Throughout his travels between Aussengraht & Oustergraht, Nicholas has developed and rekindled many relationships throughout the series among the Generation of Neo-Devils, the Three Factions and other factions, groups, and within those among the Khaos Brigade.

Aussengraht Edit


Oustergraht Edit

Generation of Neo-Devils Edit

Diehauser Belial Edit

Nicholas and Diehauser have a long, brotherly-relationship with one another, having been close friends and rivals since childhood, with their households held a close, long alliance between one another. The two of them were the heirs to their respective households of Belial and Amduscias and said to become the upcoming aces of the later Underworld society. But unfortunately, Nicholas fell behind after his household was slaughtered mercilessly by the corrupted Anti-Satan Faction (led by the nobles) and Old-Satan Faction (led by Rizevim) due to their treasons against the Underworld during the Civil War. After reuniting at their teens, they were joyed one another, but later on forced to become enemies to one another due to Rizevim's clever schemes. After later years, Diehauser figured out about the deep corruption and darkness within the Underworld government, and reached to Nicholas, rekindling their relationship to one another and work together to bring out the traitors someday in secret.

While Nicholas relationship with Diehauser may seem to be bad due to the differences in ideology and personalities, their friendship is without a doubt a very close one, as Tyr told Ruvall that the reason why Diehauser can remain as the reigning champion of the Rating Game is because of the fact that both are similar in many ways and further states that even if their life were switched, they would do the same to one another regardless.

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