Naomi Shirogane
The Sword Queen
Kana ネーオミー・シロゲーン
Romaji Neomii Shirogen
Race Human
Nicknames Naomi, the Sword Queen
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grayish Blue
Equipment Masamune (Former)
Personal Status
Relatives Yumi Shirogane (Adoptive Daughter)
Jeanne (Adoptive Daughter)
Affiliations Chivalric Order
Status Deceased
Ranking Paladin

Naomi Shirogane is a supporting character in The Magic Knight. Before Naomi's death at the hands of Xander, she was the adoptive mother of both Yumi and Jeanne. A former Paladin among the Chivalric Order and former wielder of the Holy Sword, Masamune, before it was inherited by Yumi.


Naomi was an attractive young woman with long black hair that she would normally keep tied up in the back using a red ribbon, and grayish blue eyes. Instead of wearing the usual knight-themed armor worn by Knightess, instead, she normally wears light Japanese-styled clothing that provides very little defense. 


Naomi is a very prideful woman, she has a great deal of pride in her status as a Paladin in and as a swordswoman; Naomi was a woman who also loved Japanese culture, which was on of the reasons why she would normally wear clothing revolving around the culture. She also held both a mothering and nurturing personality as shown with her time with both her adoptive daughters. In fact, it was due to this that allowed Jeanne to fully open up to her and regain her former cheerful personality. 


Noami was an orphaned child who lost both her parents in an attack from a demonic beast; traveling by herself with nothing more than a katana in hand. She eventually found her way to the Chivalric Order and was brought into the orphanage. It was then that she joined the others and began training to become a Knight, eventually being promoted to an Arch-Knight at the age of sixteen; being one of the youngest to be promoted. Naomi was later granted with the Japanese Holy Sword, Masamune. Reaching adulthood, Naomi was promoted to Paladin; afterwards, she continued to visit the orphanage that she grew up in. Soon enough Naomi found Yumi training in front of the orphanage with the other kids watching her and eventually adopted her then began to give her formal training; Naomi eventually found and adopted Jeanne after hearing about her from the children's caretaker.

Years later, she along with the other Paladins began to look into the death of Lionel and discovered that it was planned. Almost a week later, there was a massive attack on the Chivalric Order led by Xander. During the incident, she along with the other Paladins and Head Paladin lost their lives there.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Aura: Training in the Chivalric Order allowed Naomi to utilize her own aura. Like the other Paladins, Naomi had a great deal of aura to the point of being called 'monstrous' being above the minimal requirement for a Paladin; the top-tier control that she had over her aura allowed her to invent her own Noble Art.

  • Dream Sword: A technique where Naomi would create a personal invisible field around her, that would also expand her senses and perception beyond her normal limits; Naomi would predict the next attacks that came from her opponent the moment they stepped into her field.  

Master Swordswoman: In her childhood, Naomi was renowned as being extremely skilled and talented in Kenjutsu. Spending years training and polishing her swordsmanship, Naomi was able to overpower opponents who would normally be too powerful for her with just speed and techniques. This is more stated that she was the best swordsmen amongst the Paladins. Naomi has developed several different techniques known as the "Seven-Star Styles".

Immense Speed: Naomi is remarkably fast for a human, making it extremely difficult to tell where she vanished to before she appears in front of them.


Masamune: (正宗, Masamune) Naomi's main weapons and Holy Sword, which takes the shape of a Japanese katana. It was created by the legendary Japanese blacksmith, Gorō Nyūdō Masamune to match the Demon Sword, Muramasa. It became the second Holy Sword that wasn't created by God of the Bible, as a Holy Sword it's able to cause damage to Devils. It also has the ability to generate a slicing wind from its blade, it's also a sword that heals the innocent and harms the guilty.

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