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Ryuusei Amano
Kana 天野流星
Romaji Amano Ryūsei
Race Human
Nicknames Sorento Vortigern(Self-proclaimed)
Harem King(title)
Good-loser Ryuu-chan(Akasha)
Hair Color White(bleached)
Eye Color Brown
Equipment Savatte
Clocktower Vision
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents †
Yuuma Amano(younger sister)
Lunamaria Aim/Matsuri Tsukihi(girlfriend/partner)
Affiliations Kuoh academy
Classroom 13-Я
Status Alive
Ranking Human
Ryuusei Amano(天野劉生; Amano Ryūsei) is the main protagonist of the fanfic DxD: Haremonogatari, being a normal human who claims being descendant of the extinct dragon-tamer clan Vortigern, his real name being Sorento Vortigern(ソレントボルティゲルン; Sorentoborutigerun). He's a third-year high-school student of Kuoh academy, classmates with Akeno Himejima before his eventual tranferring to Classroom 13-Я.

Dubbed a loser, but with a good reputation among Kuoh academy, Ryuusei describes himself as the 'generic harem protagonist'.

Appearance Edit

Being a so-called 'generic guy', Ryuusei has spiky bleached hair(originally black), fair skin, brown eyes and soft facial extructure which makes him a lot less intimidating than his 'partners'(referring to other OC's). For some reason as well, Ryuusei is labeled as 'plainly handsome', as he's noted to be 'not to handsome, but not to ugly'. However, on his back, there is a burned scar shaped like a dragon, which he hides under his clothes.

As a student of Kuoh academy, he wears the usual uniform of white lined shirt, black jacket and matching pants and brown shoes. During weekends and day-offs, he's usually wearing white shirts with funny words on it and common black pants.

Personality Edit

Watch your mouth, Kyouko-chan. I might be a lazy, arrogant, chick-attracting, monologue-maniac, laid-back, trash-talking, generic protagonist, but don't mess around. My name, in this reality, is Ryuusei Amano!

–Ryuusei to Kyouko Nijimura, explaining his rather generic backstory and personality.

Ryuusei is described by others and himself as 'a lazy, generic harem protagonist'. He claims that he's just one more in the vast sea of realities, and is happy to assume that he's the strongest being in the universe with his Sorento Vortigern persona. He describes himself as being 'laid-back, lazy, intelligent, cunning, calm, yet somehow manages to make friends and a harem with his only-described big-heart, deeply caring for his friends and loved ones, but has a gerenic and cheap tragic past that somehow doesn't interfere either with his romantic hijinks or personal life with the trauma'. He's also somehow midly self-aware as a character in a fanfiction, constantly making fun of his position as an OC and mocking others that shares his position.

However, when not messing around with meta-linguistics, Ryuusei is a talkative, affable, cheesy, hammy, upbeat guy that only want to make the people around him happy. He's hard-working, dilligent, friendly, likes to talk softly about others and doesn't mind being gentle and polite to people he dislikes. Ryuusei doesn't mind playing games and participating conversations with others, and is generally a humble person that avoid trash-talking others, knowing very well his own limitations.

Zenkichi's Student Council

The ultimate outcome... Of a game match.

One of his more distinguishing traits, one that his girlfriends most find adorable, is his childish enthusiasm and serious attitude to mundane games and chores: He hates losing at chess and considers a true battle of wits, he doesn't decline a single labor or chore once the person who asks either mocks his abilities or put them into question. Ryuusei also likes to mess with sentences and create wordplays and puns with other's names, a hobby he shares with his girlfriend Matsuri. Despite his personality, Ryuusei is loyal in his own twisted ways, claiming that all of his girls are his main.

He has a distinguishing laugh that writes as "Kah, kah!".

History Edit

Ryuusei is the older children of the Amano couple, being the older brother of his little sister Yuuma Amano by two years. One day, under strange circustances, his house was caught in a fire, killing both of his parents and burning a dragon-shaped scar on his back. The last thing he remembers about it is being saved by 'something that resembled a powerful dragon', which was actually a fireman.

Due to this trauma and the shape of his scar, Ryuusei ended up in a delusional idea that he's actually the lost heir of the Vortigern clan of dragon tamers, which member were almost bring to extinction due to a lie spread by the devils, he and his family being the only remaining members, and that the fire was caused by members of dragon-hunters that wanted to exterminate them, capturing his sister and substituing her by a clone/metamorph. In this delusion since ealy age made him create an imaginary friend/uncle, a dragon named 'Dangar', that supposidly encourage him to train his body to the limit, in order to reach his so called revenge against the unexisting Jorge order of dragon hunters.

