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Noah's Ark
Kana ノアス アーク
Romaji noasu aaku
Other Names The Ark
Type Offensive-Type Sacred Gear

Defensive-Type Sacred Gear

Forms Noah's Ark
Total Beast Domination
Abilities Take on some traits and abilities of animals along with mythical ones. The user can also understand animals.

Noah's Ark (ノアス アーク, noasu aaku) is a Sacred Gear also known as The Ark is a Sacred Gear made by an unknown being. It is a possible candidate for the Longinus rank.


Noah's Ark as the name implies was made with a piece of Noah's Ark that was used to save every animal from the great flood.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Noah's Ark allows the user to take on the traits and abilities of any animal. To use the ability they must first either beat the animal into submission or manage to pet the animal. If the user goes with the aggressive approach they will gain a more demonic looking version of the animal they beat. When like this they will gain higher senses then the animal originally had and a bigger drive for survival. If they try the more peaceful approach they will gain all the features the animal has and will still keep their own mentality but have less heighten senses. Skilled users have been able to use the abilities of multiple animals at the same time. However, this can be taxing on most users. A passive ability is that they can understand all animals.


Noah's ark takes the form of a tattoo with the name of the animal in its teeth when they transform. The animal will appear on the left check with a chibi looking version of the animal.

Total Beast DominationEdit

Total Beast Domination(トタル ビアスト ドミナティオン, totaru biasuto domination) also known as The True Beast King is the Balance Breaker of Noah's Ark. This allows users not only to take on the traits of normal animals, they can also take on the traits of mythical beasts. This allows the user to gain the abilities of the race for example, if a user were to become a Dragon they can breath fire. The user will take on not only the abilities but also the weakness. A passive ability of this is that it makes all weaker animals whether they be supernatural or natural bow down or move in fear of the user much like a king's subjects. When in Balance Breaker there is no longer a peaceful approach the user must take the aggressive approach. However, if a beast does surrender before the user manages to beat them they will gain the abilities without the need to fight them