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Sakurako Leviathan
Kana さくら レヴィアタン
Romaji Sakurako Reviatan
Race Devil
Nicknames Sakucchi (By Giichi)
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil
Maou (Leviathan)

Sakurako Leviathan is a character from High School DxD: Revival.


Sakurako Leviathan is stated to be "a beautiful bishoujo".

A better description is given at Volume 5.
Sakurako Leviathan is a beautiful girl, who looks in her teen. She has a long, purple hair, which is tied into twin tails. She also has purple eyes. Her body is, surprisingly enough, like that of child, albeit with rather large breasts.


Sakurako seems to be an energetic Maou.


3 years before the fanfiction's start point, she might have fell in love for Giichi Asmodeus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Power: Being a Maou, Sakurako has immense deomnic power.

Flight: Being a Devil, Sakurako can fly, using her demon wings.



  • Sakurako's appearance is based off Serafall Leviathan's.

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