I am nothing but lowest-ranked member. However please, don't edit my article without permission this Article is belong to Trapmaniac. But you can offer me an advice if break a rule or did something wrong.

OWW... AWWW.... My head....


Wh-where am i? Afterlife? Or I become zombie? No... if i zombie i'm not think humanly... But what if i am zombie? Very stinky zombie.... Or that's just dream... But wait a minute? This place is student council.... why i am here?

"You've awake Niki senpai..."


I hear a familiar voice... and saw person who also familiar... Wait you're

"Lagred-prez!? What are doing here!?"

"Me? See your condition of course..."

My condition? What does he mean? He's talk like he saved me from someone or something....

"What's happened to me?" 

"You're attacked by Sid's undead and your Sacred Gear saved you...."

Eh? What do you mean? Seriously i don't understand with what you said....

"Lagred-prez you must explain from beginning to make Niki-senpai understand"

"Ah, i am sorry Saza-chan,"


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