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The Modified Humans (改造人間, Kaizō Ningen), also known as Mod-Humans are genetically altered Human beings, which were created by Xander Ambrosius through his inhuman experiments.


Through his several years of research and studying the abilities and traits of Devils, Angels and Fallen Angels. He later found a way to increase the natural abilities of Humans through extensive experiments. And after the alterations were completed they were able to overwhelm High-Class Devils and survive heinous life threatening injuries.

Most of the modified Humans who were created were able to maintain their former appearance, but Xander was able to alter their cells so they take on their former younger looks. Though their eyes take a darker shade of color. They're able to maintain some of their former personality, but they're more darker than they originally were almost sadistic.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Modified Humans, are noticbly stronger and more durable than when they were formally Humans. They're also able to easily control the basis of their life-force and enhance their abilities further. And they're also able to heal their injuries, while not being able to feel or register pain normally.

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