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Mimic Visioner
Kana 黄龍の覆面ミミック・ ビシオナー
Romaji Mimikku bishionā
Other Names Yellow Dragon Princess Mask
Type Unclassified Sacred Gear
Forms Mask
Scale Mail
Juggernaut Drive
Abilities Copying other being or item
Combine the copied abilities to make a more powerful attacks
Mimic Visioner is a Sacred Gear wielded by Niki Kamata. it has the spirit of the Terni Dragon, Thyrus, residing within it. It has ability to copying other being or item even sacred gear, also combine the copied abilities to get a more powerful attack. Despite the name is Yellow dragon the mask color is red due God's little carelessness.

Summary Edit

Appearance Edit

Abilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Announcement Edit

Copy: Copying special ability from an object or beings.

Dual Blend! (copied ability) + (copied ability): combining two copied abilites.

Tria Blend! (cpd ability + (cpd ability) + (cpd ability): Combinin three copied abiities.

Quarto Mix

Copied Abilities Edit

Mighty Voice: Materialize voice to a energy force. Copied from Lagred

Pyrokinesis: Use a fire based attack. Copied from Riser

Light: Copied from Reyneire and her fallen angel companion.

Fairy Magic: Copied from Shinki

Power of Destruction: A type of demonic energy that grants the users explosive attack power to annihilate things. Copied from Rias

Combined Abilities Edit

Shine Blazer: Powerful light flames by combining Light and Pyrokinesis

Spear of Dectruction - Destructive spear born from fusion between Angel's/Fallen Angel's light and Bael Clan's power of destruction


No puede copiar tres habilidades al mismo tiempo, solamente 2, no se puede dejar que alguien externo toque la mascara pues se desactivara por un tiempo limite de 20 segundos, por lo que el portador debe procurar impedir que le toquen dicha mascara o quedará desprovisto de todas sus habilidades copiadas hasta que se acabe el tiempo.

Forms Edit

Mask Edit

Scale mail Edit

Juggernaut Drive Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mimic Visoner appearance is similar with Spectra Phantom's mask from Bakugan franchise.

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