He tranferred to Kuoh academy with the hopes to find devils that can help him reach his objetives faster, despite his hatred for them. He ended up in Classroom 13-Я for some unknown reasons, meeting and befriending several supernatural creatures in the process.

Plot Edit

The story of the dragon heir. Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

Zenkichi using Savate against Kumagawa

"Who needs Sacred Gears to fight , anyway?"

Superhuman strength - Training since an early age for his delusions of revenge, Ryuusei is an apt fighter with monstruous strength and fast battle tatics. Despite being limited by his human standards, Ryuusei has shown to be able to outsmart and outmatch his foes with great skills and speed, hitting them before and avoiding them to counterattack, and doing impossible feats for normal humans such as walking on walls, jumping extremely high and dodging fast attacks. Moreover, he shown the ability to easily break and torn apart weapons such as guns, swords and even tanks and bazookas with relative ease. In his battle arsenal, Ryuusei uses his very own martial art, Ryuu-no-oo(龍の尾; Dragon's tail.), that combines both Savate, capoeira and Kung-fu in a single set of fast but effective moves.

Superhuman Endurance - Also limited to his human standards, Ryuusei can withstand unexplicably a great amount of damage that would normally cripple a normal human person. While his own body is fragile as a human, we can still go on on fights despite the pain and broken squeleton, due to a strange phenomenon in which a good part of his nerves are completely burned.

Dodging - By mastering both Savate and Capoeira, Ryuusei also mastered the art of dodging, in which he can easily prevent and avoid being hit by his opponents, only further improving this ability by the use of his sacred gear. Even with his human limitations, Ryuusei can easily match against assassins and even powerful devils such as Sairaorg Bael just by being fast enough to dodge hits that would otherwise kill him.

Charisma - Being considered a "charm" that makes girls fall for him, Ryuusei has a strange ability to avoid conflicts by talking to people in a calm, playful and charming way. Dubbed by him 'a simple, yet strangely rare ability in this fandom', Ryuusei can use this ability even with people he dislikes, rather than trash-talk others or give witty, snarky remarks for the sake of it. This ability, however, is innafective to individuals that lost their ability to properly communicate.

Equipments Edit

Clocktower Vision Edit

Parasite Seeing

Clocktower vision activated.

Clocktower Vision(千里眼目クロックタワービジョン, kurokkutawābijon), also known as Clairvoyant eyes, is the sacred gear given to him by Dario Aim, Lunamaria's father, as a present. With it, Ryuusei can see 15-seconds into the future. However, the only thing that he can see is actions, as sentences and sounds won't be heard from him during his 'clairvoyant visions'. When activated Clocktower Vision turn Ryuusei's eyes from brown to deep red, and he'll constantly see fifteen seconds into the future and his possibles actions to either prevent it or let it happen. It is noted by dario, however, that it's effects are limited, and soon or later Ryuusei will no longer be able to activate it.

Quotes Edit

  • "Kah, kah!" - Ryuusei's signature laugh.
  • "I'm a generic guy with a generic tragic backstory, generic harem, generic laid-back, calm, smart aleck personality but somehow manages to have generic friends with my generic kind-hearted, caring hidden depths. Yep, I'm perfect in any way~." - Ryuusei's introduction.
  • "Watch your mouth, Kyouko-chan. I might be a lazy, arrogant, chick-attracting, monologue-maniac, laid-back, trash-talking, generic protagonist, but don't mess around. My name, in this reality, is Ryuusei Amano!" - Ryuusei's usual response in being called by other names by Kyouko Nijimura.
  • "Maybe this disguise won't be so bad..." - Ryuusei's thoughts regarding his relationship with Matsuri/Lunamaria.
  • "A cat is fine, too." - Regarding his relationship with Kotone Kuromine.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryuusei's images and appearance are based on the character Zenkichi Hitoyoshi of the Medaka Box series.
  • Ryuusei is, in the sense of humor, a parody of the typical Highschool DxD OC protagonist, which usually has a tragic backstory, 'generic good personality traits' and generic harem. However, it is noted that he cemented his relationship with one of the girls early in the series.
  • Ryuusei Amano is an amagalmation of "Ryuu"(Dragon)+"(Is)sei"(But with a different Kanji) and Amano, Raynare's alias' surname. Moreover, his little sister is indeed called Yuuma Amano.
  • Despite being part of the same timeline, Ryuusei never interacts with canon characters in the slightlest.
  • According to his bio, Ryuusei hates spicy or sour food and hot places in general, and likes cats and dogs.
  • His arc-word, favorite word and motto is "Generic".
  • Ryuusei is the first character from Houki Minami that fights bare-handed.

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