Scythe Dragon God of Death

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Kana 死の鎌ドラゴン神
Romaji Shi no kama doragon-shin
Other Names Scythe killer Gods
Type Sacred Gear
Forms Sickle

Scale Mail

Abilities Steal the soul of the victim and her bearer, making him absorb the powers and memories victim of knowledge
Wielder(s) Veigas, the Dragon God of Death (Former)

Scott Hellsing (Current User)

Scythe Dragon God of Death (死 の 鎌 ド ラ ゴ ン 神, Shi kama doragon-shin), also known as "killer sickle Gods" is a Sacred Gear type dragon used by Scott Hellsing. This Sacred Gear is one of the few Sacred Gear able to hurt the Great Red. It's the wearer the ability to steal the soul of his victim, which is then absorbed by the carrier stealing their powers, memories and knowledge, it also give the wearer the ability to resurrect the dead, in return for the carrier lifetime, become a double-edged sword. But it seems that Scott Hellsing managed to get rid of this problem becoming a Vampire .

Summary Edit

Scythe Dragon God of Death, was created by Veigas, who used it for their selfish reasons, because of that, Ophis sealed the soul of Veigas the scythe and playing in the human world until it was found by Scott Hellsing, its partner future.

Appearances Edit

Scythe Dragon God of Death has the shape of a scythe, with the curved handle and two blades, one below the other, a pair of bat wings on the back, and objects with the appearance of columns with sharp protuberances on cable ends .

Abilities Edit

This Sacred Gear give the wearer the ability to steal the souls of those who was killed by the same, absorbing the powers, memories and knowledge. It also has the ability to resurrect the dead, spending some of the User's life time, becoming a double-edged sword.

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