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Seiga "Motohama" Saejima



Kana 松田 (Student name)
冴島聖牙 (Real name)
Romaji Motohama (Student name)
Saejima Seiga (Real name)
Race Human (Makai Knight)
Nicknames Golden Knight Garo
Perverted Golden Knight
Perverted Glasses
Three-sizes scouter
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Equipment Makai Armor Garo
Garo Sword
Personal Status
Relatives Kouga Saejima (Grandfather)
Kaoru Mitsuki (Grandmother)
Raiga Saejima (Father)
Sanza (Butler)
Chizuru Hisaki (Maid)
Makoto Nanaya (Maid)
Hanabi Nanaya (Maid)
Affiliations Kuoh Academy (2nd year)
Watchdog (Subordinate)
Status Alive
Ranking High-tier Makai Knight
I may be a pervert but still hold my duty as Makai Knight.

–Seiga, while Reiji call him useless pervert

Seiga Saejima is Makai Knight and current sucessor of Golden Knight Garo as well as a main protagonist in Garo: DxD.



Seiga is a pervert spend his time with peeking female Kendo club's changing room (as Motohama) or Makai Priestess healing hotsprings and flirting his maid. But he still hold his duty as Makai Knight and determined to destroy all Horrors.



Three-Sized Scouter Golden Knight Has Arrived! Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The golden beast knight by dualhydra-d5r9ket

Golden Knight Garo Armor



(To Issei) "Don't tell my identity to anyone! Or i'll reveal your and your friend true identity!"

(To Kiba) "You're perfect swordman you can be my perfect rival."

(To Rias) "Rias-senpai, Garo is the hope and you can't stop my hope."


  • Seiga in his true appearance is based from Saruhiko Fushimi from K.
  • His favorite food is Hotdog.
  • Seiga knows all member of Occult research club are devil but he pretend don't know.

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