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Liu Bei
Liu Bei, the White Tiger
Kana 劉備
Romaji Ryūbi (traditional japanese)
Liú Bèi (Pinyin)
Race Human
Nicknames White Tiger Queen (Byakko)
Guardian of the West (Byakko)
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Blue
Equipment Shinsei-Jutsu
White Tiger Claws
Personal Status
Relatives Liu Bei (Ancestor)
Unnamed Parents
Unnamed Grandfather
Affiliations Order of the Sacred Fists
Status Alive

Liu Bei is the descendant of the original Liu Bei, one of the Three Warlords from the Three Kingdoms era. Born in the Order of the Sacred Fists, an organization in Tibet that trains humans to fight against the evil being within the supernatural. Liu Bei wields one of the Four Guardian-Type Sacred Gears, the White Tiger Claws, which houses one of the Sacred Beasts of China, the White Tiger, Bai Hu. 

Soon became the Vanguard of the Jade Emperor, Yù Huáng, the Lord of Heaven in the Chinese Patheon. Liu Bei appears in the FanFiction The Magic Knight.


Liu Bei is an attractive young woman with long blue hair that reaches to her back, which she normally keeps tied in a ponytail using orange bangs and matching blue eyes. Like most of the high-ranking members of the Sacred Fist, she has a small light blue tattoo under the outer corner of her left eyes and she possesses fairly large breasts. As a member of the Sacred Fists, she wears pure white martial arts clothing with a black sash tied around her waist.


Liu Bei is a generally a "happy-go-lucky girl", who enjoys being around both her friends and loved ones. Liu Bei also enjoys to have fun whenever she gets the opportunity, but she can sometimes forget about the assignment that she was working on. Much Like her answer Liu Bei is incredibly benevolent and shows great compassion towards all people even those who she doesn't know, but they all describe that it's easy to connect with her.

Some of the people who worked with her in the Order of the Sacred Fist also describes her as being somewhat naive, as she believes that all people are capable of being reformed no matter what crime that they comment. However, on the hand, Yù Huáng had stated that he loves the fact that she still holds that fate in the humanity of others.

Though some people may see her as being in naive, she can also be brutal against those who would dare harm that innocent as shown through her constant disagreements with Cao Cao's view on all supernatural beings. Despite her being in the Order of the Sacred Fists since she was a little girl and the descendant of a Hero, she has never born any harsh feelings towards Devils, Fallen Angels or other creatures unlike the rest of the Hero Faction.



Liu Bei making her introduction

Liu Bei was born in Tibet and was later raised within the compounds of the Sacred Fists by her grandfather after it was revealed that she had a talent for fighting. As a child, she was trained every day to learn how to fight and how to properly wield her chi. At the age of seven, she had awakened her Sacred Gear and was able to almost instantly connect to the ferocious creature that was sealed inside. After her basic training was completed, Liu Bei became a part of the elite members and began to learn more advanced Chinese Martial Arts that including learning Seijutsu.

Around the age of fourteen, she had begun to wonder what it was like in the outside world and what it would be like to interact with other people who were her age. Wanting to know more about the outside world, she had asked her grandfather, who had traveled around the world himself. He had described the world as being filled with wondrous life and people, with several places that were great to explore and is filled with foods that were hard to describe.

Liu Bei then asked, "What was it like to fall in love grandpa?" And he answers, "For your mother whom you resemble greatly, she knew that she wanted to be with your father after she saw the conviction that was in his eyes." Liu Bei looked at him with a confused expression on her face, which caused her grandfather to laugh loudly.He then elaborated by stating, "True conviction, is having that look of compassion and the everlasting resolve to never give into any threat, not for themselves, but for those they hold dear to them." After hearing that Liu Bei beamed out of excitement and declared that she'll only marry the one with those eyes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Shinsei-Jutsu: Liu Bei is a master of Shinsei-Jutsu, as such she is capable of masterly channeling her chi to further augment her physical strength. This style was invented to primarily cause damage to evil beings and monsters along with harming those of evil intent. As one of their top fighters, Liu Bei can use highly advanced and destructive techniques. In fact, the sheer level of chi that she possesses has been stated to be almost monstrous.

