Mia Pendragon
Mia Pendragon 1
Princess Spiritual
Kana ミアペンドラゴン
Romaji Mia pendoragon
Race Vampire

Former Angel/Human Hybrid

Nicknames bunny girl (By Scott Hellsing)

The Goddess of the Vampires
Goddess of Spirits
Princess Spiritual

Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Spiritual keys
Personal Status
Relatives Scott Hellsing (Master)
Affiliations DxD

Kuoh Academy (Third-Year Student)
Scott Team

Status Alive
Mia Pendragon is a female protagonist of FanFiction Legends of a Vampire. She Studied at the Academy Kuoh in the third year. Alongside his Master Scott Hellsing.

Appearance Edit

Mia Pendragon Full View

Mia Full View

Mia has brown eyes and blonde hair shoulder length, which is usually tied by ribbons in a variety of colors in a small ponytail to the right side of his head with the rest of the hair loose. She is plump and has a curvaceous body. his hair is considerably longer, and it keeps everything in a side ponytail.Unlike his master, who do not mind wearing the same clothes all the time, Mia has a wide range of clothes for every day of the week, but she always shoes boots leather and uses a belt that carries your spiritual keys.

Personality Edit

Mia is a very cheerful and outgoing girl who cares about his teammates and friends, she always optimistic and seeks to help nessecitados. She has a great respect for Scott for giving her a second chance. Like his master, Mia hates any kind of injustice and prejudice. She loves rabbits, because of that his teacher gave him the nickname "Bunny Girl" nickname she hates. She always complains about the size of their breasts because they believe the time and she always have to buy new clothes.

She has a huge dark and tight places, because as a child she was locked in the cramped dungeon and no lighting, for which his family considered it a shame and it should not have been born because of that she possessed a huge grudge for his family, but the passing of the decades, this rancor was fading to the point of her talk normally with their relatives Arthur Pendragon and Le Fay Pendragon, no anger drop.

History Edit

Plot Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Magic Vampiric Immense:


Immense Strength:

Light Weapons:

Equipment Edit

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