You are the wind at my back and the sword at my side. Together, my love, we shall build a peaceful world... just you and me.

–Saori, to Issei

Race Living Doll
Nicknames Sacchi (by Issei)
The Girl Without A Heart
Spirit of the iDOL Sphere
The Doll With A Soul
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Equipment The Tempered Gear
Personal Status
Relatives Arpeggio (creator)
Affiliations Entertain Corporation (affiliated)
Issei Hyoudou
Status Currently Active
Saori, also known as the Spirit of the iDOL Sphere by the Entertain Corporation, is a major character in the story, "Genei Ibunroku #DxD." A living doll crafted by the mysterious individual known as Arpeggio, she is a denizen of the iDOL Sphere, despite not having any performa, the energy required to traverse between the iDOL Sphere, and the human world.

Saori's role is to enforce and strengthen the powers of those gifted with Sacred Gears with the Tempered Gear, which harbors the soul of Arpeggio, her creator. For unknown reasons, she is heavily infatuated with Issei Hyoudou, much to the chagrin of those who harbor feelings for him as well.

Appearance Edit

Saori has pale white hair, and unusually pale skin, dressed in traditional old clothing with a shawl. Though a doll, her features are uncanny to that of a human, sans her hands, which resemble those of a mannequins.

Personality Edit

Soft-spoken, gentle, kind, Saori is a being who knows only kindness and love, caring for those who wander into the iDOL Sphere. She tends to come off as perhaps a bit clueless in regards to others, but she cares deeply about others. Issei, in particular. For unknown reasons, she is deeply infatuated with him, and very loyal. When speaking to him, she is respectful, and affectionate, and completely oblivious to the anger directed at her as a result. She also openly calls him her "love."

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Quotes Edit

"Greetings to you... I am Saori. Tell me, what is it you desire?"

"You needn't be so formal, my love... After all, I live to serve you, and those like you." (to Issei)

Trivia Edit

  • Both Saori's role in the story, and appearance are based off of The Doll, a character from the game, Bloodborne.

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