Kana ネービーリアズ
Romaji Nēbīriazu
Affiliations 72 Pillars
Abilities Spell of Triskelion

Canine Taming

Members Arcaezias Naberius (First Head)

Akigom Naberius (Dowager) Taito Naberius (Current Head)
Amatia Naberius
Ruri Naberius (Heir)
Daiken Naberius
Eksuv Naberius
Archen, Kenkow and Timur Naberius
Hiyak Forneus (Formerly)
Serifo Naberius
Akane Naberius
Kuy Naberius

The Naberius Clan is one of the remaining 34 Devil Clans of the 72 Pillars and ranked at Marquis. The next head is Ruri Naberius, followed up by Daiken Naberius.

Summary Edit

As one of the Clans of the 72 Pillars, the Naberius Clan is well known for its demonic magic potential and higher than normal fertility rate among male members, which has formed an internal clan membership expansion without letting the ability leave the family, like the Bael's Power of Destruction which was inherited by the Gremorys.

While conventionally, the clan has opted to equal primogeniture inheritance of clan head, as by old traditions, female members are often cut from succession after marriage due to being adopted into their new husbands family. It's due to this fact that Ruri has refused to marry in order to remain clan heir after her father.

During the Great War between Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils, Lord Toheion, his son Koujou, and his son Targent were all killed in combat, which resulted in support for the Anti-Satan faction among members in order to end the war. The new Lord Taito's sister, Somi, was later killed during the Devil Civil War in an explosion that also crippled her husband, Kalmar Barbatos', left arm.

The primary colour of the Naberius Clan is Lime Green, as characterized by their primarily green coloured hair and eyes. Lord Taito, his daughter Ruri, and siblings Somi and Koujou possess both traits. Daiken, his three children, his sister Hiyak, and her daughter Tamanar all possess green hair, but a variety of eye colours, from blue-green (Daiken and Hiyak), to red (Archen, Kenkou and Timur), to white-grey (Tamanar). Akane and Kuy (and presumably Targent) possess none of traits save for a few green highlight bangs in their predominantly black hair.

Symbol Edit

The clan symbol of the Naberius consists of a raven over a gate coloured in green.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Spell of Triskelion Edit

The Naberius Clan are infamous for their hereditary ability, Spell of Triskelion (三脚の呪文巴, Sankyaku no Jumon Tomoe). The effects of which differ between users, such as Akane's fire-ice-lightning elemental, and Ruri's three wave psychic attack. The hereditary skill has also been attributed to the higher than regular fertility rate from the males of the clan with each member having three children in total.

