The events and power-ups Lyonel Mycenae gains throughout Highschool DxD: The King of Lions.

The Lion King's Awakening Edit

  • Lyonel meets his childhood friend, Vali Lucifer.
  • Lyonel encounters the Fallen Angel Dohnaseek, and awakens his Sacred Gear, Regulus Nemea.
  • Lyonel learns that Rias and the members of the Occult Research Club are Devils.
  • Lyonel receives a visit from the leader of Grigori, Azazel.
  • Lyonel begins his training with Vali to obtain his Balance Breaker.
  • Lyonel and Rias make love together and he claims her virginity.
  • Lyonel challenges Riser to a match with Rias's engagement on the line.
  • Lyonel trains for ten days with Vali and his team, and unlocks his sub-species Balance Breaker.
  • Lyonel fights and defeats Riser Phenex.
  • Lyonel and Rias confess their feelings and become a couple.

Rise of the Dark King Edit

  • Rias now lives with Lyonel and now has his own personal maid, Grayfia Lucifuge.
  • Lyonel spars with Tsubaki Shinra and wins.
  • Lyonel fights Lancelot and loses.
  • Lancelot and Jeanne invite Lyonel to join the Hero Faction.

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