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My name is Reyneire, i'm here for your alliance

–Reyneire, Arc 2, Section 02

Reyneire appearance in Arc 2
Kana レイネイル
Romaji Reineiru
Race Fallen Angel
Nicknames Shotacon Angel (by Azazel)
Geminiel (Along with Reynare)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Violet
Equipment Light-based weapon
Nursery Rhyme
Personal Status
Relatives Raynare (Twins)†
Affiliations Grigori
Status Alive
Ranking Head of Medical and Pharmaceutical Department
ACT's leader

Reyneire is member of Grigori Head of Medical and Pharmateutical Department as well as leader of ACT. She also twins of Raynare, the first antagonist of original Highschool DxD. She later develop friendship with Niki.



Rayneire is kind and dedicated person. Unlike Raynare she respects her opponent and show deep cares towards innocent humans. Rayneire secretly as obsession towards little boys (shotacon).


Rayneire and Raynare is a twin fallen angel who known Geminiel (ゲミニエル, Geminieru). Her genius about medical science and healing spell make her placed as Head of Medical and Pharmaceutical Department. She inventing many medicine and medical technology who for Grigori.


Arc 2: Phoenix In Case of Calamity Cell.Edit

Rayneire appear front Lagred's and Niki then ask for alliance because the Cell of Calamity have been stolen from Grigori's Forbidden Storage Tower.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Light Weapon: Being a fallen angel Rayneire capable to use light based weapon. Nevertheless she not too skilled in the use.

Healing Spell: Rayneire's has amazing skill in healing spell her ability even surpassing Asia's Sacred Gear.

Flight: Being a fallen angel, Reyneire can fly using her wings.



Nursery Rhyme: An hair dryer like healing device.

Anti-Holy Vaccine: A vaccine which can prevent a light and holy attribute poisoning. However it's effects for a 10 minutes, after the effect the person who injected with this vaccine will suffered excruciating pain. Therefore the production is limited

Stat Enhancer Drug: A capsule who grants a boosted speed/strength/magic for a moment.

Cell of Calamity: A parasitic cell which can give regeneration ability to its host at same time turned them to monster, this reason make it sealed inside Forbidden storage Tower.


  • Reyneiru appearance is based from Kyouko Sonan from Kenzen Robo Daimidaler.
  • Her favorite food Alectryon Yakitori.

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