  • Elemental Barrage (自然の三重火傷エリメンタル・バラージ, Erimentaru Barāji): also known as the Natural Threefold Burn. The signature move of Akane Naberius. A magic attack that can simultaneously project a spell of ice, fire and lightning at the same time. Though the attack has the most potential in its usability, it is comparably weak compared to other incarnations.
    • Storm Before Fall (黙示録の第六の封印ストーム・ビフォー・フォール, Sutōmu Bifō Fōru): also known as the Sixth Seal of the Apocalypse. The evolved technique of Akane Naberius. Taking in the power of the evil dragon via Zenjirou, Akane is able to strengthen her attack to the point that it becomes an environmental attack; first the temperature drops and the earth shakes as all water freezes and expands in sharp trajectories. Then the sun goes out as the sky fills with clouds and lightning strikes. After the storm passes, what remains is engulfed in flames. Though it is very powerful, it takes a lot of stamina and energy to use, and leave the Akane vulnerable and Zenjirou tired.
  • Mind Crush (絶対的固定化マインド・クラッシュ, Maindo Kurasshu): also known as the Absolute Immobilization. The signature move of Ruri Naberius. A magic attack that attacks the mind with three separate psychic strikes; one to cause paralysis by attacking the body signals, one to shut off the senses, causing an all informative blackout in the mind, and one final one that causes an unforgivable pain shock throughout the body that feels like its attacking the very soul. It is considered the most powerful form of the spell, but it is considered very difficult to execute perfectly against powerful opponents.
    • Walking Dead (死試飲運命ウォーキング・デッド, Uōkingu Deddo): also known as the Taste of Fated Death. The evolved technique used exclusively by Ruri Naberius. Much like her original ability, the attack strikes that the targets mind, however the attack strikes at the mind with all three strikes at once, causing a complete mental shutdown, with the possibility of killing the opponent if the effect prolong sustaining bodily functions, such as breathing.
  • Hunting Season (死神に吹聴ハンティング・シーズン, Hantingu Shīzun): also known as the Trumpeting to the Death God. The signature move of Lord Taito Naberius. A magic attack that summons three hounds, one of smoke, one of mist, and one of shadow, and are sent on the attack. Though not the strongest of abilities created by the spell, it is one that has the highest current durability.
  • Matryoshka Golem (三年齢の保護者マトリョッシュカー・ゴーレム, Matoryosshukā Gōremu): also known as the Guardian of the Three Ages. The signature move of Kuy Naberius. A magic attack that summons a golem made of ice that can be used for offense and defense. When the golem breaks, a smaller stone one is inside that takes over, and after that one, a metal one even smaller. Due to Kuy's young age, the golem is no higher than his waist at its biggest form.
  • Pale Dragon (死行の進衝撃ペール・ドラゴン, Pēru Doragon): also known as the Bombardment of the Death Parade. The signature move of Daiken Naberius. A magic attack that brings a sudden shower of magic that covers the area in volleys of blasts in three waves with a period of two seconds between each. Due to the enormous amount of energy it consumes, Daiken cannot use the attack too many times in a row.
    • Imperial Azure (恩恵の東方龍インペリアル・アジャ, Imperiaru Aja): also known as the Dragon of the East's Blessing. The evolved technique used exclusively by Daiken Naberius. Using the divine influence of Kushihashi Clan who wield the power of Seiryū, the enemies caught in the bombardment areas are trapped by vines and plants wrapping around their legs. Daiken becomes immersed with a blue-green aura that takes shape of a dragon knight that slashes at the three areas with individual strikes.

Canine Taming Edit

The head of the clan is also famous for being the sole tamer of the three-headed hell-hound, Cerberus. The beast formally guarded the gates of Hades in the Greek Underworld until it was tamed by the Naberius Clan. Members of the Naberius Clan have thus received a higher ability to tame dogs and other canid species such as wolves.

  • Cerberus (サーバラス) - The three-headed son of Typhon and Echidna, and the traditional familiar of the head of the clan. Currently owned by Lord Taito Naberius.
  • Orthrus (オースラス) - The two-headed younger brother of Cerberus, and the traditional familiar of the heir of the clan. Currently owned by Ruri Naberius.
  • Garmr (ガーム) - The Nordic Hellhound. Formerly the familiar of Koujou Naberius until his death. He later becomes the familiar to Akane's fiancé, Zenjirou Santouno.
  • Aselu (アセルー) - Daiken's Familiar, formerly . Son of Amaguq, the Inuit Wolf God. An Amarok.
  • Dormarth (ドーマース) - Archen's Familiar, formerly Ruri's. The Hellhound of the Tylwyth Teg. It has three fish tails in place of its dog legs and tail.
  • Groböse (グローボース) - Kenkow's Familiar, formerly Taito's. The former familiar of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (Brothers Grimm), more commonly called the Big Bad Wolf.
  • Torrhen (トレン) - Timur's Familiar, formerly Somi's. A Direwolf.
  • Lo Rainard (ロー・レーナード) - Hiyak's Familiar. The Fox Lord, who was part of the Occitan folklore of the Wolf King (Lo Lop), the Fox Lord (Lo Rainard), and the Hare Priest (Lebre).
  • Tsukikage (月影つきかげ) - Chizum Barbatos' Familiar. An Okami youkai
  • Baskerville (バスカビル), nicknamed Bassy (ばしい) - Akane's Familiar. A Barghest (Black Dog Ghost).
  • Cù Sìth (クー・シス) - Kuy's Familiar, formerly Targent's. The Gaelic Hellhound.
  • Saurr (ソー) - Arkaezias' Current Familiar. The Dog King.

Members Edit

the following lists all known members of the Naberius Clan as well as including members that would in other situations be included in other clan membership by marriage.

