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"Allow me to show you the might of the Heaven's Blade in my hands. As I send you on a one way trip to the Netherworld!"

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Holy Sword Jaryuu Tensei
The Demonic War Sword, Secace
Kana セケース
Romaji Sekesu
Other Names Sword of War
Demonic War Sword
Type Demon Sword
Forms Cursed Armor
Abilities Spacial Distortion/Tearing
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot (Original Wielder)
Lancelot Du Lac (Current Wielder)

Secace is Demon Sword known as the Sword of War and the Demonic War Sword.


The Demon Sword, Secace formerly wielded by Sir Lancelot, the Legendary Knight who used it to fight during times of wars along with battles against demons and rogue Knights, while being clad in its cursed armor. After he passed away, this sword was sealed in the forest of the Chivalric Order until it chooses its brand new wielder. It's currently wielded by Lancelot, the descendant of Sir Lancelot.

In the past, a number of Knights made a number of attempts at wielding the demon word but were all forced away by its spatial distortion possibly due to not liking either of the knights' mindset even destroying the shrine that was built around it. It remained there until leading Lancelot into the forest by calling out to him almost a week after his arrival at the Chivalric Order. According to Lancelot, it has a very demanding personality as it continued to turn away numbers of knights and only chose the one knight who somewhat resembles its former wielder; yet it can become like a hyperactive child whenever he fights against a powerful opponent.


Secace is a unique double-edged sword two-handed longsword with a gold cross embroiled into its flat hilt, which is connected to the double-edged blade.


Secace is a strong demonic sword that can channel and generate a massive amount of demonic power that is trumped only be the Demonic Emperor Sword, Gram. It carries the power to distort and rip apart space. Similar to most Demon Swords, Secace has a will of its own. 


In spite of the capabilities of Secace, it has one major flaw, whenever its wield loses control over their emotions in the middle of combat. The curse, which is its demonic power is full activated it manifests a silver armor around their body and greatly enhances their strength, however, after its armor vanishes the demonic power rebounds in their physical body causing great damage.


  • Secace can be translated as Seure, which means "Sequence".
  • The image used is used for Balmung from Fate/Apocrypha.