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Power of Kings
Power of Kings
Kana 王の力
Romaji Ou No Chikara
Other Names Will of the Gods
Flames of Emotion
Type Technique (Hereditary)
Wielder(s) Perseus (Original Wielder)
Viktor Mycenae
Lyonel Mycenae
House of Mycenae

The Power of Kings is an ability primarily used by members of the House of Mycenae, the descendants of the Greek mythological hero Perseus.

Summary Edit

The Power of Kings is an ability exclusive to the House of Mycenae, the descendants of Perseus. Perseus was the first one to wield its power, and the progenitor of the Power of Kings. Lyonel Mycenae and Viktor Mycenae are the last members of the House of Mycenae to inherit this ability.

Abilities Edit

The Power of Kings allows the user to produce and control golden flames from any part of their body, which can be used both in melee and as a ranged form of offense, and also has the ability to slay Dragons and Dragon-related beings. Infused with divine power, the Power of Kings are extremely powerful against Angels, Fallen Angels, and Devils. The users flames are directly connected to their feelings, meaning the more emotional they get, the more powerful and warmer their flames will become, this effect is called The Flames of Emotion. A human with full mastery of the ability can consume other types of flames including the flames used by other members of the Mycenae Dynasty.

If a descendant of Perseus is somehow capable of successfully absorbing the Power of Destruction, they will enter Supreme King Ruin Mode. In this form, the demonic energy and divine flames will fuse and the user's attacks will possess the properties and destructive abilities of both powers.

Forms Edit

The Power of Kings takes the form of golden flames that can be used in various ways by the user.


  • Supreme King Ruin Mode: Lyonel is able to fuse the demonic energy of the Power of Destruction and the divine flames of the Power of Kings together, allowing him to possess the properties and destructive abilities of both powers.

Trivia Edit

  • The Power of King's Flames of Emotion is based on Natsu Dragneel's Fire Dragon Slayer Magic

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