Reika Amatsu
The Scarlet Blade
Race Human
Nicknames The Scarlet Blade (codename)
The Impossible Girl
The Red Angel
Reikacchi (by Issei)
Amatsu-san (by Asia)
Switch Angel (by Bikou)
The Crimson Reaper (by Vali)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Excalibur End
Personal Status
Relatives Issei Hyoudou (boyfriend)
Unnamed Father (deceased)
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Affiliations The Catholic Church (former)
Kuoh Academy
Status Active
Ranking Cherubim
What's wrong with liking perverts?

–Reika Amatsu, Life 01: There's No Way She's His Girlfriend!

Reika Amatsu is a major character, and main heroine in the story, DxD: An Unorthodox Story. She is the girlfriend of Issei Hyoudou, and much to the shock of others, is perfectly fine with him having a harem.

Reika is also a half-angel, and was once a member of the Catholic Church, serving as Xenovia's senpai before leaving. She was very well respected, having earned the title, "The Scarlet Blade" by many of her peers. In the past, she once held a deep hatred for Devils, and hunted them down mercilessly, earning another name in the process; "The Crimson Reaper."

Appearance Edit

Reika is a young girl in her late teens with long, scarlet red hair, and has soft brown eyes. She is commonly seen in a Kuoh Academy uniform, but is mostly found wearing a black jacket with a hood, a yellow shirt, and dark blue jeans with brown leather boots with a small pouch on her hip.

During the battle against Kokabiel, and subsequently all battles proceeding it, she wears silver armor with black highlights, a cross printed on the breast plate. When utilizing her heavenly magic, her hair turns white.

Personality Edit

Reika is the very definition of odd. At the surface, she appears to be courteous, cheerful, and charismatic. She can be cold at times, but she is very kind to mostly everyone she meets. However, she possesses an odd quirk about her: she has a thing for perverted men. It is unknown what has sparked such a strange love interest, but she likes men with perversity. It was one of the reasons why she asked Issei out during middle school. She is also perfectly fine with him having a harem, and when asked why, she responds, "He always comes back to mama." This represents her role as being the dominant girl in his harem.

In the past, however, she was brash, stoic, and cold to everyone, and held a seething hatred for Devils. She was known to have slaughtered them mercilessly, eventually earning a nickname as a reaper stained with the blood of Devils. It was stated by Xenovia that her anger for them was far beyond what any normal Exorcist felt, and theorized it must have stemmed from her nature as an Angel. It wouldn't be until her meeting with a Devil by the name of Byzel that her hatred for them seemed to lessen, and nearly dissipate.

History Edit

Quotes Edit

"I actually like perverts... Say, what's your preference?"

"He always comes back to mama."

"I really used to hate Devils... Not so much, anymore."

Trivia Edit

  • Reika's appearance is based off of Erza Scarlet, a major character from the series, Fairy Tail.

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