Rin has developed a number of relationships both before the story and during it. Usually, they're in positive light as she is quite easy to befriend and is a good listener.



Or as Rin calls her, "The scary leader who bribes people with chocolate." Rin shares a somewhat good relationship with Violet, though it may be one sided. Most of Rin's respect towards her is shown as loyalty to her orders and ideals. Though it may seem like it's a false relationship as Rin is mostly bribed by her consumables, Rin doesn't hesitate to even murder many to help her out if it's for a just cause and not a whim.

Edmond BachEdit

Valentina BelethEdit

Haruka KishinamiEdit


Oz RoseEdit

Hakai SuuEdit

Other Longinus WeildersEdit

Eve NolandEdit

Despite being on somewhat different sides, Rin has shown affection to the woman who has repeatedly kept her promise of buying chocolate to her. They share what you might call a sisterly-bond, Eve showing this by pinching her cheeks affectionately and Rin acting like the little sister of the relationship.

Alice J. AlighieriEdit

Because Alice is the host of the Welsh Dragon Y Ddraig Goch, they are fated to be rivals. Unlike the previous two hosts of the Two Heavenly Dragons, Alice and Rin both have no good relation towards each other. The Princess of the Bloody Moon and Rin are completely antagonistic towards each other.

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