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Phantom Task
Phantom task
Kana ファンタム・タスク
Romaji Fantamu Tasuku
Other Names Haunting Job of the Ghastly Hands
Type ???-type Sacred Gear
Forms Bracelet
Abilities Summons invisible hands to act as extra limbs
Wielder(s) Fenrir Wolf
Phantom Task (ファンタム・タスク, Fantamu Tasuku), also known as the Haunting Job of the Ghastly Hands is a medium to high-tier Sacred Gear.

Summary Edit

A very problematic Sacred Gear, Phantom Task is considered very powerful because it can basically manipulate anything through its telekineting abilities. Wielders of this Sacred Gear are prone to be targeted as an enemy or possible ally because of its utility.

Some people consider Phantom Task a longinus-tier Sacred Gear, or at least one nearing the category, although that has been discarted by specialists in the subject.

It is the Sacred Gear wielded by Fenrir Wolf during the story High School DXD: A Wolf's Tail

Abilities Edit

There is no cake

Deceiver of fools

Perhaps its strongest ability is the art of deceiving. Phantom Task is thought to give the wielder telekinetic abilities, which are as strong as the wielder; however this is not the case. In truth, Phantom Task gives its wielder the ability to summon ethereal hands of (ironically) telekinetic energy to act as extra limbs for them to wield.

The "hands" are mostly invisible to the naked eye, and only a wielder of the Sacred Gear can see them clearly. They extend from behind the wielder and are able to stretch and move freely from each other (if the user is strong enough). The hands aren't intangible, so they can be used to both attack and defense, mostly used as endgy weapons or used as shields themselves. The user is capable of feeling through them, although they feel no pain when coming in contact with damage.

Forms Edit

Phantom Task takes the form of a spiky black bracelet with a silver cross on it, surrounded by a circle of ancient text that glows faintly. It can appear in either of the hands, and records say a wielder even had it on the ankle.

Poltergeist Madness Wave Edit

Poltergeist Madness Wave (ポルターゲイスト・マッドナス・ウェイヴ, Porutaageisuto Maddonasu Weivu), also known as the Party of the Disgraced Phantom; is the Balance Breaker of Phantom Task. The wielder is capable of releasing an invisible "mist" that acts as the usual invisible hands of the Sacred Gear, allowing them to manipulate anything that finds itself surrounded by it; effetively granting the wielder a form of "true" telekinesis.

Trivia Edit

  • The Sacred Gear was based on the Diclonii's "Vectors", this is, of course, taken from the series Elfen-lied
  • The hands can actually be seen if one pays enough attention. They cause a whatever is seen through them become distorted as if seen through a glass
  • The hands can be sensed too, although it requires high-tier abilities to do so
  • Originally, Phantom Task was supposed to be a "non-Stuish" version of Twilight Factory