Sera Jason is the house maid that saved Elijah's life and took him in as his personal maid as well as Lucas being her master of the house.

Sera Jason
Kana 世羅ジェイソン
Romaji Sera jeison
Race Human
Nicknames Miss Jason by Lucas
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Teal
Equipment light and dark based magic
Personal Status
Affiliations Lucas residence

Elijah Team

Status Alive
Ranking Mid-class rank (in the underworld)

Appearance Edit

Sera is a young woman with a buxom figure around the same age as Kaiko with very long blond hair and golden eyes. Her hair is usually tied in a short ponytail, reaching to her neck, with an black ribbon keeping it in place. She wears a regular house maid uniform and so-often wears nothing but her underwear and apron.

Personality Edit

he is first seen to be very elegant and gentle, but is in fact sadistic in battle and doesn't show any mercy or remorse towards the enemies she slays. She also loves to tease Elijah and Kaiko. Sera has also stated that she has some masochism in her as well. She is shown to be somewhat vulgar, flirting with Elijah as such, and doesn't care if Kaiko knows or saw her doing the act, but does care enough to not steal him away from her. After falling in love with him, she becomes very seductive, and obsessed to have an affair with Elijah whenever she finds a chance, which are often interrupted by Kaiko and some others.

History Edit

not much is known about Sera's history...yet.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Maiden's black hand: A signature skill inherited by her lost father. A skill that can controls shadows and shroud of darkness, she can control when she is in rage or she shows her dark side.

Maiden's luminous light: Unleashes divine light when she is humble and at peace. She can bring out a surge of light at a certain degree.

Magic expert: Sera has shown herself to be skilled in the use of magic with her, Kaiko, and Cristina being the top magic specialists in Elijah Team. She has been shown to be able to use magic to strengthen the power of her defense by focusing on the Rook trait of her Queen piece.

  • Elemental Magic: Sera excels at natural elements like lightning, ice, fire, and water. Similar to the Baraqiel's Holy lightning, Sera can also form Asian Dragons out of fire and ice and send them against her enemies.

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