The Demon King
Race Devil
Nicknames The Demon King
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Equipment Special Armor
Personal Status
Relatives Unkown
Affiliations Himself
Status Alive
Ranking Devil
Mabus is the main Antagonist of DxD: Broken in Time written by Abbadon the Chaos King. Not much is known about him except that he is an extremely powerful Devil who usurped the role of the four great Maou.

Appearance Edit

Not much if anything is known about Mabus' true appearance under his armor, though there have been sighting that one of his eyes is like a drop of water in a sea of clouds and the other being a drop of blood in a sea of darkness. Though his outward appearance is that of an intimidating 7' tall figure clad in silver and very intricately designed armor with each crevice and joint of the armor leaking a radiant red glow. His helmet is designed to intimidate as his has a large mouth guard along with a large pair of horns on each side and a crown like display on his head that leaks red glow as well as pure red eyes. His most noticeable of features are his wings, being much larger then any other Devil, they are usually of this size to protrude his status of power among others.

Personality Edit

Mabus' main personality trait as given in the very beginning of the first chapter are that of disconnection from all things merciful. He is a very particularly cold person, not caring about status nor situation and above all else looks down upon mercy and cheesy speeches (usually similar to the ones given by Issei when you hurt his friends). He has no sense of morality really as he could care less even about his closest subordinates. He would risk many of his allies to achieve his objective.

History Edit

Immensely little is known about his back story so far, though it shrouds him in an interesting mist. How did he obtain his power? How did he become Demon King? So many questions yet to be answered.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Physical Ability: Being capable of doing things like killing Vali while in his Empireo Juggernaut Overdrive with little effort as well as being implied that he killed Sirzechs, one of the top 10 strongest beings in the world as well as the other Maou and many other Gods such as Michael, Son Wukong, and many others dictates that he is certainly on a whole other level then much of anyone shown so far in the canon series.

Immense Demonic Power: He has yet to show much of this but to have done the feats he was implied to in the story so far must imply his Demonic Power being on a level comparable to Super Devils and possibly beyond.

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