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This character, Ryuuta Bellemonth, inserts itself on the canon timeline and makes history with canon characters. S/He is probably better than Issei, in more ways then one and may snag himself/herself a few of his well known girls as well.


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Without the "power" in "overpower", all that's left is a game "over" for you

–Ryuuta to Kazuma, Ch.???

Ryuuta Bellemonth

Wish gone wrong ryuuta

Wish fulfillment Ryuuta portrait

Kana 竜太・ベルモンド
Romaji Ryūta Berumondo
Race Human
Nicknames Stu
Dragon Eater/Snake of Eden/Poison of God/Evil Intentions of God (shared with Samael)
Destructive One
Jesus-kun (Kaede)
Hair Color Black (originally)
White (post Samael sync)
Eye Color Light brown
Equipment Twilight Judgment
Magical script
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents
Unnamed siblings
Affiliations Kuoh Academy (formerly)
Status Active
Ranking Gary Stu
Ryuuta Bellemonth is the main character of the fanfiction The Worst Intruder written by Mogami Kumagawa on

Ryuuta is an Invader, a type of character in-verse that is foregein to the DXD world but enteres it to change various things about it. For some unknown reason, the canon characters are aware of his status as an 'invader', even when time and space shouldn't have allowed it.

Appearance Edit

Originally, Ryuuta was a tall, handsome half Japanese guy with spiky black hair and light brown eyes. He has a muscular built and a confident expression. His height is around 182cm. Ryuuta is usually seen in tigh attires, to show off his built. Overall he has a "bad-boy" vibe which is furter accentuated by his either frowning or shit-eating grinning expresssion.

After he and Kazuma syncronizes their Sacred Gears, Ryuuta's hair turns white due to the stress and pressure that Samael's true presence represented to his human body and mind. He also wears earphones and he looks more relaxed than before.

Personality Edit

Being a Stu he is laid-back and confident, with playboy tendences and a strange facination to taunt his enemies in the middle of battle. He may be crude and lacking in morals but deep down he truly cares for the ones he loves and will protect them with his life.

Ryuuta has shown an obscesion toward Rias Gremory, being the only one he treats with care and insisting in his love for her; this does not applies to the people around her however, given how he murdered Gasper because he considered the dhampir "annoying". After he and Kazuma join forces to defeat Vergil however, he ceased to be so obsesive toward Rias and begins to move on.

History Edit

Ryuuta has a dark past which supposedly traumatized him and made him seek revenge for it (needs confirmation). It is also this tragic past which allowed him to resist Samael's influence and master his Sacred Gear (also needs confirmation).

Plot Edit

Ryuuta appears after a Stu named Vergil Taurus Uzumaki and attacks said invader. They argue and fight each other until Vergil apparently wins using his fallen thunder, only to be knocked out by Ryuuta's strike to the groin. After he is surrounded it is revelaed that Ryuuta has a magical script and used it to alter the hang time the canon characters had.

After time flow normally again he presents himself in front of his class as if nothing happened; quickly being surrounded by the girls of his class.

Ryuuta is later kicked out of Kuoh Academy due to Sona's influence and spends the day naping. He meets Akeno, and is attacked by her. Saved by a new invader, whose name is Kazuo Yotsuba, they fight Rias' peerage and wins. The same day he meets Kazuma Itori for the first time; whose personality makes him want to attack the other Twilight Gear user. He soon finds out Kazuma's physical prowess is superior to his.

They meet with Kaede Shirakawa, which whom they engage in combat against Raynare and the Gremory team once again. In between the fight, he disposes off Kiba by sending him to a place full of fangirls. He fights Koneko and goes in a rampage due to Gasper's Sacred Gear. Once he returns from fighting the dhampir, he kills Raynare after his proposition being rejected.

Powers & abilities Edit

Enhanced strength: Ryuuta's strength is on par of supernatural beings.

Enhanced stamina: He can endure huge amounts of physical labor.

Enhanced speed: Ryuuta is way faster than a normal human, being on par of low-class devils.

Enhanced senses: Ryuuta can sense murderous intent directed toward him.

Immense magical power: Ryuuta has high magical energy reserves, but his control over magic is far below the stardart.

Natural-born Holy Sword Wielder: Apparently Ryuuta was in posession of a replica of the Durandal and used it before passing it down to Luciela Pendragon.

Great intelligence: Unlike other invaders which make it looks like they are clever, Ryuuta is very intelligent; able to think about ways to counter his foes and always trying to use his powers in a more proper way. He uses actual tactics instead of just charging head on into battle, and will recognize when he needs to use the Script to get away from dangerous situations.

Runes: The Bellemonth clan's speciality. While they can't be seen under normal circumstances, Ryuuta has several runic tatoos which he can activate to reinforce specific attributes of his.

Equipment Edit

Script: During The Worst Invader, Ryuuta has a magical script which allows him to "edit" the world and change it to his liking.

Sacred Gear Edit

Twilight Judgment (トゥアイライト・ジャジマント; Tuairaito Jajimanto) also known as the Blaze of the Snake of Eden is one of the two Twilight Gears which contains a small fraction of Samael's soul. Said fraction contains mostly the draconic aspects of the creature and takes the form of a pair of silver gauntlets with the ability to unleash Samael's deadly flames. The flames carries dragon slayer properties.

Originally, the fire unleashes by Twilight Judgment was of a light blue color; however, after Ryuuta's soul sync with Kazuma, he unlocked Samael's true powers, changing his flames to purple in color and making them a lot stronger than they used to be. Ryuuta also gained the ability to give his flames complex shapes and to summon it from an area around him instead of just from his gauntlets.

Balance Breaker: The Balance Breaker for Twilight Judgment is called Scale Release (スケイル・リーリース; Sukeiru Riiriisu), also known as The Scaly Skin of the Dragon Eater, which creates a skeleton dragon armor that covers the user's body and strengthens the users powers and abilities. This form (and the Sacred Gear itself) is key for Ryuuta's Stage System.

Breakdown the Beast (ブレイクダウン・ザ・ビースト; Bureikudaun za Bīsuto): Also known as the Beast of Supremacy is Twilight Judgment's version of the Juggernaut Drive which unleashes Samael's full power. It is activated by a special chant and just like the Juggernaut Drive it consumes the user life-force and sanity, although Ryuuta can apparently negate those effects using his immense magic reserves as an alternative source.

Breakdown the Beast looks like Issei's incomplete Juggernaut Drive but in a bone-white color and without jewels. In this form Ryuuta has access to the Tartarus Blaster; a powerful energy beam made out of heat that works in a similar vein to Boosted Gear's Longinus Smasher.

Who dares to awaken me from my slumber?
I am the ancient snake that was banished from the garden of Eden.
I who curses the "Infinite" and stains the "Dream".
I shall become the World Ender.
And the time to send this world to the depths of hell has come!
Breakdown the Beast!

Scale Growth System Edit

  • First stage
  • Second stage
  • Balance Breaker
The Scale Growth System; mostly known simply as the Stage System is an ability derived from Ryuuta's demon sword and sacred gear. By fusing them together, and by extention their abilities, Ryuuta developed a new way to use both of them and to divide his abilities for better performance in combat. Ryuuta can swap between them by saying out loud the stage he wants to swap to, followed by the Sacred Gear's announcement of said stage.
  • First Stage: The initial stage of the system; Ryuuta's feet are covered by silver boots created from his Sacred Gear. In this form his flames are enhanced and its control over them becomes greater while losing physical "explosive power".
  • Second Stage: A physical oriented stage which covers the parts of Ryuuta's body that the first stage didn't cover already; Ryuuta's flames become weaker to unsuspected points while his physical prowess increases drastically. It takes the form of an armored leotard-like suit and the modified version of Secace.
  • Third Stage: The last stage of the Scale Growth System which is a combination of the previous two stages could not be other than the Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker. This stage releases the full armor of the Balance Breaker, a bone dragon armor as well as applying both augmentations of the two former stages.

Absolute Dystopian Hyperdrive: The final form of Ryuuta's stage system, as well as his answer to a power different from Breakdown the Beast and it's at least as powerful as the later. In this form, instead of turning into a giant draconinc monster like in Breakdown the Beast, Ryuuta transforms his Scale Release into a two meter tall armor; bulky as the Scale Mail of Divine Dividing but with a molten metal appearance and veins of magma going through his body starting from the eyes. Just as Breakdown the Beast, it uses a special chant to activate.

I, who is about to awaken
am the true dragon that has discarded the principles of both good and evil,
by dreaming of the infinite, and fulfilling my own illuions.
I shall become the next Dragon Emperor.
And I shall show you my true power through this battle!
Final Stage!

After which the Sacred Gear will announce [Absolute Hyperdrive]

Announcements Edit

  • Flamethrower: Switches to the first stage of the Scale Growth System.
  • Light Armor: Switches to the second stage of the Scale Growth System.
  • Scale Release: Activates Balance Breaker/third stage.
  • Scorching Blade: Summons Secace.
  • Absolute Hyperdrive: Activates Absolute Dystopian Hyperdrive.
  • Charge: Activates the sequence to shoot the Tartarus Blaster. After the first call it will be repeated every second until the desired amount of power is reached.
  • Tartarus Blaster: Shoots the Tartarus Blaster.

Demonic Sword Edit

Secace (セケース): Is the second strongest Demon Sword after the Gram. It is known as the Sword of War and the Demonic War Sword. Ryuuta's Secace is partially sealed to avoid him being consumed by its curse, which brings out the user's inner anger and causes them to go berserk. Ryuuta fused it with his Sacred Gear in order to strength both of them, changing the sword's appearance in the process.

  • Cursed Form: Secace releases a leather cloth around the user's body (with no helmet) while making him or her lose their sanity completely and turning them into a crazed "slave of war". This ability is important in Ryuuta's Stage System.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryuuta's appearance and image are based on the character Takashi Komuro from the manga High School of the Dead, and Hishiro Shiro from the series Apocalypse Alice
    • The picture for the gauntlets was taken from Enmadou Rokuro's resonance gear Meteor Crimson Smasher
    • The picture for the second stage was taken from the character Shimon Ikaruga from Sousei no Onmyouji
    • The picture for the Balance Breaker was taken from the Akame ga Kiru! manga (new incursio)
    • Secace is a fanon demon sword property of DevilSlayer123
  • In his files the following characters were supposed to be part of Ryuuta's harem: Rias, Akeno, Xenovia, Irina, Serafall, Kuroka, Grayfia, Raynare, Gabriel, Momo (Sona's peerage), Reya (Sona's peerage), Kalawarner and Tiamat
  • Contrary to his title "Destructive One", Ryuuta uses his abilities in a rather strategical way, despite them being naturally oriented to raw power. This discrepancy is shared with Kazuma and Kaede to some extent. 
  • His main theme would be Shudder, an original soundtrack from the game Devil Survivor 2

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