Enchanting world transformation
A Prophet using her Prayer
Kana 預言者,よげん
Romaji Yogen-sha
Other Names The Chosen Ones
Type Missing Numbers
Abilities Reality manipulation

The Prophets (預言者,よげん, Yogen-sha), also known the Chosen Ones are a kind of human with supernatural abilities given to them by the God of the Bible to fulfill his miracles on earth.

Summary Edit

Called by God and filled with God's Spirit, a prophet spoke God's word to people who had in one way or another distanced themselves from God. In one sense, a prophet is a preacher. But in marketplace terms, a prophet is often a whistle-blower, particularly when an entire tribe or nation has turned away from God.

Humans blessed with the status of prophets are able to hear and understand the language of god, which can potentially reveal the mysteries of the world such as the truth, the future and the meaning of life itself. People chosen to be prophets have their names written in the system even before they were even born and just like Christ they live a normal life until the moment they are "called" to something called the Mission ((); lit. "reason to be").

Famous prophets from the bible includes Noah who was able to talk and command animals, Moses who was blessed with the ability to bend the elements and perform miracles, John the Baptist who was able to "cure" fallen angels and allowed them to turn to Heaven but was ultimately executed for possessing the ability by the request of Herod's step-daughter (who had been affiliated with the fallen angel Gadreel and Ami (Amy)) and the twelve apostles.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Weapon enchantment

A Missing Number and Apocryphos applying enchantments on their weapons

Prophets has been imbued with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and were given the ability to bypass any and all challenges that they could meet while performing their Mission; the method of doing so is called Prayer which allows them to use a special kind of "magic" that bends reality while they are performing their prayers. With this method they can command the oceans to allow them to walk over them or split lakes in half for them to walk, exorcise impure spirits or enchant normal objects to become powerful holy weapons, as well as give themselves flawless mastery over them. As humans, they have a special gift that only the person in question can use and is linked to their Mission.

Being protected by God himself they have a special immunity to diseases and physical harm; being able to recover with ease.

Types Edit

Original Prophets Edit

People chosen who has their names written in the Book of Life since the birth of time. They are the most powerful and the bible itself makes reference to them as the true messengers of god. Their Prayer is stronger and uses less verses than other prophets. They are unable to turn agaisnt their Mission, which is to spread god's miracles there where the Sacred Gears can't reach.

Missing Numbers Edit

Missing Numbers (間違った世代(ミスィング・ナムバー); Misingu Namubaa) also known as the Wrong Generation are prophets born after god's death and began to appear after the system began to fall apart until Michael fixed it. They are "bugs" and while their abilities are weaker than the original ones, they hold the power to change the world.

Apocryphos Edit

Prophets who has turned against their mission, meaning that they are originally Missing Numbers. These prophets uses a different kind of Prayer which uses verses against god, but not necessarily in favor of the devil. They tend to be selfish, using their power for their own goals instead of common good.

Differences between verses Edit

Shatteredrose Edit


Chosen Ones Edit

Shatteredrose Edit

Riley Achilles (Apocryphos) currently working for the Wings of Desire

Hanten'in-san Edit


Trivia Edit

  • The gif used for the prayer was taken from Sword Art Online
  • Only humans can be Prophets; should one be reincarnated as a devil that person would lose their status as a Prophet. Pretty much like what happens with Gifts

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