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Kana パンドラ
Romaji Pandora
Race Human
Nicknames The Woman of Ruin
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Equipment Gáe Buide
Gáe Derg
Personal Status
Relatives Pandora (Ancestor)
Daemon Mycenae (Lover)
Affiliations Khaos Brigade
Status Alive
Pandora is the descendant of the First Woman, Pandora, the woman responsible to bring evil on Earth.

Appearance Edit

Pandora is a beautiful woman in her early thirties, with long black hair and black eyes. She wears a set of black robes along with a few pieces of armor.

Personality Edit

Pandora has a sadistic personality and enjoys watching her opponents suffer before finishing them off. She also has a serious personality and is a loyal servant and lover to Daemon Mycenae.

History Edit

At some point in her life, she joined the Khaos Brigade where she met Daemon and fell in love with him. She then swore her loyalty to him before joining his organization.

She also participated in the Burning Massacre, and watched Daemon slaughter his relatives before sparing his nephew, Lyonel Mycenae.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Master Spearwoman: Pandora is well-versed in fighting with a spear and demonstrates great proficiency in it. She is also capable of fighting with both of her spears.

Immense Speed: Pandora possesses speed that is a lot faster than a normal human.

Enhanced Durability: Pandora is also capable of enduring multiple attacks.

Equipment Edit

Gáe Buide: One of the spears used by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. The yellow spear is capable of inflicting wounds from which a normal being would be unable to recover from.

Gáe Derg: Another spear wielded by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. The red spear is capable of destroying any kind of magic that it touches.

Trivia Edit

  • Pandora's appearance is based off Pandora from Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas.

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