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Obito Nagano



Race Human
Reincarnated Devil
Nicknames Yashiro Itori (Former Name)
Project SERAPH
Humanity's Monster
Hair Color Black (Former)
Eye Color Green (Former)
Blue (Current)
Equipment Mechanical Angel
Crocea Mors
Personal Status
Relatives Makoto Itori (Father)
Kaneko Itori (Mother)
Kai Itori (Brother)
Affiliations The Foundation (Formerly)
Rias Gremory's Peerage
Kuoh Academy (1st Year)
Status Alive
Ranking Assassin (Foundation Class)
Low-class Devil
Pawn (x4)
Obito Nagano, formerly known as Yashiro Itori, is the main character of the upcoming story 'Just A Subject'.

His designation in The Foundation is 'Enoch', and was also known as 'Project SERAPH'.

Appearance Edit

When he was younger, he had medium length black hair which can be considered quite neat and messy at the same time. He possesses sharp green eyes which fall under his thick eyebrows. Through his training at The Foundation, his hair would change in the roots, blond starting to spread out, and eventually fully change his hair color. This was later discovered to be a form of Marie Antoinette Syndrome.

His current appearance has short, wavy blond hair and blue eyes, which gives him the appearance of a foreigner. His blue eyes are a result of awakening Mechanical Angel's Balance Breaker.

Obito mainly wears the Kuoh Academy male uniform, but when he doesn't, he wears a long-sleeved white button up over a black shirt, blue jeans, and red sneakers.

Personaility Edit

As Yashiro, he was the definition of happy-go-lucky, always cheerful and happy.

After the sealing of his memories, and becoming Enoch, his personaility takes a change. Enoch is cold, stoic, and uncaring, the only example of him caring is him acting like a older brother to his felllow Assassin, Jack. Through the years however, he would start to show more emotion, the biggest example being his open sobbing as Dwyer died in his arms.

Now, Obito, is more of a caring Enoch. While he is more open with his emotions, he is still stoic most times, since he has trouble often displaying his emotions.

Mental State Edit

Obito frequintly experiances flashbacks in his sleep, seeing his days back as Yashiro. He cannot recall these memories when he wakes up, as his memories are still sealed.

This is furthered by his hallucinations of Yashiro appearing in his dreams frequntly, talking to him and asking him things Obito doesn't know, and trying to get him to remember.

Flashbacks of his mother Kaneko cause him to stay close to Koneko at times, the similar names confusing him, but giving him a sense of comfort.

History Edit

Yashiro Itori was born to Makoto and Kaneko Itori, a normal man and wife, and Kai Itori, his older brother by 4 years. They were a normal family, not having any connection to the Supernatural. Yashiro lived a normal life until age 6, where when one day he was waiting for his friends at a park, he was kidnapped by the Foundation.

As he was one who was unwilling to join the Soldier Divison, his memories were sealed, and was designated Enoch after the procedure awakened his Sacred Gear, Mechanical Angel. For the next two years, he trained with the other children, gaining the unwanted attention of a boy named Dwyer, and became a foster brother to a girl named Sakura. During his class test, he fought with mixed styles of each class, but was assigned Assassin for his emotionless killing of the instructer.

From there he trained with the other Assassin's, which included Sakura, and gained the weapon Crocea Mors due to his abilities.

After his training was completed, he was assigned to a team which consisted of a senior leader designated Hassan, an Assassin Class, Sophie, a girl designated EMIYA, an Archer class, and finally Dwyer, designated Gawain and a Saber Class.

This team would complete various missions for the Foundation, where Enoch gained a nickname, 'Humanity's Monster', for his ruthless acts against his enemies.

At an unknown point after the team was created, Enoch and said team were sent to the same church that supported the Foundation, and were tasked with evaluating there skills by fighting some of the skilled exorcists there, one being Griselda Quarta.

On one mission however, the team was outnumbered and outgunned. Sophie had taken a fatal hit to the head and been killed, and Dwyer took a hit meant for Enoch, who held him in his arms, as he slowly died. In his last moments, Dwyer asked if they were friends, not waiting for Enoch to answer, and telling him to keep on living in his place. His final act was placing something in Enoch, and saying he reminded him of one of his favorite manga characters.

With Dwyer dead in his arms, he cried out in anguish, losing someone he considered a friend. This caused him to unconsciously unlock Mechanical Angel's Balance Breaker, unleashing an attack which killed the enemies around him. Hassan gave him a teleportation seal after dragging him away from Dwyer, telling him to use it, that it was from some people who owed him a favor.

