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"Warning! This page contains spoilers of the following fanon; read at your own risk! "

Emblem of pheles(vincent) by rap04
The Pheles Clan Symbol
Kana フェレス
Romaji Feresu
Affiliations Extra Demons
72 Pillars
Abilities Sun Diviner (Mephisto, Cedric, Ky; inherited from Pheles Clan)
Worthlessness (Cedric, Leonhardt, Gabriella, Geist, Tyrian; Inherited from Belial Clan)
Power of Hole (Geist, Ky, Juliana; inherited from Abaddon Clan)
Underworld Joker (Exclusive to Geist)
Members Mephisto Pheles (First Head, Retired)
Roxanne Pheles
Cedric Pheles (Current Head)
Elina Pheles
Ky Pheles (Heir)
Gabriella Pheles (Former Heiress)
Leonhardt Pheles (2nd Heir)
Geist Pheles (Former 2nd Heir)
Tyrian Pheles (3rd Heir)
Clarrise Pheles (Heiress)
Juliana Pheles (2nd Heiress)
Eleanor Pheles (3rd Heiress)
Dizzy Pheles
Rayna Pheles (4th Heiress)
Sin Pheles (4th Heir)
Remy Pheles (5th Heiress)
The Pheles are one of the Extra Demon, houses of top-class Devils who are not a part of the 72 Pillars until the Devil Civil War ended, which holds the Rank of Archduchess in the Lovable Devil timeline. They are considered as one of the most unique and famous Devil families for their bizarre and unique elements, for example, having the largest members of the family through marriage from Belial and Abaddon and inheriting their clan's power, and produced talented and powerful devils, which it gave a big rise to them during both Devil Civil War and Pre-Rating Game eras.

Summary: (WIP's) Edit

The First Head of the house, Mephisto Pheles originally didn't have any family to start up with. He was a part of the Extra Demon, the houses of top-class Devils who are not a part of the 72 Pillars. At the time before the Great War started, a majority of the Extra Demons serve under one of original Satans, such as the House of Lucifuge serving the Satan, Lucifer. While Mephisto Pheles served all four of them due to his position as Grand Chief Advisor to the Four Great Satans, which he despised it greatly.

After the Great War ended with deaths of Four Great Satans, more than half of the 72 Pillars and many High-Class Devils perished, He and five other elder devils led the remaining devils temporarily until the next Satans were decided. It was at this time Mephisto was married to Roxanne Belial, younger sister of Reshrik Belial, who was known as the Empress of Death due to her...fiery and cool personality, and had Cedric Pheles, who was considered as "Generation's Ace" or "Prodigal Devil".

Symbol: Edit

The symbol of the Pheles consists in a skull encased in a circular shape and swords crossed across the skull, with crimson in color inside while the outer edges of the symbol are blue.

Members: Edit


Powers: Edit


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