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Brynhildr 02
War Sword
Kana セケース
Romaji Sekesu
Other Names Sword of War
Demonic War Sword
Type Demon Sword
Wielder(s) Sir Lancelot (Original Wielder)
Lancelot Du Lac (Current Wielder)

Secace is Demon Sword known as the Sword of War and the Demonic War Sword.


Secace is the second sword that's wielded by the original Sir Lancelot the Legendary Knight of Britain. It's known as the Sword of War, used by the original Sir Lancelot in times of war. He brutally fought against a large number of enemy Knights in the middle of War, while sometimes being clad in its cursed armor. After he passed away, this sword was sealed within the confines of the Chivalric Order until it chose its new wielder. It's currently wielded by Lancelot Du Lac, the descendant of Sir Lancelot.


Secace is the strongest Demon Sword after Gram, which is regarded as the strongest Demon Sword in existence. It's possesses an extremely sharp cutting edge and is capable of releasing a massive demonic slash, which can tear apart both space and rip through spatial barriers.

Weakness Edit

In spite of the powerful capabilities of Secace it has one major flow, if the wielder lose control of themselves they could potentially lose control of themselves to their own anger and act more agreesive in combat. The curse also causes an demonic armor to appear on their body and increase their capabilities greatly, however after the armor is dispersed the gained power rebounds on their physical body causing great damage.

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