  • Arcaezias Naberius (First Head)
    • unnamed former Marquis Naberius
      • Lord Toheion Naberius
      • m. Lady Dowager Akigom Naberius née Sallos
        • Lord Taito Naberius
        • m. Lady Amatia Naberius née Uval
          • Ruzen-Riothama "Ruri" Naberius
          • Daikaizren "Daiken" Naberius
          • m. Eksuv Naberius née Berith
            • Archen Naberius
            • Kenkow Naberius
            • Timur Naberius
          • Marhiyakl "Hiyak" Forneus née Naberius
          • m. Aquilph Forneus
            • Hiryon Forneus
            • Tamanar Forneus
        • Somi Barbatos née Naberius †
        • m. Kalmar Barbatos
          • Chizum Barbatos
        • Koujou Naberius
        • m. Serifo Naberius née Balam

Clan Servants Edit

Queens Edit

Name Gender Former Race Master
Aoko KushihashiFemaleHumanDaiken Naberius
Rosaleer ZincumFemaleSylphRuri Naberius
Sylviana AureliaFemaleCambionZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
Zenjirou Santouno*MaleHumanAkane Naberius

Rooks Edit

Name Gender Former Race Master
Alasdair RuthvenMaleDhampirZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
Hikune BokahekiFemaleKitsuneRuri → Akane Naberius
Koushiro SibayaMaleHumanKuy Naberius
ScyllaFemaleMutated NaiadRuri Naberius
Suzue YaguraFemaleHumanAkane Naberius
Tomoki KurumaMaleHumanAkane → Ruri Naberius

Knights Edit

Name Gender Former Race Master
Ignus DanhashMaleDjinnRuri Naberius
Jack ShepardMaleHumanKoujou Naberius †
José de San MartínMaleHumanTaito Naberius
Lucien ArcadiaMaleWerewolfRuri Naberius
Masako ShunjiFemaleHumanAkane Naberius
Pheyor Bael-ZephonMaleDevilAkane Naberius
Serafina RodriguezFemaleHumanZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
Yamato MinamotoMaleHumanKuy Naberius

Bishops Edit

Name Gender Former Race Master
Amrys MyddfaiFemaleUndine-Magician HybridAkane Naberius
Atalanta PyreneFemaleMagicianZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
Dallas StoudenmireMaleHumanKoujou Naberius †
Louis LampreyMaleHumanZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
RaikuMaleNekomataRuri Naberius
Sinfitela SigmundsonMaleEinherjarAkane Naberius
TusinMaleGrim ReaperRuri Naberius

Pawns Edit

Name Gender Former Race Master
BlitzNeuterAutomaton ScarabRuri Naberius
Caryoan MammonMaleDevilZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
GrunzMaleGnomeRuri Naberius
Hiro HiragaMaleObakeRuri Naberius
Kumi HamadaFemaleHumanAkane Naberius
Marcuccio GuertioMaleHumanRuri Naberius
Shoda IchimojiMaleHumanAkane Naberius
Takeshi ChibaMaleHumanAkane Naberius
TorakuNeuterTsukumogamiZenjirou Santouno-Naberius*
*While still technically known as Zenjirou Santouno, due to his status as a High Clas Devil with his own peerage, he is officially registered as Zenjirou Santouno-Naberius to signify his assiciation to the Naberius Clan, and later engagement to Akane (who will take his name)

Trivia Edit

  • In demonology, Naberius (also Naberus, Nebiros, Cerberus, Cerbere) is supposedly the most valiant Marquess of Hell, and has nineteen legions of demons under his command. He makes men cunning in all arts (and sciences, according to most authors), but especially in rhetoric, speaking with a hoarse voice. He also restores lost dignities and honors, although to Johann Weyer he procures the loss of them. Naberius appears as a three-headed dog or a raven. He has a raucous voice but presents himself as eloquent and amiable. He teaches the art of gracious living. He has also been depicted as a crow or a black crane.
  • Apart from the original Cerberus, the clan has also breed a number of Cerberi to act as guard dogs for a number of Devil Clans. Though one small pack was stolen centuries ago by Fallen Angels.
    • As seen in Episode 5 of Season 2, Kokabiel had used a number of them to attack Kuoh.

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