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Lightning Judgment
Kana 黙示録の雷ライトニングジャッジメント
Romaji Raitoningu Jajjimento
Other Names Lightning of the Apocalypse
Type Rephaite Class, Lightning Type Annihilation Gear
Abilities Breakdown
Divine Retribution
Night of Light
Wielder(s) Giichi


Lightning Judgment, also known as Lightning of the Apocalypse, is a Lightning Type Annihilation Gear. Lightning Judgment is, too, a Top-Class Annihilation Gear, making her a [Rephaite]. The being sealed inside Lightning Judgment is female.



Seemingly, [Lightning Judgment]'s form, while [Breakdown] is activated, isn't seen, although the user gets enveloped by lightnings.

Zhū NǎiEdit

[Lightning Judgment], while [Zhū Nǎi] is activated, takes the appearance of a young, busty, tall, beautiful, white-skinned, woman. [Lightning Judgment]'s Human appearance's bust is very big, about three times her head, each breast. [Lightning Judgment]'s Human appearance is very tall, for a woman, about one-hundred-seventy-five centimeters tall. [Lightning Judgment]'s hair is a very long, ponytail-style, beautiful black hair.



Breakdown: An ability, similar to the Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker, yet, in the same time, it has a chant, making it similar to the Sacred Gear's Juggernaut Drive. Anymore information hasn't been given. Lightning Judgment's chant is:

O Lighting, O! Judge and kill! Fudge and make them feel!

For all and every light! For you are the might!

Lightningify and signify! Give me the life of a [Lullaby]!

Enlighten me and realize! Frighten he who ties!

Divine RetributionEdit

Divine Retribution: An ability that creates a super gigantic lightning in the form of a dragon, which spits out lightning.

Night of LightEdit

Night of Light: An ability that covers the whole sky with Lightning Judgment herself, allowing her to release very powerful lightnings.

Zhū NǎiEdit

[Zhū Nǎi]: An ability that releases "the true" [Lightning Judgment] out of the [Annihilation Gear]. While [Zhū Nǎi] is activated, [Lightning Judgment] takes a Human appearance.


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