Seven Stars
Holy sword seven stars
Kana 七星剣
Romaji Shichiseiken
Other Names Seven Star Sword

Seven Star Dagger

Seven Star Saber

Type Holy Sword
Abilities Can cut through any magic attack and barrier. Can also expel Holy aura in the form of an attack.
Wielder(s) Unknown Original Wielder

Wang Yun

Cao Cao (Three Kingdoms)

Seiryū Mōchō

Seven Stars, also known as the Seven Star Sword, Seven Star Dagger, the Seven Star Saber, and the Holy Sword Seven Stars, is one of the three Holy Swords of China.

Summary Edit

Seven Stars was a sword that existed during the Warring States and Spring & Autumn period of China and became known during the Later Han Dynasty. It was forged from a falling star that fell from the sky that had originally belonged in the Yellow Dragon King Kōryū's invincible garden. The sword smiths Gan Jiang and Mo Ye crafted two swords that were given to the Kings of Wu and Yue and then crafted a third blade that they named after the Big Dipper Constellation that they engraved into it, unknowingly blessing the blade with the powers of celestial metal.

During the Later Han Dynasty 800 years later, Cao Cao borrowed the sword from Wang Yun and attempted to assassinate the Chancellor Dong Zhuo with it, but was discovered due to the unusual shine of the blade. After that incident, the blade was lost after Dong Zhuo fled and burnt the capital. During the city's vacancy, Seiryū Mōchō went to mourn for the end of the Han Dynasty when he stumbled across the sword's unusual shine. He sensed its celestial aura and took it with him as his personal weapon.

Appearance Edit

The sword resembles a Chinese Dadao sword with a blue blade, golden back, golden dragon arm-guard, a black hilt, and a golden pommel. Upon the back are seven rings symbolizing the seven stars of the Big Dipper Constellation and on the left side of the blade is the engraved constellation.

Abilities Edit

Like all Holy Swords, Seven Stars has the ability to harm Devils and Fallen Angels. As it originates from China, the sword also has the ability to harm demons and malevolent spirits. The strength of the blade is said to be equal to that of Excalibur and has the unique ability to cut through magical attacks and barriers. It can also send a Holy aura as an attack, similar to a shooting star, against an opponent, exploding and setting ablaze anything it hits.

Trivia Edit

  • This sword is based off of the seven star sword from the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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