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Reina Ishida
Kana レイナ 石田
Romaji Reina Ishida
Race Reincarnated Devil
Former Human
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Yellowish-green
Personal Status
Affiliations Kuoh Academy (2nd year)
Leon Sitri's Peerage
Swim Club (Vice-President)
Status Alive
Ranking Middle-Class Devil

Reina Ishida (レイナ 石田 Reina Ishida) is a third year student at Kuoh Academy. She is the Vice-President of the Swim Club and is Leon Sitri's Queen.

She is a main female protagonist of Highschool DxD: Next.


Reina is a beautiful young woman with a rather voluptuous figure and fair skin. She has yellowish-green eyes and long silver hair which reaches her lower back. She usually has it tied in a ponytail by a ribbon and also has a black band. Reina usually wears the Kuoh Academy girls' school uniform without the shoulder cape.

During club activities, she wears a bikini.


Reina is generally happy and loyal towards Leon. She sees him as her savior and devotes her life to being by his side and making him happy. Reina seems to know what Leon wants and gets it for him before he asks for it. She loves him, often flirts with him, and offers her body up to him. Her hobbies include reading erotic manga or swimsuit magazines and likes to dress up in costumes for various things. Reina does get jealous of other girls, except for his mother and sisters, that get too close to him or flirt with him. She believes she is the only girl for Leon. Reina has a little bit of a masochist side, as shown when she asks to be punished for failure and slightly enjoys it.


Reina was orphaned as a toddler and was cared for by loving woman who owned the orphanage. Despite not knowing where she came from or anything else of her past, Reina was happy where she was, and saw the woman as her own "mother". As Reina grew, she started helping the woman care for the younger children, almost like an older sister. She had happy memories, and sad ones, seeing kids get adopted. Reina never got adopted, something she didnt really care about much. While she wanted a family, she new the right one will come eventually.

While out one day, she was unlucky enough to be attacked by a stray devil. Reina was on the verge of death when she was a blurry image of someone rescuing her. She blacked out and woke up in Leon's bed. He had explained to her what had happened and brought her into the world of the devils. Reina was made his Queen and was at his side ever since. She had found the "family" she always wanted in the form of Leon and his soon-to-be peerage.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Devil Power: Reina is highly skilled in the use of magic and other powers of Devils. She is arguably the strongest Devil of the peerage, second to only Leon.

Enhanced Abilities: Reina has shown enhanced abilities through her Queen piece. She has strength and endurance from the Rook piece, strong magic from the Bishop piece, and speed from the Knight piece.

Flight: Being a Devil, Reina can fly using her Devil wings.



  • The profile picture is a random girl of the internet. The rest will be based off of Isuzu Sento from Amagai Brilliant Park. Just for the outfits in the pictures.
  • Her measurements are 35-22-34

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