Occult Research Club Edit

Issei Hyoudou 

She met Issei at the playground when they were in preschool. Apparently she was having a hard time fitting in because she's too shy. So Issei approached her and ask if she wants to be his friend and play with him. So those two became bestfriends and sworn to each other that they will best friends forever. During their middle school years, he developed a crush/feelings for her while Otome doesn't have a single clue about it because technically she does not know about love yet. When she's in US she realize that how much she misses Issei and for some reason he's always on her mind (hohohoho XD). During their reunion she felt joy and was glad that she gets to live in Japan with Issei again. Otome might have feelings for Issei but she notices about Rias and his relationship so with the other girls from the harem. Plus she knows Issei loves Rias but according to Issei he told Otome that he's in love with two girls. First one is Rias and he left Otome unanswered for the second one even though he's talking about her.


Rias Gremory Edit

They are both have an acquaintance relationship however Rias sees Otome as one of her rivals for Issei but Otome on the other hand ships her and Issei together.

Akeno Himejima

They are on good terms.

Asia Argento

She and Asia are good friends and they get along well. Otome also gives advices about school and some other things.

Koneko Toujou

They share snacks and has a senpai-kouhai relationship.

Gasper Vladi

Otome thought he was a girl at first but she sensed that his aura feels like a man. She gets along with Gasper but he's too shy to talk to her.

Yuuto Kiba

Friends. He was the one who tours her around the school. Many people thinks that those two are dating but they don't have feelings for each other (or maybe they will). They went on a date a couple of times.

Xenovia Quarta

She finds Otome interesting because she wields the dragon slayer.

Irina Shidou

She's close friends with Otome and childhood friends. When they were kids, Irina tells Otome that she has crush on Issei. Otome obviously didn't care about it and wasn't interested to know.


They don't really interact with each other that much.

Fallen Angels Edit


Vali Team Edit

Vali lucifer  

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