Rana stops a bus with her hands

Liu Bei stopping a bus.

Immense Strength: Liu Bei's most dangerous trait is her immense, in the past, she could fight against several high-tier monsters with nothing but pure brute force. Using just her bare hands, Liu Bei can break through the defenses of creatures with incredibly dense exterior bodies. During an escorting mission in a largely populated city, she had walked in the middle of the streets without paying attention to the street signal and was almost hit by an upcoming bus, before stopping it with her bare hands. When this is combined with either her Seijutsu techniques or Sacred Gear, she can cause a slight tremor. Her strength caused her to be known as the Strongest Woman among the Sacred Fists and allowed her to become the Vanguard of the Jade Emperor.

Immense Speed: Liu Bei has an insane level of speed that is at a higher level than a Knight of even Kiba's caliber. Even without using her sacred gear activated, Liu Bei can create many life-like after-images of herself to confuse her opponents.

Immense Durability: From her training in the 'Order of the Sacred Fist', Liu Bei gained a great deal of endurance, which is increased due to her channeling her chi throughout her body. She can fight through crowds of enemies without taking much damage and she can stop a bus without any visible injuries on her hand.

Immense Stamina: Liu Bei has gained a large amount of stamina, due to the years of harsh training within the Order of the Sacred Fist. And in the end, she can maintain her Balance Breaker for almost a month.

Immense Combat Skill: Despite being a human who is normally weaker than other beings among the supernatural, Liu Bei has proven many times that she can take on High-Class Devils without assistance from others and is even capable of taking on an Ultimate-Class Devil.

Master Combatant: Training in the Order of the Sacred Fist, Liu Bei has gained high levels of knowledge about all forms of Chinese Martial Arts and has mastered each of them. Being capable of pressuring opponents that others wouldn't be capable of fighting on their own. 


White Tiger Claws (白の虎の神聖な軍備ワイトタイガークローズ, Waitotaigākurōzu): Liu Bei's Sacred Gear and main weapon. White Tiger Claws is one of the 4 Guardian-Type Sacred Gears, which carries the spirit of the White Tiger, the Western Tiger, Bai Hu, one of the four Guardian Sacred Beasts. And each of them has been stated to be on par with the Five Dragon Kings, it takes the form of two white gauntlets on her arms with two red jewels on the back of her hands along with two white thigh-high boots. The gauntlets have the ability to generate a powerful shockwave through her fists, while the boosts increase both her speed and agility.

  • White Tiger: Sacred Armor (白虎の神聖鎧ワイトタイガーセークリッドアーマー, Waito Taigā Sēkuriddo Amā): Is the original Balance Breaker of the White Tiger Claws. It creates a white tiger-themed armor that covers her entire body and adds the power of the White Tiger, Bai Hu to their own, which results in a tremendous increase in their own strength, speed, mobility, and defense. She's also capable of generating a larger shockwave through her attacks and she is capable of using her Seijutsu in this form.
  • Heavenly White Tiger Empress (白虎皇后ヘブンリー・ワイト・タイガー・エンプリス, Hebunrii Waito Taigā Empurisu): Is an evolved form of White Tiger Claws' Balance Breaker and gained after she had achieved a deeper level of her Sacred Gear. In this form, Liu Bei takes the appearance of a white tiger humanoid with black markings on her body, razor sharp claws, fangs along with a white tail. In this form, Liu Bei releases an overwhelming amount of chi from her entire body that causes the leaves around her to grow and then change color. She is capable of generating massive amounts of shockwaves capable of breaking the ground on contact and she was capable of tearing through several opponents at god-like speeds.


  • Liu Bei's character design is based off of Rana Lichen from the anime series Freezing. Along with her personality.
  • Liu Bei's bust size is B81-W56-H83.

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