Enoch left then, Hassan fighting off a horde of reinforcments.

He found himself in Underworld, more specifically in the office of Sirzechs Lucfier. He however passed out from the stress of awakening his Balance Breaker. Later waking up from the event, he was taken in by the Gremory's as a favor on Hassan's behalf, the senior Assassin having been an old friend of the Maou Lucifer.

When he become the Pawn of Rias Gremory, a few months after he was taken in, he renamed himself 'Obito', in memory of Dwyer, whose favorite manga character had the same name.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Strength: This was apart of basic training in the Foundation during his training at age 6.

Immense Speed: This was apart of basic training in the Foundation during his training at age 6.

Immense Stamina: This was apart of basic training in the Foundation during his training at age 6.

Master Swordsman: As he wields two blades, Obito is skilled in the ways of blades, having learned from senior Sabers in the Foundation.

Average Magician: As an Assassin, magic wasn't nessecary in his training, but Obtio learned enough anyway.

Stealth: The name of the game of Assassin class. Obito is skilled at hiding his presence, moving silently, and halting his breathing.

  • Presence Concealment was a body modification given to those of the Assassin class. A series of magic seals that render the user invisible.

Natural Born Holy Sword Wielder: This is how Obito is able to wield Crocea Mors.

Demonic Power: Obito has all the powers and abilities common to Devils, including the power to cast spells.

Promotion: Being a Pawn, Obtio can use promotion to temporarily gain the traits of a Queen, Rook, Knight or Bishop.

Flight: Obito is capable of this using Mechanical Angel, or his Devil wings.

Equipment Edit

Mechanical Angel  (人工アセンション, Makkanikkaru Einjaru), also known as the Artificial Ascension is an assault-type Sacred Gear with great versatility in battle. Mechanical Angel takes the form of robotic-like wings that cover the back of the wielder in a jet-pack fashion, and also appear as a futuristic triangular sword of an equally silver color and that oversizes the user by a few centimeters. Its main functions is to allow its wielder to fly and levitate using the Sacred Gear in a jetpack fashion. The "wings" can be moved as the wielder wishes, though it's main function is to attack, as it is unnecessary for the Sacred Gear to take its wielder off the ground. Its second ability is to release its wings as independent floating sword-like units that are commanded mentally by the wielder, ranging in size and number depending on the user's ability. The units, known as Feathers can be given special attributes like enhanced penetration, explosion inducement, electric shock, among others. The limit to its uses is the wielder's imagination.

  • Dominion Ascended Vanguard, also known as the Royal Guard of the Heavenly Throne, is the Balance Breaker form of Mechanical Angel. In this form, the user is covered in an pure white exoskeleton which protects the limbs and chest of the wielder. While active, the user gets all their abilities improved as well as their movement while on air, as well as gaining angel-like attributes, such as the light element, the ability to wield any holy sword and resistance towards curses. It also summons its main weapon, which may be different depending on each wielder.
  • Retribution Angelic Garb (レットラビューシャン・アンジェアイク・ガブ; Rettorabyuushan Anjeaiku Gabu), also known as the Cloak of Heavenly Retribution; is the sub-species Balance Breaker form of Mechanical Angel. By compressing the Feathers form, the user covers themselves in a gray cloth, with armor-like pieces covering vital parts of the user's body; added to the mask the completely covers the wielder's face, this form resembles a robotic angel. The wielder can release daggers similar to those of Headless Mechanical Devil, to attach to their hands and be used as claws, or merge them to use an enhanced version of the Vanguard form. Both the claws and sword can use holy power like a regular angel.
Balance breaker obito-0

Obito in Retribution Angelic Garb.

Crocea Mors: The holy sword of Gaius Julius Caesar. Obito gained this sword in the Foundation due to his performence. The blade itself can gather holy energy to use as energy slashes, or shockwaves.

  • Release State: By chanting the name of the swords first user, the sword flares with a holy aura rivaling that of Excalibur.

    Crocea Mors

Ninja Weapons: As an Assassin Class, Obito always carries these weapons which consist of kunai, shuriken, razor wire, and more.

Trivia Edit

  • Mechanical Angel was used with permission from Hanten'in-san.
  • Obtio's name is indeed based on Obito Uchiha, as that was Dwyer's favorite manga character, who Enoch reminded him of.
  • His younger appearance (Yashiro) is based on Yuichiro Hyakuya and his older/current appearance (Enoch/Obito) is based on Mikaela Hyakuya, both from Owari no Seraph.
  • The hallucinations of his past life and self were inspired from the similar situation of Haise Sasaki in Tokyo Ghoul re.

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