Marcellus Agares
"The Dragon Trainer"
Kana マーセラスアガレス
Romaji /mar-SELL-us/Agaresu
Race Pure Blooded Devil
Nicknames "Time Warrior" and "The Dragon Trainer"
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color red
Equipment none
Personal Status
Relatives Seekvaira Agares
Affiliations Kyo Dantalion and Sona Sitri (best friends) and his peerage
Status Alive
Ranking High-Class Devil

Marcellus Agares is a high-class devil from the Agares the Arch duke family and is the best friend of Kyo Dantalion and Sona Sitri. He is known as the "Dragon Trainer" due to, like his sister, has a unique fascination and interest in dragons. Every member of his peerage is either part dragon or a full-blooded dragon turned devil.

Appearance Edit

Marcellus is a handsome young man with long blonde hair reaching halfway to his neck and dark red eyes. He usually wears a black jacket with white accents (that resembles the Kuoh Academy blazer except with a hood), a black t-shirt, a black dog collar, black wrists bands around both hands, dark blue jeans, and black gym shoes.

He also is usually seen holding multiple pocket watches or has one around his neck like a necklace.

Personality Edit

Marcellus is usually a laid back and up beat person. He usually look at the bright side of things. He also loves to fight and has a fascination with dragons even wanting to marry one (his queen).

He gave up his family name because they wouldn't approve of him wanting to be with a dragon and because he believed his sister to be a better family head than him.

History Edit

The older twin brother of Seekvaira, originally the two were in competition for the clan. He met Kyo Dantalion when he was young and the two were best friends alongside Sona. He pursued a relationship with Sona a few years back but they gave it up due to a "conflict on interest".

Afterwards he fell in love with a dragon girl, making her his queen but his family wouldn't approve of him not marrying a pure blooded devil so he gave up his inheritance of the clan to his sister saying if she became a stronger fighter with her brain she would be a much better leader than him.

After leaving he left to the Dragon Cove where he spent time with his Queen and created a peerage composed of dragon hybrids to prove his family that they weren't "filthy and barbaric" creatures.

His peerage is known to be very strong for a young devil having won six games and only losing one.

Plot Edit

To be announced

Powers & Abilities Edit

1. Power over Time- a ability he inherited from his clan which gives him the power to distort someone's view of time (can't control time but can change a person's perception of it ex-make time seem like it's going faster or slower).

2. Gravity manipulation- magic that he developed after training for a long time, gives him the ability to control gravity (to an extent).

  • Telekinesis- can move objects using magic, can attract things or repel them
  • Personal gravity manipulation- user can manipulate their personal gravitational field, allowing them to make themselves heavy or light, cause themselves to fall toward any direction instead of the earth
  • Gravity Reios- a type of gravity manipulation that allows him to use gravity for close combat by surrounding his fist in gravity magic making the punches more devastating and heavier (harder) or lighter (faster) and can shoot blasts of gravity at opponents which causes them pain and immobilizes them
  • White hole creation- possesses the ability to create White holes (the opposite of black holes) which can shoot out weapons that he has stored inside of them

Equipment Edit

1. His only equipment is multiple swords and knives that he shoots out of his white hole ability

Trivia Edit

His gravity ability is based off of Bargo and Sherry from Zatch Bell and his ability to distort someone's perception of time is based off of Rolo from Code Geass

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