False and Unnatural Children of LIlith is a term used branching off of the Lilith's Seed Fanon Ability. They appear in the story "The Trihexa King's Rebirth".

Natural Seeds of Lilith Edit

The Natural Seeds of LIlith is the term used to describe those who possess the natural curse of Lilith, the direct bloodline of Lilith aka the Lucifer Clan. The only known members who possess it are Rizevim Lucifer (albeit he doesn't use it), Vali's Father, and Lilia. For some reason, Levi Satan Lucifer didn't inherit this ability but Vali and Yusei Satan-Lucifer have the potential to inherit this ability.

Lilia is known as the master of this ability and goes by the title "The SUccessor of Lilith" with the curse allowing her to turn humans into demons and she has a pair of blood wings, claws, armor, etc made directly by the Lilith's Seed.

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Unlike the People infected by the worm demons, the Unnatural Child of Lilith, or the False Children of Lilith, the Natural Seeds of Lilith gain green and bluish eyes with their pupils shrinking and becoming more cat-like.

The Natural Seeds of Lilith also don't have the risk of going insane due to overuse.

Unnatural Child of Lilith Edit

Ayato rips off Touka's kagune

Lilia Witnessing the Devil Boy eat the victim of the Lilith's Seed Curse

A abnormal and the only known case in the Underworld. This was the case of a young boy who was on a mission with Lilian, the descendant of the Original Lucifer and Lilith and another unnamed Devil. When the comrade devil fell under the curse of the Lilith's Seed the young boy ate him out of desperation for survival. To Lilia's surprise he gained his own version of the Lilith's Seed which allows him to manipulate his blood freely and is unaffected by the curse of the Lilith's Seed. The devil boy then fled from the Underworld to Escape persecution by the devil community for his crimes. But Lilian said that him eating the Lilith's Seed directly gave him better control than someone who simply fell under the curse.

False Children of Lilith Edit

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Younger False Children of Lilith (In Natural From)

Lilla, the descendant of Lilith and daughter of Rizevim is currently raising an army/school of Lilith's Seeds by using her unique power to turn humans into demons by biting them and passing on her "Curse of Demons". So far all the members are shown to be all young children and teenagers with the oldest one she turned being younger than Rias.

Due to them not falling victim of the actual curse they have control over their minds although they need flesh and blood in order to not succumb to madness They have been shown that they can only manipulate their blood into one shape or form unlike Natural Children of Lilith (The Lucifer Family) or people infected by the original curse and their eyes become a dark red color when in use.

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