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Kana サタン
Romaji Satan
Race Demon
Nicknames The Devil
The Adversary
Demon God
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Crimson Red
Equipment Saten's Seven Powers:
  • Unholy Light
  • Power of Darkness
    • Dark Satanic Armor
  • Holy Immunity
  • Demonic Integration
  • Shadow Body
  • Dragonification
  • Mark of Satan
Personal Status
Relatives Sheol (father)
Iblis (mother)
Lucifer (older half-brother) †
Lilith (sister-in-law)
Rizevim Livan Lucifer (nephew)
Unnamed Grandnephew †
Vali Lucifer (great-grandnephew)
Unnamed Descendant †
Arya Satan (descendant)
Affiliations Hell
Status Deceased
Ranking Daimaou
Super Original Devil
Satan? As in the legendary Super Devil? The mythical King of Hell who held the title the Devil which our race is named after? The guy that, if he was real, would be the most powerful devil to ever live? The only devil to be considered a god? That Satan?

–Trianna Na'amah about Satan.

Satan is a demon and the only Diamaou to ever live. He was the son of a powerful Maou and younger half-brother of Lucifer. His most famous title, the Devil, was taken as the new name of his race after he died.

Appearance Edit

Satan looks exactly like James except instead of black eyes, he has crimson red eyes.

Personality Edit


History Edit

Satan was born to as the child of Iblis, a low-class female demon, and Sheol, a power Maou of the Hell Faction, during the Underworld State War. During his teens he joined his father and brother, Lucifer, in the war, eventually becoming the Hell Faction’s new leader.

He defeated all the other faction and united the Underworld under his rule. Satan later joined God in sealing 666 (Trihexa). Left exhausted, Lucifer had an assassin kill him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Flight: Being a demon, Satan can fly using his wings.

Immense Demonic Power: As an original devil (demon), Satan is extremely powerful. He was the first Super Devil to come into existence. It was thought he inherited his powerful from his father, but in truth it was because he was the current Antichrist, born to destroy the current Underworld so that a new one could be made. Instead, he stopped the chaos by uniting it. He was the 2nd Most Power Existence, rivaled only by God.

Unholy Light: A unique ability of the Satan clan. It’s a demonic version of holy light. With it Satan is capable of creating numerous dark light-based weapons such as spears, arrows and swords. Like Holy Light can cause severe damage to devils, Unholy Light can cause severe damage to angel/fallen angels..

Power of Darkness: Stated to be the most powerful of Satan’s powers. It creates a miasma of pure darkness that devours everything it touches. It can also be solidified to create a powerful physical attack that burns whatever it touches.

  • Dark Satanic Armor: The true form of Satan’s Power of Darkness. The darkness completely covers Satan’s body and solidifies to become as hard as dragon scales. The armor itself takes on a dragon-like form, with seven heads (six attacked to the sides). Each head has a crimson red jewel on it. It even has a pair of dragon wings. It increases both his physical and magical abilities up a level (High-class --> Ultimate-class --> Maou --> Daimaou)

Holy Immunity: Satan’s trump card against God. As its names states, this ability makes it so that everything holy doesn’t work on Satan. In other words, God’s System is useless against him.

Demonic Integration: Allows the user to take a portion of a devil’s demonic power and add it to his own, gaining any special abilities they might have. Be it inherited (example-Power of Destruction) for specially made (example-Kankara Formula).

Shadow Body: Satan has acquired the ability to turn his body into a massless form. With it both physical and magical attacks simply pass right through him.

Dragonification: Satan has the ability to transform any part of his body into that of a dragon by concentrating on that part. It increases his physical abilities to the extreme.

Mark of Satan: The final power of Satan. It’s neither offensive nor defensive. Instead the mark is given to those that swear their undying loyalty to Satan. Those who has the mark can borrow some of Satan’s demonic power to increase their own abilities.

Trivia Edit

  • Satan's appearance is based on Kazehaya Kamito from Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance