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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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A sacred fox is a unique and mysterious familiar that can be found in the familiar forest. They are a rare type of familiars with only a few devils possessing one, Ichiro Mordred-Alastor and Elena Beleth are confirmed to be the two out of twelve devils in their entire generation to possess one (with Elena turning the sacred fox she encountered into a servant). Sacred foxes are rare familiars as only four are born each month, meaning only 48 are born a year and depending on the month born it gives them a different set of abilities and powers (although there is a genetic mutation that affects some). Since Ichiro's was born in October, his sacred fox is shown to possess shadow manipulating ability meaning Elena's born in July is shown to possess ice like abilities.

Because they are so unique, sacred foxes have been hunted down for centuries with some devils simply wanting to turn them into familiars, with some wanting to completely eradicate the race, and others wanting to sell their own. Ichiro and Elena both received theirs from two separate sacred fox couples who couldn't afford to take care of them.

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A genetic mutations that is very rare among sacred foxes, those born with this are shown to possess a almost ghost-like appearance with the ability to make themselves intangible with the ability to manipulate smoke and create clouds.
Flareon (1)
Flareon (2)
Those born during November and December are shown to possess the ability to manipulate fire and can turn their bodies into flames.
Plant (1)
Plant (2)
Those born during May or June are shown to possess the ability to manipulate vines, leaves, and plants, not only this they can also turn their bodies into any type of plant they desire.
Those born during August or September are shown to posses the ability to manipulate wind and air, not only this they can also transform their bodies into air making them completely intangible.
Jolteon (1)
Jolteon (2)
Those born during January and February are shown to possess electrokinesis abilities and can turn themselves into lightning.
Glaceon girl by tarripin-d312zyu
Those born during June or July are shown to posses the ability to wield and manipulate water and ice and can turn themselves into ice or water.
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Those born during March or April are shown to possess psychic abilities such as telekinesis or creating/manipulating mental barriers.
Those born in October possess the ability to turn themselves into shadows and the ability to manipulate and wield darkness and shadows to some extent.

Trivia Edit

  • I decided to change the multiple form thing b/c I felt it was too OP.
  • They are based off of Pokemon eeveelutions.
  • I thought of adding Eevee's regular form as the genetic mutation but decided against this because I thought a ghost form would be better and more abnormal-like.

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