6. Pawns (2)

Name- Light UlrichRace- 1/4 Angel and Devil Peerage ranking- Pawn x4+mutation piece

Is a pawn and a mid-class devil. Is mostly a loner and stays away from the kids there.

Appearance- Is a handsome boy with spiky blonde hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a white sleeveless t-shirt, and beige cargo shorts that go past his knees and red sneakers.

Personality- Is mostly off to himself and usually hates being in a large group or around people. Lives with Gray and his mansion and attends the same school as Lisa Hartfield.

History- He was a orphan who was raised in a church's orphanage but was treated like a outcast so he ran away. Gray found him three years later fighting off a stray devil and liked his abilities and perfection with light spears and lightning magic so he convinced him to join his peerage.

Powers & Abilities-

1.Light spears- Being part angel he has the ability to make weapons out of light

2.lightning magic + sound magic- his special variation of magic combining the two to do mass destruction and damage

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