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"Fear me, for I am the darkness that lies in the abyss"

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Seekvaira Agares Peerage like her brother's is based on a majority of dragons. Her dragons all look humanoid (with the exception of her queen who has to hide his appearance). Her peerage is currently has a record of: One win and One Lost

Members Edit

Seekvaria Agares (King)  Alivian (Queen)
Seekvaira Agares edited by LaRosa
Seekvaira Agares is the next heir to the Agares household. After convincing from Yusei she decides to transfer to Kuoh Academy as a 3rd year student and quickly becomes captain of the chess club. She is noted to be Seekvaira has a serious personality. She also appears to be short tempered and sharp tongued to anyone but Yusei. She also appears to take her role as the clan heir even more serious after her brother Marcellus drops out of the running to inherit the clan.
Avian met Seekvaria on her trip to teh Familiar Forest. The boy decides to become her queen after she convinces him with the prospect of fighting in the Rating Games. He is noted to be one of the strongest queens of the young devils and due to being a "dragon of Nature and wind" has the ability to transform into a large green chinese dragon (his true form) and can even create plant monsters out of energy. He also gains power from the sunlight which can make his green dragon fire even stronger.
(Bishop)  Alexia Buné (Bishop) 
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A boy in the elementary part of school. He is known to be conviving and frequently skips school which angers Seekvaria. He is a ice dragon hybrid.
From the extinct clan Buné she has the ability to tame dragons. She was hated by the other devils due to being from a extinct family so she joined Seekvaria's peerage to improve herself. She is usually calm and happy and acts as the leader when Seekvaira isn't around.
(Knight)  (Knight)
A dragon-human samurai who self proclaims himself as a ninja. He wields a sword with the blade made up of multiple dragon teeth making it a dragon sword although a very weak one. He also has a wide array of ninja weapons.
 Megumi (Mutation Rook) (Rook)
She is a very rare dragon hybrid due to originally being half dragon and half fallen angel. Seekvaria found her on a vacation in England when she caught the orphan trying to steal from a store. Unlike most fallen angel servants who usually specialize in magic she specializes in brute strength only using magic as a back up.

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