Finn said angrily.

Ajuka frowned as he thought of the kid. "You should just leave that psycho path alone" Ajuka said with a sigh. "He's not worth it and I'm sure after hearing about how Yusei defeated a Hydra, he won't be so quick to mess with him again. His family is from the King faction; it would be an endless endeavor to try to get him back and could end up causing a civil war." Beelzebub explained.

"We understand" Yusei said calmly.

"So what brings you here Master Ajuka?" Bell asked wondering why he would come.

"Well, Yusei demonstrated the ability to defeat a high class Hydra, I think he deserves a reward" Ajuka then pulled out a mutation knight evil pieces and handed it to Yusei.

Yusei smiled as he took the piece "I'll be able to free Kaneki now" he said.

"No fair, we defeated the monster" Rias whined.

"Well, he did hold it off by himself for a while; we only defeated it because of a sneak attack" Finn countered with a grin.

"Now he gets three knights" Kyo said with a grin. "So when I kick your ass in a Rating Game now you'll have no excuses" Kyo added.

Yusei smiled and nodded as he looked at the crimson glowing red piece in his hand. 'I'm going to release Kaneki from that place…finally'

"Yusei…" everyone turned to Sairaorg who held up the egg in his hands. "Is this thing yours?" he asked casually.

"No…I never seen that thing before" Yusei said looking at the egg. Yusei didn't know why but he felt it screaming to him.

Sairaorg handed it to Yusei and Yusei looked at the egg in his hand in confusion. Yusei's eyes then turned red as the room started to glow.

"What's going on Yusei?" Rias asked looking at him in confusion.

The egg then hatched and out popped of all things…a purple ghost looking phantom.

"Well…glad you got your familiar Yusei." Sona said.

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