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Nephalem (ねっぷはれむ. neppuharemu) are a hybrid race of Demon and angel, that appear in The Draconic Nephalem.

Summary Edit

Nephalem first make a appearance in chapter one, with Issac and later Issei. They are shown to be sided with the Demon faction.

Negative system Edit

Due to reason, Nephalem use something called a negative piece system, similar to the evil piece system, little has been shown about the negative pieces except that there used to turn other beings into Nephalem's.

Abilites Edit

Nephalem can fly like demons, one wing is a demons wing and the other a angels wing, it can be assumed they have immunity to holy and demonic weakness. they can create a Nexus.

Weakness Edit

So far shown there hasn't been shown what their weakness are.

Known NephalemEdit

  • Issac
  • Issei (firestarter09)
  • Akeno (firestarter09)
  • Shirone/koneko (firestarter09)
  • Xenovia (firestarter09)

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