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Now, let the bloodshed massacre begin! For all and every sin! As we shall all lean! Because we cannont learn!

–Shar'Crave Yerlyi, Volume 2: Clan vs Clan, Warrior vs Warrior, Ahrle vs Shar'Crave!, at the end of "Life 1: Can You Make Me Use That?", Part 3, in a voice mixed with that of a beast

Shar'Crave Yerlyi
Kana シャアルくレヴ イエルリ
Romaji Shārukurevu Ieruri
Race WereDevie[1]
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Personal Status
Affiliations Yerlyi Clan
Status Deceased
Ranking Super WereDevie

The main antagonist of the first arc of High School DxD: Revival, "As a Warrior, As a Hyoudou Warrior!" and he is probably very strong, as he killed Giichi Asmodeus, and Giichi Asmodeus is still afraid of him. Although, in Volume 2, it is proven to be wrong. Although, further than that, it was hinted that he didn't actually manage to kill Giichi Asmodeus. Plus, it was stated that Giichi Asmodeus actually lost on purpose.


His appearance hasn't been mentioned.


He seems to be cheerful. Although, he has shown a serious side.


Before High School DxD: Revival, Shar'Crave Yerlyi killed Giichi Asmodeus.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Power: As a Super-WereDevie, he has immense demonic power.


Blade of the WerekyrieEdit

Blade of the Werekyrie: A very strong balde, which consists the soul of a ½ Werewolf/½ Valkyrie hybrid sealed inside.

  • Grain Offering: Awakens the hybrid living inside the blade, who's said to be very powerful, at a godly level. Although, the price is the soul of its user, or the soul of its user's close friend. It also needs a chant. The chant is:

When coming near a godly being like you, all shall bow.

And now, give me power, at any cost needed! Enough to wake the dead!!!

Even when sad, even when things are bad, not even a tear shall be shed!

So wake up, Werekyrie! For you shall set everything a fire! For you shall lend me your power!!!



  1. (⅛ Valkyrie, ¼ Werewolf, ⅝ Devil) + (Were of Werewolf + Devi of Devil + ie of Valkyrie)

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