Fallen Angels Edit

Azazel Edit

Lyonel and Azazel have a good father-son relationship with one another, but he gets annoyed whenever his father does his usual perverted antics. His father raised him after his mother was killed and helped teach him how to properly use his powers along with his Sacred Gear.

Raynare Edit

Raynare is Lyonel's lover and according to his father "first member of his harem".

Kalawarner Edit

Kalawarner is extremely loyal to Lyonel and has romantic affections for Lyonel. She enjoys to tease and flirt with Lyonel whenever Raynare or Rias are around.

Baraqiel Edit

Shemhazai Edit

Kokabiel Edit

Kokabiel's hatred towards Azazel also extends to Lyonel who is Azazel's son. His beliefs that Fallen Angels are the strongest race cause him to look down on Lyonel who is a half human-fallen angel hybrid.

Argos Team Edit

Vali Lucifer Edit

Vali is Lyonel's first and best friend and they sometimes compete with each other to see who is stronger. Lyonel and Vali met when they were younger after his father took him in and became a surrogate brother to Vali. Though he hates to admit it, Lyonel knows that Vali is still stronger than him, but believes that he will eventually surpass him one day.

Bikou Edit

While Lyonel acknowledges Bikou's strength, he does not have a close friendship with him like Vali does.

Arthur Pendragon Edit

Lyonel and Arthur have great respect for each other as leader and friend and are willing to fight together. While Bikou is often seen together with Vali, Arthur is usually seen together with Lyonel.

Le Fay Pendragon Edit

Lyonel has great respect in Le Fay's skills in the art of magic and has some affection for her.

Kuroka Edit

She has an attraction towards Lyonel and has developed strong romantic feelings for him.

Occult Research Club Edit

Student Council Edit

Four Great Satans Edit

Gremory Clan Edit

Phenex Clan Edit

Bael Clan Edit

Sairaorg Bael Edit

Sairaorg is the cousin of Rias who tried to recruit Lyonel into his peerage before he joined Kuoh Academy. He is known as the Strongest Young Devil. They both respect one another for training to get stronger and see each other as rivals, promising to meet again someday to fight each other.

Angels Edit

Khaos Brigade Edit

Regulus Edit

Regulus is the Nemean Lion known as the Lion King that is inside Lyonel's Sacred Gear/Longinus, Regulus Nemea. He acknowledges Lyonel's strength and considers him to be his greatest possessor. Regulus respects Lyonel for being the possessor who talks to him the most and not seeing him as a tool.

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