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Where do you think you're looking at, you jackass!? I swear that I will burn your manhood so bad that you wished you're born as a woman if you don't take your eyes from my chest in about 5 seconds!

–Marilyn threatens Nicholas when he was "admiring" her chest.

Marilyn A. Mercury
Mary Profile
The Crimson Magician
Kana マリリン・エー・マーキュリー
Romaji Maririn・E・Mākyurī
Race Former Human (Magician) & Nekomata (Nekoshou) Hybrid
Reincarnated Devil
Nicknames The Crimson Magician
Hybrid Theory
Grand Magister Nine
The Scarlet Puppeteer
Blazing Scarlet Mercury
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Yellow (Pupils) & Black (Sclera)
Equipment Wizardry
Ring of Amduscias (Earth)
Personal Status
Relatives Mitsunori Jugei Shizuyoshi (Father)
Irene A. Mercury (Mother)
Cecilia A. Mercury (Younger Sister)
Tomoe A. Mercury (Younger Sister)
Haruka A. Mercury (Younger Sister)
Affiliations Alvarez Empire (Spriggan 13)
Nicholas D. Amduscias's Peerage (Queen)
Varia Criminale (Vice-Leader)
Status Alive
Ranking Queen (Mutation Piece)

Marilyn A. Mercury is the main female protagonist of Devil's Rising. She is a prodigal Human Magician who was 9th seat in Spriggan 13, elite guards under the order of Emperor Spriggan in the Alvarez Empire. Due to her incredible prowess over magic & sorcery, she earns several nicknames such as "The Crimson Magician" or "Grand Magister Nine". She was also given the epithet within the Alvarez Empire, which it was "Hybrid Theory", stemming from her use of eight different Dragon Slaying Lacrima.

After she met Nicholas under both Emperor Spriggan's order and twist of fate, she became a Reincarnated Devil where Nicholas "persuade" Spriggan to give her as her Queen. Currently, She's traveling with the most wanted criminal in the two worlds of Aussengraht (OC's current world) and Oustergraht (Highschool DxD's world), searching Nicholas's potential peerage members.

Appearance Edit

Marilyn is fair-skinned, beautiful, well-endowed young woman who appears to be in her early-mid 20’s with the height of 5’9 tops. As noted by Nicholas, she's his "ideal" woman in every way.

Her distinctive features are her long flowing wild, bright, vibrant pink-scarlet hair and bangs that reaches down to her waist with contoured feathery strands that cover her left eye, a yellow with vertically cat-silted pupils (Her eye color remains the same but her sclera has become black when she took in 8 Dragon Slayer Lacrima), and cat-like feline features, unusual, long, sharp fingers.

In her Nekomata form, she reveals her pair of scarlet cat ears and two scarlet tails. Normally, she hides her ears inside her witch hat and her tails hide inside of her body.

Her outfits consists of very-revealing female magician outfits adorned with a slit accented with the pink fabric on her dress. She has a purple, witch hat with flame-like design to compliment her magician heritage. She wears a purple collar with an attaching magenta cape, a short revealing purple dress matching with two separate long sleeves along with red-magenta/pink linings on her dress and sleeves, and complimenting her well-endowed chest, a long black gloves, a long black curved leggings with dark purple trimmings, and dark purple-heeled slippers with stilettos. When she activates her magic, the pink portions of her eerily glows brightly.

Personality Edit

Marilyn is a person who liked to do things her own way, a traits of confidence, independence, and headstrong mind that Nicholas finds it charming to him. She has a mature and serious personality, and can be somewhat rash, impulsive, and violent when angered, as shown when she attempted to use her magics to kill Nicholas for "gazing" upon her body. Regardless of her "fiery" personality, She is a kind-hearted, individual who cares about her friends and colleagues, especially her family.

Before "following" Nicholas on his journey, Marilyn had more time on her hands to delve into magical legerdemain and researches in the Alvarez Empire. This was likely due to the fact that she was one of the best researcher in her field where she had an ability, charm and prowess with the magical arts. Being the best in her field and from her expertise and leadership, it was easy to see why she responded to others the way she had, as noted by Emperor Spriggan that she was naturally born with these traits to further cultivate the empire's future. These would psychologically determine her to be right-brained and eccentric, if not at least eclectic as noted by Nicholas that she's a prodigy in the magical arts and sorcery.

Despite having all of these great traits and abilities, Marilyn displays a poor sense of direction, seen when she and Nicholas walks together in the wrong direction during their travels, which Nicholas corrected multiple times.

History Edit


Plot Edit


Power & Abilities Edit

Master Magician: As the daughter of the strongest woman magician in the Alvarez Empire, Marilyn has shown to be immensely skilled and talented in the use of magic with her, Aki, and Nicholas being the top magic specialists in the peerage. And her mastery of magical formulas and calculations in supernatural phenomena are said to be at top-tiers amongst the highest of the Magicians. It was demonstrated as she has shown to master her eight dragon slayer magic lacrimas inside of her, which earned her the nickname "Hybrid Theory" as a testament of her powers. And all of her abilities enhanced further with the power and traits of Mutation Queen piece.

  • Eight Elemental Dragon Slayer Magic: Marilyn's signature magic and a type of Dragon Slaying magic, which gives the user the physical features of an actual Dragon. The user is able to responsive elements from any part of their body and use them in their fighting technique.  In this case, she has control over an impressive eight Dragon Slayer Magics of varying elements, which she owes mastery over to the implantation of Dragon Lacrima (effectively christening her as a Second Generation Dragon Slayer); such usage and mastery earned her the epithet "Hybrid Theory" when she entered the Spriggan 13. As a form of Dragon Slaying magic, it's highly affective against Dragons. After being mastered the user can easily reap the soul of a Dragon.

