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Lunamaria Aim/Matsuri Tsukihi
Kana ルナマリアエイム
Romaji Runamariaeimu
Tsukihi Matsuri(alias)
Race Pure-blooded devil
Nicknames Tsukihi-san(Ryuusei Amano)
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Orange
Equipment Magic clothes
Soul eater
Minus Maker
Personal Status
Relatives Lord Aim(Father)
Lady Aim(mother)
Unnamed older brothers
Ryuusei Amano(Boyfriend/partner)
Affiliations Kuoh academy
Classroom 13-Я
Status Alive
Ranking High-class devil
Lunamaria Aim(ルナマリアエイム; Runamariaeimu), alias Matsuri Tsukihi(月火祭り; Tsukihi matsuri) is one of the main protagonists of the fanfic DxD: haremonogatari, and the female lead of the story, being partners/girlfriend of the protagonist Ryuusei Amano. She's the younger child of the extinct Aim House of the 72 pillars, living in the human world since the extinction of her clan. Her biggest dream is to finally be strong enough to ressurect her clan and gain their respect back in the underworld.

Just like Ryuusei, she's a third student of Kuoh academy, belonging to Classroom 13-Я of demons and other supernatural creatures. She's also the responsible for Sairaorg Bael's lack of his inherit special ability, due to her Soul Eater ability.

Appearance Edit

Lunamaria is a fair-skinned, busty, elegant young woman of short, spiky bluish-grey hair, orange wide eyes in a constant bored expression and limited facial expressions. Ryuusei compares her to a hot-spring baboon regarding her appearance.

Just like any other student of Kuoh, Lunamaria uses the typical female uniform of black lined shirt, black corset-cape and magenta skirt. During her days off and weekends, she usually wears colored tank-tops with short jeans and bare feet.

Personality Edit

Fair point.

–Lunamaria's catchphrase.

Lunamaria is described as a 'walking contradiction'. Despite her high objectives and genuine desire to ascend to higher grounds of devil society despite her position as the heiress of a extinct House of Devils, she's an extremely lazy person, that doesn't bother to move a muscle in order to achieve such feats if it means doing any hard work. She's full aware that her laziness and procrestinating habits won't take her anywhere, and while feeling guilty about, she also doesn't put any effort to change such convictions. Her catchphrase is "Fair point", which she mutters everytime someone counter any arguments of her, further cementing her easily-manipulating and fragile personality. In truth to her mentality, Lunamaria also doesn't like overachieve people, suffering from 'Tall poppy syndrome', as she tries her best to badmouth high-class devils like Rias Gremory and stole Sairaorg Bael's Power of Destruction out of jealousy and for the fact he was part of the Bael family.
Ice Fire 2

Lunamaria defending her useless lover and harem partners.

However, Lunamaria isn't completely heartless, as she expresses a affable side with his boyfriend Ryuusei, treating him like a good friend despite also treating him like trash and calling him names. She both loves and hates him, nicknaming him her 'darling' despite also despising his extreme personality, which she considers adorable. She also has no problem with his harem, despite not liking yet being friends of all the girls in it. Ryuusei considers his relationship with Lunamaria complicated. She has been called the 'worst tsundere'. She's also strangely fond of her human alias, preffering to be called by her alias "Matsuri Tsukihi" instead of her real name.

It is also revealed that Lunamaria is a bookworm: she has a collection of total of 26,980,134 books of a single series, including spin-offs and illustration books, that she considers a sacred treasure and collect them all without complain, claiming that such passion and love for side-characters is both charming and passional. However, she doesn't bother to clean the room which she stores the said collection due to her personality.

History Edit

Lunamaria Aim is the youngest child of the extinct Aim house of devils, having two older brothers that are servants to the Astaroth house. Like her parents, she refused to serve other clan of devils, and so, they moved to the human world, with the plan to gather servants of their own and raise again in devil society. During some time in such period, Lunamaria assaulted Sairaorg Bael and stole from him his Power of Destruction out of jealousy.

She enrolled in Kuoh academy to find servants for her own peerage, but due to her laziness, she frequently skips classes to read at home. In the first week of school, Ryuusei Amano was assigned to deliver her homework, making her make her first friend and acquantance.

Plot Edit


Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense strength- Despite being born from a extinct clan of devils, Lunamaria has a vast amount of demonic power, being match with the current Rookie Four. However, she's too lazy to put some effort and train her current level of power.

Immense Intelect - A natural-born bookworm, Lunamaria has the ability to easliy absorbe information and has a photographic memory that notes even the slightlest and smallest details. She also has the ability to counter attacks on the wit, mastering the art of dodging. She also memorizes and uses several types of spells when the situations calls for it.

Soul Eater Edit

Real Eater

Soul Eater about to be use.

Soul Eater(ソウルイーター; Souruītā) is the Aim's signature ability. With it, the members of the Aim can 'steal and store' abilities and powers from others and pass them down to second individuals. Such ability is capable to steal normal abilities such as talents and intelect to inherit demonic abilities, like the Power of Destruction Lunamaria stole from Sairaorg. However, Soul Eater doesn't work with Sacred Gear users, thus they're rented useless against such types of foes. Lunamaria used such ability to steal Sairaorg's inherit ability of the power of destruction. She also stole a good portion of ichinose's light abilities and some other randoms abilities from other classmates.

Minus Maker Edit

Book Maker

Lunamaria using Minus Maker.

Lunamaria's very own technique. Minus maker(マイナスメーカー; Mainasumēkā) is a magic attack that takes the shape of a large distorted sword, in which Lunamaria uses to pierce her opponents. The ones successfully hit by it will have his or her hair turned white, and making all of their attributes a point under Lunamaria's own, including body, spirit, technique, intellect, and talent; all fall to match her own. Despite the victims having to be hit by said ability, Minus maker causes zero damage to them, only 'soiling their soul'. If the person hit by it is indeed under Lunamaria's level, however, that person will enter in a comatose state.

Quotes Edit

  • "Fair point..." - Lunamaria's catchphrase.
  • "Yay~, I have a boyfriend. That should be interesting." - Tsukihi commenting on her recently partnership with Ryuusei.
  • "I hate being your girlfriend. I love you." - Lunamaria's words to Ryuusei.

Trivia Edit

  • Lunamaria's images and appearance are based on the character Kujira Kuromaki/Naze Youka from the medaka box series. Zero maker is also based on the Minus Book Maker.
  • Lunamaria is, in a sense of comedy, a parody of a tsundere, a character with conflicting and contraditory personality traits. She pokes fun of this trope by being emotionless but demonstrating clashing characteristics.
  • She claims she has read her collection of books more than 5 times.
  • Just like Ryuusei, she doesn't interact with canon characters despite being part of the same timeline.
  • Her arc-word, favorite word and motto is "contratiction"(矛盾).

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