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The King Nemesis and her Queen, Aria Argento.

The peerage lead by the Nemesis Gremory, the eldest daughter of the Current lucifer Satan, are the first antagonists in Highschool DxD: Яe-birth in Volume 3. A powerful peerage composed of seven pieces plus their King, thre group is known for having two descedants of the previous Red Dragon Emperor, a descedant of the previous White Dragon emperor and being lead by the daughter of the current Lucifer.

Considered one of the strongest peerage out of the young devils, they're the main antagonists of Volume 3, and later as recurring supporting characters through out the rest of the fanfiction.

Overview Edit

The first member to be mentioned was Nemesis, during the first chapters of Volume 1, with Berolina claiming that she stole her pieces back from her older sister back in the Gremory household. Until Volume 2, Berolina and the others would only mention and make light jabs about the existence of said group.

The first member to be formally introduced was Nemesis's queen, Aria Argento, fighting against Berolina's own Queen Ichijou. Later, Nemesis would introduce herself and be challenged for a Rating Game, leading to the events of Volume 2 through volume 3, also introducing the other members of her peerage.

Members Edit

The group consists of seven evil pieces plus their King. It has so far one queen, two bishops, two rooks and two knights, the remaining pieces being eight pawns. If any of them are Mutations pieces or not, is yet to be revealed. However, According to Mary Beelzebub, Nemesis's strong enough to generate her own Mutation pieces.

Nemesis Gremory (King) Aria Argento (Queen)
The Headmistress of Kuoh academy under the Alias Shizuka Morimoto, Nemesis is the main antagonist of Volume 3 and Berolina Gremory's older sister. Deemed as a genius and wise beyond her age despite her explosive personality, Nemesis is a master of her family's signature ability of the power of destruction, plus the powers of her Alastor and Paimon heritage.
The easy-going and laidback Queen of nemesis, Aria is de descedant of the previous Red Dragon Emperor Issei Hyoudou and Asia Argento, Nemesis's best friend and lover, Nero's girlfriend and Ichijou's mentor and guide. Being descedant of a dragon, she has the ability of dragonification, fire breath and stamina bigger than any other devil of her age. She was also the guardian of the failure sword Rhongomiant before passing it down to Ichijou.
Nadja Sustrai(Bishop) Akio Himejima (Bishop)

Nadja is a shaman from a unknown Country with the power to create clones and golems made out of wood and clay, only further improved by her Bishop piece. despite being considered the second power house of Nemesis's peerage, she's quite meek and apologetic, not liking to either insult of mock others. She's Akio Himejima's best friend and the only one who can make her stop her insults and rants.

The descendant of the Red Dragon Emperor Issei Hyoudou and the Priestess of Lightning Akeno Himejima, Akio is a sadistic bishop with the power of holy lightning who likes to trash-talk those weaker than her or in no way to counter her insults. She was also a member of the Grimori and the only surviving member of Elizabeth Albedo's massacre which destroyed the whole instute.

Nero Gladius (Knight) Ginko (Knight)

Nemesis's precious Knight and lover, who possesses the Sacred Gear Role-praying Game, which gives him the ability to see everything around him in a 20m radius. The most level-headed member of the peerage, Nero used to be a member of the church before falling in love with Nemesis after countless fights against her, leaving the church to become her knight. He's also the previous wielder of the Dragon Slaying sword Ascalon before passing it down to Ichijou.

Descendant of the previous White Dragon Emperor Vali Lucifer and one of his lovers the Nekoshou Kuroka. Ginko is a nekomata with extremely sharp senses due to her mastery in senjutsu and specialized in summoning magic. She also can inbut her claws and tails with holy sage energy to infuse them and cause extra damage to other devils and dark creatures.

Hwan Jin-Young (Rook) faust Michaelis (Rook)
A korean dragon who lived during the previous era before the apocalypse, under the tutelage of Tannin from the time he was just a Immugi. Well-mannered if not a little perverted, he's the largest member of Nemesis's peerage and a master in hand-to-hand combat, being Ichijou's tutor during his training at mt. Issei, also capable of firing massive fireballs from his nostrills.

Descendant of the inquisitor Sebastien Michaelis, he's the butler of the Gremory family for some generations and has a particular liking for Nemesis's personality and mentality, such traits that made him her rook. He's well-mannered, quiet and loyal to the Gremory family, but it's also known to be a big pervert who likes to comment on women's body, specially their breasts. A master martial artist despite lacking any remarkable magic afinity, his power is on par with a regular high-ranked fight(Such as Liu Bei) despite his old age.

Ranking Edit

So far, it is said that Nemesis's peerage are one of the strongest amoung the young devils, and as such, she has recorded the total of 8 Rating Games officially, with 3 victories, 2 draws(With the members of Irene Dantalion's Peerage) and 3 defeats. During the events of Volume 7, it is said that Nemesis plans to play again in the rating games to get rid of the even score.

Unnoficially, Nemesis won a Rating Game against her younger sister Berolina during the events of Volume 3, being also the first peerage Berolina's own had a Rating game with.

Trivia Edit

  • The majority of images used for her peerage came from the Maoyuu series.
  • With the exception of maybe Ginko, all the girls in the peerage are part of Nero Claudius's own harem.
  • The formation of the group is a reference to Nemesis chess, a type of chess their king is named after, in which the Queen, Rook, Bishop and Knight pieces can only reach for the king and no other piece
  • All the pieces seem to be foils to Berolina Gremory's peerage members as well:
    • Both Berolina and Nemesis are descedants of Gremory and leaders of their own right;
    • Aria and Ichijou are the queens with a bond towards Issei and somehow related to dragons;
    • Akio Himejima and Tasha campbell are mage-type members with a afinity to a specific element of nature and descedant of leaders of certain factions.
    • Nero Claudius and Annabelle are former soldiers of a faction who abandoned their ways to become members of their peerage, being also the most level-headed members of such;
    • Hwan Jin-young and Liu Bei are eastern-based characters with professional records and the closest bond to the character ichijou, serving as both friends and teachers.
  • Reaching aroundf 3m, Hwan Jin Young is the tallest member of the peerage, while at 154cm, Ginko is the shortest.