Immense Magical Power: As a former member of the Spriggan 13, as well as having been one of the prodigal Magicians in all of Alvarez Empire and the daughter of the strongest woman magician in the empire, Marilyn possess a terrifying levels of magical strength that can be comparable to her mother. Her power was stated to be equivalent to that of other fellow Spriggan 13, renowned for being the strongest elite magicians in the Alvarez empire and only seconds under Emperor Spriggan, who is the strongest Magician himself, as he was rumored to have the power to topple an entire countries single-handedly, and whose Magic Power exceeds all of Spriggan 13 by large margins. As further testaments to her power level, she was able to control the vast magical power of eight different dragon slaying lacrimal into her body and able to master its powers, and finally took on the challenges of fighting against 3 members of Spriggan 13 to gauge her true powers by herself as part of her test to admit into Spriggan 13.

Immense Demonic Power: After being reincarnated into an Devil, Marilyn gained an immense level of demonic power somewhere comparable to a Ultimate-Class Devil through her Mutation Queen Piece. Her overall demonic powers and magic is enhanced through the power of the Bishop trait of her Queen piece. According to Nicholas, she can be referred as one of strongest Human Magician to be reincarnated into an Devil.

Master Technician: As one of top magic and sorcery researchers within the Alvarez Empire, Marilyn possesses a large amount of knowledge of magical spells and calculations, both from her own studies and experience & her mother's teaching. After studying magic for several years, she was counted as among the highest class of Magician within the empire. As further testaments to her knowledge, she possess a complex mid where she can able to understand a large amont of knowledges of magic, sorcery, and other supernatural phenomena within considerable period of time where others would take years to understand, and able to come up with several counter measures to use against his opponents and enemies' attacks.

Senjutsu and Youjutsu Expert: Due to her Nekomata heritage from her father, Marilyn is able to use Senjutsu and Youjutsu, but refused to use it due to her resentment towards her father until Nicholas healed her heart. After being taught by Aki of Senjutsu and Youjutsu, Marilyn became considerably skilled in Senjutsu and Youjutsu. She is able to create a powerful fire magic and sorcery by mixing in her Senjutsu to create a deadly flame that erase her opponent from existence. She can Youjutsu to create a illusion to throw her opponents off. 

  • Stealth: Marilyn uses her Senjutsu to conceal her presence from other Devils by changing her ki flow, but only for a limited time. 

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Aside from her vast magical skills, Marilyn is also a well-versed hand-to-hand combatant, using powerful kicks to attack enemies. However, she prefers a more magic-centered style of combat, though is able to use magic at close range and amazing speed.

Immense/Enhanced Strength: Despite being a Magician where someone who usually never fight in close combat, Marilyn has been working on increasing her physical strength since she was a child by her parents, calling that "A true magician must have strong body and mind to accompany its strengths". Before she was reincarnated, she was capable of fighting against an top-tier High-Class Devil level with pure strength. After being reincarnated into an Devil by Nicholas, She possesses enhanced strength and endurance through the Rook trait of her Queen piece, capable of fighting against an top-tier Ultimate-Class Devil level with pure strength.

Immense/Enhanced Durability & Stamina: Despite being a Magician, Marilyn has been working on increasing her physical endurance and durability since she was a child by her parents, calling that "A true magician must have strong body and mind to accompany its strengths". Before she was reincarnated, she was durable enough to take attacks, along with enhancing her endurance with defensive magic, allowing her to take on several attacks without taking much damage. After being reincarnated into an Devil by Nicholas, She possesses enhanced strength and endurance through the Rook trait of her Queen piece, capable of taking damages from top-tier Ultimate-Class Devil level.

Enhanced Speed: As a Queen, After being reincarnated into an devil, She also possess enhanced speed enhancement through the Knight trait of her Queen piece though as Marilyn primarily uses magic in fights it's unknown if she is as fast as the other Knights or not.

Flight: Being a Devil, Marilyn can fly using either her Devil wings or magics.

Trivia Edit

  • Marilyn's appearance & personality were inspired and based off from Nine the Phantom/Konoe A. Mercury from popular 2-D fighting game series, Blazblue Centralfiction.
  • Marilyn's profile picture was created by artist named suzunashi from Danbooru.
  • Marilyn's name is from Hebrew, which it means "Wished-for child; rebellion; bitter." Which it matches her strong-willed, independent personality.
  • Marilyn's magical power is based off God Serena's Eight Dragon Slayer Magic from Fairy Tail.
  • Marilyn's height is 174 cm. (5 feet 9 inches).
  • Marilyn's hobbies are to research supernatural phenomena & magic and sorcery, practicing her magic & sorcery, cooking, spending some quality times with family and friends.
  • Marilyn's favorite things to eat is European cuisines (Italian, Spanish, Germany, Russia and etc...), strawberry sundae with cherry dressings and her favorite drinks are wine, whiskey, and cherry-sprite.
  • Marilyn's battle theme is "Walpurgisnacht", which it is also the battle theme of Nine the Phantom/Konoe A. Mercury from Blazblue Centralfiction.
  • Marilyn's voice actors are Amanda C. Miller (English) and Ayumi Fujimura (Japanese), both of whom voiced Nine the Phantom/Konoe A. Mercury from Blazblue Centralfiction.

Quotes Edit


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