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Makai Armor is the armor forged for a Makai Knight to utilize in their war against the Horrors.

Characteristics & Description Edit

Mentioned in the Madō Book of Origins, the Makai Armors are a product from a plant grown from the seeds of Zedom, a legendary horror known as Massacring General, by the Makai Priests which Soul Metal is derived from. The Soul Metal are then forged into wolf-themed suits of armor, ultimately creating the Makai Knights. As Soul Metal-based weapons also serve as temporary vessels used for sealing Horrors after slaying them, the Makai Armor requires purification periodically after being used to slay Horrors. When a Makai Knight falls into darkness, the Armor's Soul Metal turns into Death Metal (デスメタル Desu Metaru) and will take up a dark and grotesque appearance.

A common rule when donning the Makai Armor is that no Makai Knight can wear his armor for more than 99.9 seconds as it would consume them or turn into Lost Soul Beasts (心滅獣身 Shinmetsu Jūshin) if influenced by their inner darkness. The time limit is also circumvented whenever a Makai Knight is fighting in the home realm of a Horror or any area with a particularly strong magical presence.

Makai Armor Lists Edit

Name Wielder
Garo Taiga Saezima (former), Kouga Saejima (former),

Raiga Saejima (former), Seiga "Motohama" Saejima (current)

Zyro Rei Suzumura (former), Reiji Suzumura (current)
Giga Alberto D. Jacques
Zen Edward Thompson
Fang Barago (former), Kiba (temporarily), Freed Sellzen (former), Frederic Deltan

Trivia Edit

  • Makai Armor is directly inspired from Garo series.

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